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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 56 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 56 by desirenovel

His Passionate Kiss

A major restructuring took place in Mashion. The company had to recruit another batch of employees to keep the flow of operation smooth.

As expected, a new broom swept clean. Those who were not on the list felt relieved that they were not connected to Brooklyn. Otherwise, they would’ve lost their jobs.

Savannah freed up some time to do some observations during the recruitment sessions at Human Resource Department. She was targeting the outstanding recruits.

Emmett aimed to reorganize Design Department. To do that, they had to recruit some talented designers available in the fashion industry. After that, they could launch Research and Development Department. Since Savannah was familiar with the fashion industry, he asked her to hunt some excellent designers.

The company managed to recruit a new batch of employees. Emmett asked Savannah to give a short speech to the newcomers.

When she arrived at the meeting room, she was surprised to see Cole standing among the newcomers.

Cole’s face darkened when he saw Savannah.

“Mrs. Quaker… Mrs. Quaker, you may give your speech now.” Her secretary elbowed her in silence and gently reminded her.

Savannah avoided Cole’s gaze and proceeded to give her speech. However, she forgot the words of encouragement that she had drafted in her mind before she came in. In the end, she briefly gave her speech with an unstructured flow.

As soon as she stepped out of the meeting room, she instructed the secretary, “Show me the resume of the recruits. How did Human Resource Department filter the candidates?”

Her secretary, Emily, was puzzled by her complaint. “Is there any problem, Mrs. Quaker? Is there someone that doesn’t fit the recruitment criteria?”

Savannah lost her temper and scowled, “No. That’s not it! They should’ve shown me the recruits’ resumes before making decisions, shouldn’t they?”

Emily immediately explained to her, “Mrs. Quaker, the resumes had been sent to the President’s Office. You were out but Mr. Quaker was there. I thought you two had gone through the resumes. Please tell me if there’s anything wrong, I’ll talk to Human Resource Department right away.”

Savannah took a deep breath to calm herself down. “It’s alright, Emily. I was just asking. You go ahead with your work,” she replied.

Emily nodded and returned to her desk.

After giving it some thought, Savannah figured out that Emmett purposely took Cole in.

She had never read the resumes, but he had. What’s Emmett trying to do?

She knew that a domineering and petty man like Emmett Quaker would not let her have some peace so easily.

She walked into the office and slammed the door hard. She looked at Emmett calmly, fighting hard to restrain her anger.

Meanwhile, Emmett was reading a document. He didn’t even raise his head. “How are the recruits doing? You must be so satisfied with them,” he said sarcastically.

Savannah slumped onto her chair. “You did it, didn’t you? Did you do that on purpose? Why would you take Cole in?” she bellowed.

Upon hearing that, Emmett finally raised his head and looked into her eyes. “I did that for you. From now on, you two can see each other day and night. You don’t have to suffer from lovesick anymore.”

“Something’s wrong with you. I told you we’re just friends. He helped me and he’s just a friend…”

“No, something’s wrong with you!” Emmett stopped her mid-sentence. “Do you think I don’t feel it? You are thinking of him while lying in my arms. You’re lovesick and I’m just helping you out.”

Emmett stood up and walked towards Savannah. He sat on the edge of her table and lifted up her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes.

Savannah had nothing to hide. She firmly looked at him and uttered, “You’re overthinking things. I have no one in my heart. My heart died a long time ago.”

Her heart died? There’s no one in her heart, including me! Emmett’s face turned grim upon hearing that.

“You’re lying to yourself.” Emmett didn’t believe her words. He knew she was thinking about someone. Without waiting for her response, he kissed her on her lips.

“We’re in the office!” Savannah was panicked and quickly pushed him away. She pushed too hard that she couldn’t steady her body.

Emmett pressed his body to hers as she fell backward. He held her wrist and the posture looked so suggestive as if Savannah tried to turn him on.

Emmett was on top of her and he pinned her down. “You rejected me, yet your body is inviting me.”

Savannah’s face was flushing red and she couldn’t explain herself. She was panting heavily and trying to break free from him. “I didn’t!” she denied. However, it felt like she was seducing him as she struggled.

“Move a muscle and we’ll have it on the spot.” Emmett’s warm breaths softly caressed her neck.

Savannah dared not move anymore, freezing in her position. “You get up first,” she said.

“I think we should finish the unfinished business.” Emmett dipped his tongue past her lips, caressing her tongue with his.

Savannah was overwhelmed by his passionate kiss. However, she had to stay put, or else no one could guarantee what would happen next. He would go all out if he was aroused. She couldn’t imagine how embarrassed it would be if someone came into the office at the moment.

Emmett continued to get his way and even got increasingly out of hand. He softly bit her lips while moving his hand on her body.

She would kick him hard in his face if she could.

However, she had only learned the basic self-defense technique. She was definitely no match for him. Thus, she had to put up with him unless he went overboard.

Savannah tried to keep her cool all the while. After some time, Emmett finally straightened himself up and loosened his grips.

Savannah got up straight in a wink. She tidied up herself and was about to talk to Emmett about Cole.

Before she could say anything, Emmett said, “You don’t have to explain to me. If you have nothing to do with him, time will prove it. I’ll see it with my own eyes. Action speaks louder than words. Don’t you agree?”

Savannah wanted to leave Cole out of it, but there was nothing else she could do. Emmett had full control of her life. There was no other choice and she was not in a position to bargain anyway.

However, she couldn’t figure out why Cole joined Mashion when he had already got a job elsewhere. He had secured his job in an advertising company due to his outstanding performance during his internship. Although the company was not as famous as Mashion, it was a great one.

Why would he sign up for Mashion’s recruitment session? Did Emmett threaten him? What could the reason possibly be?

Looking at Emmett’s red eyes flaring like a raging bull, Savannah dared not say another word.

Besides, Emmett would get the wrong idea if she responded sensitively to Cole’s employment in Mashion. That would make things worse and Emmett would give Cole a hard time for sure.

But Savannah had nothing to be afraid of. She and Cole were just friends, nothing more, nothing less. She straightened her back, devoid of any guilt or shame.

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