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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 63 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 63 by desirenovel

Emmett Becomes Suspicious

“Bring me all the model’s files this instant!” Emmett scowled with an angry furrow on his face while he snatched the pile of documents into his grasp. It looked like he would pick the models on her behalf.

Now that the outfit fittings could not proceed as planned, Savannah was no longer bothered with the model selection anymore. She continued to cut out various fabrics at her workstation.

After a short while, Emmett placed a stack of files in front of Savannah. “Contact these models if you are looking for people to try on the garments.”

Savannah put down the scissors in her hand before she looked through the files. Both the female and male models that Emmett had selected were dressed very conservatively. Furthermore, the males presented on the files had rather strange features.

She chose not to comment on their looks, but a male model’s physique played a crucial role in outfit fittings. “How am I supposed to create the outfits if I can’t see the figure of the models that you picked? It’s alright. I’ll choose a new batch myself,” she said.

Savannah moved to dump the stack of documents, but Emmett caught her hand to stop her. “You’re only allowed to hire these models. I will not give you the authority to choose any new faces,” he said sternly.

“You’re interfering with my work,” Savannah argued with dissatisfaction.

“I’m not interfering. This is an order,” Emmett replied stubbornly.

“Fine,” Savannah did not wish to start a fight with him over this matter. She pushed the files aside and continued to trim the fabrics.

Emmett noticed that Savannah had been restless ever since she returned from the Avery residence. “Did Sydney look for you because of Osborn?” he asked her bluntly.

Savannah halted in her tracks at his question and looked at him with surprise. Does he have a clue about the issue between Osborn and Sydney?

“You don’t need to look so shocked. News about Osborn and various models or actresses are often plastered all over the tabloids. Recently, things have been quiet. It seems that he has acquired a change of taste,” Emmett explained calmly.

“Why do you have people tracking his every move? Is he your enemy?” Savannah asked as she was suspicious of his words.

“He isn’t even worthy to be my opponent,” Emmett replied disdainfully.

Osborn had left Savannah with a horrible impression the last time she met him. He was a good-for-nothing and spent most of his money on nightclubs and alcohol. Osborn was also entirely dependent on his family to get whatever he wanted.

Sydney’s heart must be blinded if she ever fell for a man like him.

Savannah put down the pair of scissors in her hand. “What if Osborn wishes to marry Sydney?” she asked him tentatively.

“Whoever he wishes to marry is none of my business. But it seems that Sydney will also be part of the Quaker family after the marriage. What plan has the Avery family been plotting this whole time?” Emmett glanced at her with a sudden look of suspicion.

Sydney’s marriage to Osborn wasn’t a part of an elaborate plan. It was due to her vanity and pride. She had always longed for the best in anything, and Osborn was the best choice that she could find in Lightspring.

“I have no idea if the Avery family are planning anything, and I have no desire to know either.” Savannah looked at him squarely in the eye as she spoke the truth. “Sydney asked for my help in marrying Osborn, so I agreed.”

“She needed your help? And you agreed?” Emmett laughed aloud. “Even if you could persuade Osborn and Madelyn… No, you have zero influence in the Quaker family. Yet you dared to accept her request.”

“She’s pregnant with Osborn’s child.” Even Emmett did a double-take when he heard her reply. This information was something that he did not expect.

“At the end of the day, we are siblings. I cannot turn a blind eye if she needs my help,” Savannah continued.

“Don’t play the sibling act in front of me. The last time you went home, your relationship with your family is even worse than the one you have with me. Is she blackmailing you?” Emmett asked with growing suspicion.

“No,” Savannah averted her gaze, “As a woman myself, I would have still helped her even if we weren’t siblings. I knew that she was pregnant, yet Osborn refused to take any responsibility for the child. Of course, I had to offer my help.”

“So you took pity on her? Have you experienced something similar before? You got pregnant with someone else’s child, yet the person refused to acknowledge it?” Emmett sighed heavily through his nose.

“I have not been in a similar situation! We are talking about Sydney and your brother here. Why are you always shifting it to me?” Savannah snapped back irritably at his questions.

She could only hope that her stubborn and insistent attitude would not ignite Emmett’s curiosity.

Who else would Sydney blame besides her?

She couldn’t even remember the details about the night that the incident occurred, let alone Freddie’s father. She had no clue where to find that man that was responsible for her pregnancy. How pitiful; she must be the most pathetic woman under the sky right now!

These secrets could not be revealed to Emmett until she left with her child. This would prevent any extra trouble from happening.

Emmett could tell that she hid the truth from him and his lips curved up thoughtfully. Sooner or later, he would find out about the truth regarding Savannah and Cole. He would finally understand the child’s past too.

“Since you are not hiding anything from me. Do you wish for my help with Sydney and Osborn’s marriage?”

If he could help her convince old Mrs. Quaker, of course, she would want his support. But Savannah placed a damper on her eagerness. “As long as you’re not against the help I’m giving Sydney, it would be fine.” She replied coolly.

“Why would I go against it? If Osborn marries a woman like Sydney, it brings me no drawbacks. I am delighted to see their union,” the edges of Emmett’s lips curved upwards as he smiled.

Savannah felt relieved when she heard his words. As long as she helped Sydney marry into the Quaker family, she would be able to leave this place with her child. Hope flooded her heart at the thought. She could only pray that Sydney would be able to obtain the baby’s DNA report a little earlier.

Very quickly, a month passed by. Savannah managed to design an entire series of outfits in preparation for the upcoming Fashion Week. She had already gotten most of the basics ready.

Today, she hosted a small fashion show in her office. The models wore her designs and cat walked around a small area that was opened in the lobby on the company’s first floor.

Most of the higher-ups in the company had also arrived on the scene to watch the show. She and Emmett invited old Mrs. Quaker too.

Even Madelyn had caught wind of the news and brought Osborn along to Mashion. She wanted to see if Mashion was running successfully after their inheritance of the company. Madelyn was also curious to see if their reputation would live up to the rumors.

Due to Emmett’s forceful model choices, most of them did not live up to her original plans. This left her no choice but to arrange the garments according to the models’ figures and skin. She made changes to the details on various outfits.

As the miniature fashion show ended along with the music’s rhythm, she saw that old Mrs. Quaker and the higher-ups had astonished looks on their faces.

Old Mrs. Quaker smiled in delight as she nodded her head in approval. “This is impressive! She designed the entire collection alone without any help from the company’s designers,” Javon exclaimed to old Mrs. Quaker.

“I agree. If it is presented on Phillere Fashion week, I’m sure it would leave a stunning impact on the show.” The other higher-ups agreed with enthusiasm.

“Savannah, come here.” Old Mrs. Quaker beckoned her over with a wave of her hand. “I never knew that you had such talent in designing. What is the name of this series?”

Savannah walked over to old Mrs. Quaker and was temporarily speechless to the question. She had been so busy designing that she forgot to name her collection.

“This… this…”

“Ethereal Charm,” Emmett broke his silence to help her answer the question.

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