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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 59 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 59 by desirenovel

I Am Pregnant

Savannah went back to the office looking perfectly calm and thought it wouldn’t raise Emmett’s suspicion as she was just going to the washroom.

Besides, she didn’t talk for too long with Cole and she had no guilty conscience.

The person who had been tailing Savannah had already sent the video clip of Savannah’s chat with Cole to Emmett as though he was broadcasting a live stream.

When Savannah was not around, Emmett was watching the video clip which was like a live stream with bated breath. Fortunately, it was Cole who was reaching out to take Savannah’s hand all along and she seemed to be deliberately avoiding any physical contact with Cole.

Emmett was rather pleased with this discovery. Nevertheless, the private investigator was afraid of being discovered so he kept a considerably large distance from them, making the content of their conversation inaudible.

Emmett felt complicated within him. Initially, when his grandmother insisted on arranging a marriage for him, he played along and got married, thinking that he wouldn’t develop any feelings for the woman he was married to. He was okay with it as long as his nominal wife was subservient and sensible.

Nevertheless, things were getting out of hand. Not only did he actually had sex with this woman, but recently, he had been experiencing increased emotional fluctuations because of her.

Damn it! Turning off the video clip sent to his phone, he told himself that he shouldn’t let it continue in this way. There are more important things for me to do and I can’t just let myself be affected by this woman.

When Savannah pushed open the door to the office, she saw Emmett standing in front of her desk, looking at her laptop.

The way he looked was very focused. Anxious, she asked, “What are you looking at?”

He looked up at her and replied, “I’m looking at your design draft. It’s not bad and it’s a fresh idea. When are you going to get it cut and made?

“Well, since you’ve seen it and have no issue with it, I’ll come up with the final product as soon as possible.” Seeing that he wasn’t suspecting anything, Savannah let out a breath of relief.

When she found Cole moments before, she had made it very clear to him and she was confident that after this, even if they were in the same company, there should not be any misunderstanding about their relationship anymore.

Emmett asked with a faint smile, “You know how to cut and sew outfits?”

Savannah walked back to her desk and answered confidently, “Of course. Every fashion designer knows how to make apparel from raw materials. Especially those for fashion shows, when they’re newly designed and not mass produced yet, the designers will be cutting and sewing them on their own. During the process, the details will be refined or improvised accordingly. Don’t you know all these?”

Emmett turned around and paced back to his own large desk as he replied with a rather hoarse voice, “I haven’t had the time to study your fashion design industry yet. Well then, you better speed up in completing it and let everyone have a look at your final product.

Savannah glanced around the office and said in an unnerved manner, “It’s not really convenient to make a garment here. I need to select the fabric and find a suitable model. Then, I’ll have to modify it when it’s fitted on the model. Starting from tomorrow, I’ll have to work at the design studio of the company. I should be able to find everything there.”

“No. You can’t move to the Design Department.” Emmett countermanded high-handedly.

Helplessly, Savannah argued, “But how can I make the apparel without going to the studio?”

“What you need is just a spacious and well-equipped studio, isn’t it?” Emmett disregarded her resistance and asked in return.

Savannah could only suppress her anger and answer, “Yes.”

“That’s simple. I can find you one outside. You don’t need to come to the company from tomorrow onward until the final product is completed.” Emmett’s tone was so overbearing that she wasn’t even allowed to refuse.

Accepting the bitter fact, she sat back in her chair and closed her completed draft. In her mind, she was grumbling about how narrow-minded Emmett was because all these hassles were just a result of trying to prevent her from staying in the same department with Cole in the company.

Still and all, it wasn’t a bad thing because Cole could take the time to familiarize himself with the environment in Mashion on his own when she wasn’t around at the company. Besides, she wouldn’t have to worry about Emmett’s ridiculous green-eyed monster as well.

Green-eyed?Is he really jealous because of her?

Thinking of that, Savannah couldn’t help but turn to look at Emmett, trying to see if she could observe anything unusual with him.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Is my arrangement not good enough? I’m just trying to provide you with a studio free from disturbance and distraction where you can focus on creating your work. You must understand how important this fashion show in Phillere Fashion Week is to our company—”

“Yes, I know.” Savannah turned away. All she saw was coldness from his face and his entire body. From within and without, he was all grim and chill to the core. I was thinking too much.

The next day, Emmett did find another design studio for her. Everything needed was provided and it met all her requirements in producing apparel.

After sending her to the studio, Emmett went to Mashion himself.

In an earnest manner, she started keeping herself occupied with her work. Taking the stack of fabric samples sent by Emmett as well as the models’ details in her hands, she decided to start off by picking the fabric first.

She could not even remember how long she hadn’t been making any apparel herself. The first time she made an outfit on her own was in her college days when she learned how to cut and sew from her instructor and the memory of it was still very vivid in her mind.

However, such an opportunity was no longer available to her after that. Even though she had participated in international design competitions when she was in prison, the most she could do was come up with the design drafts but not hands-on producing the final work of her design. She had not even the slightest idea whether the final product of her award-winning work was as aesthetic as the original conception she was trying to convey.

She spent a week in this independent studio and completed two ready-to-wear outfits. Also, she found a suitable female model over to the studio and let her put the clothing on to see if the results were consistent with her design.

Pacing around the model, she asked, “Do you feel it’s too tight around your waist? Should I loosen it a little?”

The gorgeous model slightly bent her waist and laughed, “Keeping it tighter show our shapely figure which is fine. You don’t need to make it too loose.”

Savannah gently smiled and returned, “The apparel I designed doesn’t take the route of showing one’s figure—” Just then, her phone started chiming.

She gestured to the model to take off the first piece of garment and try the other one. Then, she looked at her phone and saw that it was Sydney.

She counted and realized it was the time of the month to visit Freddie again but Sydney would never take the initiative to contact her because of such a matter.

“Hello, what is it?”

“Savannah, you must help me this round!” Sydney’s voice was piercing from the other end and it hurt Savannah’s ear.

She quickly pulled her phone away from her ear and walked out of the studio as she noticed even the model could hear Sydney. When she came out to the open space outside, she asked Sydney, “What’s going on? Is everything alright with Freddie?”

“Your child is perfectly fine.” With that, Sydney continued in sniffles, “But I’m not fine. I’m pregnant and I want to keep this child. If my baby can’t be born, I’ll make it difficult for your son too…”

Sydney was blathering and Savannah couldn’t really catch what she said. She was only able to make out something Sydney said about giving Freddie a hard time and that fumed her. “You’re pregnant and you want to give birth to your child, huh? What does that have to do with me and Freddie? That’s your own business. I’m warning you to not involve Freddie all the time or we can all just die together if you make me desperate again!”

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