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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 65 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 65 by desirenovel

I Will Return Your Child In Secret

Sydney did not believe that Savannah could not carry out the plan. “You both stayed at the Quaker residence. It would be easy to steal a few strands of his hair,” she said.

“You well know that the Quaker residence is split into North, West, East, and South. Each region has its own house and we don’t even live together. I’ve never even met him on the estate before! How do you expect me to get his hair?” Savannah continued to reject the proposal stubbornly.

“You must think of something. Even if you don’t stay in the same house, it’s still the same mansion. Compared to me, I’ve never even step foot into the Quaker residence before. Think about your child. Don’t you want to escape with him as soon as possible?” Sydney pressed on despite her refusal.

Savannah was struck speechless as she hesitated for a brief moment. “I’ll think of a way. Once your marriage with Osborn is fulfilled, don’t you dare forget what you promised me,” she replied helplessly.

“I know. I’ll make sure to return your child and help arrange an escape route. Not a single soul will be able to search for the two of you,” Sydney vowed.

Although Savannah understood that Sydney’s promise was not entirely trustable, she was cornered and had no other ideas of her own.

Sean had married her off to the Quaker family because he wanted to use her as his bargaining chip in the long term. He would not let them go so easily. More importantly, she could not allow Emmett to know of her plans of escaping as well.

“Alright, remember what you promised, or neither of us will achieve our dreams.” Savannah dropped the threat before she hung up on Sydney.

Once she returned to the Quaker residence, she stopped in her tracks to look at the main house.

Once it was nighttime, the main house was lit up brightly. The light signified that Logan, Madelyn, and Osborn were present in the house. There was no way that she could sneak in at night.

She wrecked her brain for a way to get Osborn’s hair as she slowly made her way back to Agatha’s residence. Too immersed in her thoughts, she accidentally ran into a wall and staggered back with widened eyes as she lifted her head. It was then she realized that the “wall” was none other than Emmett!

“What was engrossed in your thoughts that you become oblivious to your surroundings?” Emmett asked her coldly.

Savannah returned to her senses. “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you were standing here. Why aren’t you at old Mrs. Quaker’s building? Were you waiting for me in the garden? It’s nighttime and the lights at the garden are dim…”

“Who’s waiting for you? I was talking a walk after dinner and ran into you, little daredevil.” Emmett interrupted her rambling.

“Alright,” Savannah peered around the garden with curiosity. She was bewildered to find out about Emmett’s sudden habit of taking walks in the garden after dinner. He always seemed to hurry through the garden without even sparing a glance at the flowers.

She looked at his weird behavior. She would think that there was a ghost in the garden with how strangely he was acting.

“You should continue your walk,” Savannah said with a beam, “I’ve had a long day. I’ll return to the room for a rest first.”

Emmett grabbed her hand involuntarily to stop her from leaving. “I’m tired too. Let’s head back together. Have you eaten dinner? Mary has left a few dishes for you.”

Upon hearing his question, Savannah felt her hunger resurface as her stomach gurgled loudly. “Not yet,” she said and pressed a hand against her stomach in embarrassment.

“You should eat in the kitchen first. I’ll wait for you in the room,” Emmett walked her back to the building as he spoke.

Suddenly, Savannah thought of a brilliant idea. Tomorrow, she would pretend that she had an upset stomach. Instead of heading to work with Emmett, she would rest in the room until there was no one in the mansion. She could then slip into Osborn’s room to search for a few strands of fallen hair.

“Why are you so happy all of a sudden?” Emmett asked when he saw the frown on her forehead disappear.

“I didn’t think that Mary would save something for me. Of course, I’d be happy to eat when I’m hungry.” Savannah grinned at him in response.

Emmett poked her forehead. “You are really unequivocal when it comes to the topic of eating.”

Savannah ducked away from him and clasped her hands over her forehead to protect herself. “Humans will starve if they don’t eat.”

Emmett gave her an unbothered look before he headed upstairs.

Savannah massaged the spot where he poked her whilst she padded over to the kitchen. The strength behind his poke was not delicate, and he always managed to hurt her.

Not only did she finish the meal that Mary had left for her, she even ate the fast food in the fridge. Following that, Savannah also drank a few cups of cold water. If she wanted to persuade Emmett that she had a stomach ache, she’d better start tonight. By adding some truth to a fake sickness would be able to convince him.

The binge-eating began to make her feel unwell; she stopped drinking the cold water. With an uncomfortable feeling, she made her way to the room on the second floor.

When she stepped through the door, Emmett noticed that her face was slightly pale. “Was the meal that Mary left not enough? Are you still hungry?” he asked worriedly.

“It’s not that, I actually over-ate. I feel so uncomfortable right now,” Savannah said weakly as she clutched her stomach.

“You should have self-control over how much you eat. How could you overeat just because you were hungry?”

Before Emmett could finish berating her, she felt a rush of nausea, and her stomach flared up in pain. “You can talk later, my stomach hurts.” She rushed to the toilet and slammed the door behind her.

That night, she made several trips to the toilet until Emmett dug out several anti-diarrheal pills for her. Once she had the medicine, she was able to sleep more soundly through the latter half of the night.

In the morning, she woke up to find Emmett standing by her bed as he looked at her. He was already dressed for work.

“My stomach still hurts. Why don’t you leave for work first? I’ll join you when I feel better.” She suggested as she pushed herself upright with some difficulty.

Emmett placed his hand on her forehead and found no signs of a fever. He guessed that she still suffered from an upset stomach after overeating last night. “There are a few more anti-diarrhea pills on the table. You should have the medicine before eating breakfast when you get out of bed.”

“Alright,” Savannah lay back down on the bed in relief when he did not insist that she accompany him to work.

“Remember not to eat anything oily for breakfast. I’ve already informed Mary to cook some porridge,” he advised her again before stepping out of the room.

“I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t overeat again,” Savannah replied hurriedly.

Once the door closed behind his figure, she listened to the muffled sounds of his footsteps descend the stairs before she relaxed her tense body.

She squeezed her eyes shut and covered her head with the blanket. Her stomach had begun to hurt the moment she woke up, but it wasn’t particularly uncomfortable. Although she managed to deceive Emmett, it was only the first step of her plan. She would have to think of a strategy to sneak into Osborn’s room without the maids’ noticing as well.

Why did Sydney have to give her such a difficult task? It’s so annoying and frustrating!

Even though she had no wish to help Sydney, the thought of Freddie’s adorable face prompted her to move out of her bed. She was determined to solve this problem.

After she ate breakfast, she headed out for a walk in the garden instead of going back to her room. Pretending that she had nothing better to do, she wandered around the garden aimlessly and observed her surroundings carefully.

Once she had a few trips around the garden, she casually swung herself on the swing. In reality, she was observing the actions of the various helpers.

Some of the helpers went outside in groups to buy groceries whilst the others stayed back to work dutifully in the kitchen. There were a handful of helpers that took the chance to rest as their masters were not present.

Immediately, she grasped the opportunity present before her. This would be the perfect time to access the main house. Savannah wandered idly to the main house in slow, casual steps. Once she scanned that there was no one around her proximity, she quickly slipped into the main house.

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