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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 66 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 66 by desirenovel


She remembered that Osborn’s room was on the second floor from the last time he nearly dragged her into his room. Hence, she soon arrived outside his room.

Swiftly opening the door, she headed straight to the bed. She was planning for hair on Osborn’s pillow and bathroom.

However, the moment she entered the room, she stood transfixed.

It was day, but the curtains were drawn. The light that seeped through the curtain’s gap elongated the shadow of the one in the room.

Osborn stood by the cabinet like a hunting hound hidden in the woods, watching her.

Oh my god. Osborn’s still in the room.

Quickly regaining her senses, Savannah muttered, “Sorry, I’ve entered the wrong room.”

She then tried to escape the room, but Osborn reached the door quicker than she did. Having stopped her, he ribbed, “You must’ve missed me a lot to come here.”

“I entered the wrong room; I wanted to grab something from Emmett’s room,” Savannah said as calmly as she could. “Move aside. I’m going to Emmett’s room.”

“Since you’re already here, why are you still so shy?” Osborn leaned closer to grab her wrist and pull her into his arms.

Pushing him away, she seethed, “Stop touching me. I told you I went to the wrong room.”

Bursting into laughter, Osborn then scoffed, “Someone asked me to wait for a little bunny to come to me in the room, but I didn’t expect to really meet this little bunny.”

Clenching her fists, Savannah posed herself into a defensive stance as she asked, “Who is it?”

Osborn’s only response to that was a smile. “You’ve learned martial arts? What belt do you have?”

“I’ve only learned self-defense.” At that, a name suddenly entered Savannah’s mind—Sydney.

While Sydney was trying to get Osborn’s hair for a test, she was selling her out to Osborn. It was a typical trick that Sydney did.

How can I have possibly fallen for this?

Osborn sneered, “Defending yourself against me? Both Emmett and I are Quakers. I’m older than him, and other than his mother’s family is better than mine, which part of him is better than me? Do you have to pretend to be chaste for that idiot?”

To her, he was incomparable to Emmett. Yet, Osborn was still full of himself.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I only know that my loyalty is to the one I’ve married.” With that said, Savannah moved, about to strike him.

Osborn swiftly caught her fist before twisting her arm around. “Do you think you can win me after hurting me with that wine bottle the last time? I had been caught by surprise back then. Let me tell you this. I’m a black belt, and I’ve never met anyone who’s a match for me.”

Forced to keep her back toward him as he twisted her arm, she breathed through the pain and grounded out, “Let me go. If you keep this up, I’m going to shout.”

“Do you think the helpers have all sneaked away for a break? I was the one who sent them away.” Letting go of his arm, he then changed a hand to grip the back of her neck. Lifting her like a kitten, he carried her up into his arms before tossing her onto the bed.

Osborn pinned her down on the bed and squeezed her cheeks as he sneered, “Let me show you what I’m made of. That way, you’ll know who’s the best.”

Disgusted by him, Savannah struggled as she punched and kicked him. “You’re an animal! I’m your brother’s wife!”

As Osborn watched her seethe and struggle, he thought, Well, aren’t you a lovely sight?

He had toyed with all kinds of women, and technically, he had no need to mess with Emmett’s wife. However, whenever he thought about how she hit her head and how arrogant she was around him, he could not take it silently.

Since she had walked straight into his arms today, he was going to deal with her today. He wanted to find out how arrogant she could get after today.

As long as he did this to her, he would be able to blackmail her. Then, she would have to act as obedient as a dog around him.

Once he dealt with that fool’s wife, Emmett would not be able to do anything to reverse that.

Since he had come to a decision, he was not going to miss the opportunity. The moment he tore apart her collar, her fair skin was exposed to the air.

Osborn then pulled his pajamas off and tilted Savannah’s chin up, about to kiss her.

Snapping her head to the side, Savannah screamed, “Help! Somebody, help!”

“Keep screaming. Even if you lose your voice from screaming, no one’s going to come.” As he spoke, Osborn tore away her shirt. When he saw her skin-colored bra, he could not help but want to toss away her last line of defense.

Meanwhile, Savannah dared not imagine the horrendous future that was about to happen in seconds. If she could not stop him, she would rather die.

She could not take this terrifying humiliation any longer. There was no way she could budge an inch with how he was pinning her down, and all she could do was grab his hair to stop his head from coming near her.

At the same time, her other hand swept around, hoping to find something to defend herself with.

Furious by her endless struggling, Osborn gave her a hard slap and snarled, “You unappreciative woman. Can that retard even satisfy you? I will satisfy you and let you find out what a real man is!”

Unfortunately, there was nothing around that Savannah could reach. Just as she was about to lose her strength and fall into despair, someone opened the room door from the outside.

“Mr. Quaker, Mrs. Quaker is in here.”

As she trembled, she heard the voice of Mary. In the next second, someone entered the room, grabbed Osborn’s belt, and threw him onto the ground.

Savannah dared not move, but she saw that it was Emmett who had thrown Osborn onto the ground.

When her eyes locked with his, she burst into tears.

She had never shed a single tear even when she was devastated by Osborn’s bullying. However, tears could not help but well up when she saw Emmett right now.

“What is Mr. Osborn doing? This is sinful!” Mary gave a despicable look to Osborn, who was crawling to his feet.

However, her words did not affect Osborn at all. “She was the one who came to me, saying that Emmett can’t satisfy her. I’m just taking care of Emmett’s wife for him.”

Anxiously trying to cover her unclothed state, Savannah stared at Emmett before her words left her lips in a trembling voice. “I didn’t. I went to the wrong room, and he tried to… he tried to-”

Taking off his suit jacket to cover her body, Emmett interrupted her explanation by lifting her into his arms. “Osborn’s mean. We’ll go back now.”

His strong arms gave her a sense of security as she lay in them.

When Emmett brought her out of the room, he crashed into Osborn, seemingly intentional.

Enraged, Osborn raised his hand, about to strike him. “What are you trying to do, Retard? Hit me if you dare. Let’s see who’ll win.”

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