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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 6 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 6 by desirenovel

Slightly shocked at her sudden change of behavior, Savannah didn’t know what she did wrong, but she knelt anyway. “Grandma-” “Don’t you dare call me Grandma. Call me Old Mrs. Quaker, just like Mary.” Agatha glanced at her from the corner of her eye. “Old Mrs. Quaker, what did I do wrong? Please enlightened me.” Is she seriously asking me to kneel in front of her? How old-fashioned. Looking away, Agatha responded, “What do you think?”

Pausing for a while, Savannah straightened her back and responded, “I have no idea. Please enlighten me, Old Mrs. Quaker.” “You’re stubborn and vulgar. You didn’t marry Emmett willingly, did you? If so, why did you defend him back there?” Agatha questioned in an intimidating tone. Savannah replied promptly, “When my parents told me to marry Emmett, I was indeed unwilling. But I saw how handsome Emmett was during the wedding. He looks just like a celebrity, so I probably caved in because of his looks. He might be a little silly, but he makes me feel at ease.

And since we’re married now, I want to make it work.” Agatha scrutinized her for a few seconds with her brows furrowed before her tone softened. “Get up. Mary, get her a chair.” Clenching her jaw, Savannah stood up. Emmett had tortured her last night and this morning, so her knees were blistered and swollen by now. As she rose to her feet, she couldn’t help but massage her swollen kneecaps. At the same time, Agatha had taken note of everything as a corner of her mouth lifted. I might get a great-grandson soon. After Mary brought a chair over, she placed it beside Agatha’s rocking chair.

Then, Savannah took a seat gingerly. Suddenly, Agatha carefully took off her jade bracelet and slid it into Savannah’s wrist while sighing. “This suits you well. I’ve lost a lot of weight after getting older, so it no longer fits me.” Savannah knew nothing about jades, but the bracelet was a translucent emerald. Clearly, it was an expensive bracelet. Savannah was about to reject Agatha’s offer, but the latter grabbed her wrist, stopping her actions. “Old Mrs. Quaker, this is too expensive. I can’t take it…” “You’re just keeping it safe for me,” Agatha cut in. “I trust that you’ll take good care of Emmett.

I don’t know how long I can help him. Since you like him, take good care of him on my behalf. Otherwise, your family will lose the project, and your dad will…” she paused. “Forget about it. I won’t say that out loud. Just keep that in mind.” Savannah didn’t know what she meant, so she urged, “What about my dad?” Agatha was stunned by her question. She seems clueless about this. Didn’t she agree to marry Emmett to save the Avery family and Sean? Or did Sean keep it a secret from her? “His reputation will be ruined, and he might even end up in jail.” “Huh? What did my dad do to…” Agatha released her grip on Savannah’s wrist and leaned back in her rocking chair, seemingly reluctant to share more. “Alright. Look after Emmett, and don’t harbor any ulterior motives.

Otherwise, you and your family will be in trouble.” “I understand.” Savannah knew the old lady wanted to end the conversation here, so she did not prompt further. It seems to me like she has something on Sean. If I find out what it is, I can get my baby back. But now’s not the time. I need to gain a firm foothold in the Quaker family and make sure Agatha trusts me. “Go on now. I wish to rest.” Agatha’s eyelids fluttered shut again. Her health was deteriorating slowly, so she preferred to lie on the rocking chair and reminisce about her past. The only person she couldn’t bear to part with was Emmett.

Savannah stood up after that. She realized Agatha had warned her sternly before giving her a gift, so she knew that the latter had finished what she wanted to say. Waving goodbye to Mary, she tiptoed out of the house. After she left, Savannah strolled around the garden leisurely while getting used to the Quaker residence. The Quaker residence was like an ancient castle; it consisted of three spread-out buildings.

The main house, which Logan and his family occupied, was a three-story high building built out of red bricks. Behind the main building, there was a two-story building on the left, which was where Agatha stayed. On the right, there was a slightly smaller three-story building with a dome on top. From afar, the unique painted glass dome was gleaming under the sunlight. Curious, Savannah went nearer, hoping to head in for a brief visit, but the door was locked. Not only that but the curtains were also drawn inside, giving it a mysterious air. After that, she remained at the front of the house for a while before returning to the villa.

The helpers were going about with their tasks silently , and there was no one else except for them. When the helpers walked past her, they focused on their tasks and completely ignored her as if she was invisible. It felt slightly scary to walk around the empty house, even in broad daylight. Savannah’s footsteps quickened. At that moment, she thought of heading back to her room to call Sean while Emmett wasn’t around.

Perhaps her father would allow her to talk to Freddie at this time. Rushing up the stairs, she lowered her head and made a turn. Without warning, she bumped into a wall. Feeling confused, she looked up and realized she had run into a male stranger. “I’m sorry.

Please excuse me.” “Are you the retard’s new wife?” Instead of stepping out of the way, the stranger placed his arm around her shoulders cheekily.

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