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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 49 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 49 by desirenovel

Two Become One

Life after marriage only seemed to regain some semblance of normalcy for Savannah over the next few days.

Emmett had not been troubling her. Neither had he attempted to touch her. He packed her off to spend her nights on the couch away from his bed, citing that her injuries were mostly recovered.

They continued to act lovingly in front of Agatha every day, and would set off for Mashion together in the mornings.

But once the door to the President’s Office was closed, they basically ignored each other as they variously busied themselves.

Apart from managing Mashion, Emmett seemed quite preoccupied.

Savannah had spent some time to observe how he worked from the moment they stepped in until everyone else had left. Day in, day out. Like his work was never finished.

For her, she had a small desk by the side where she mulled over how to come up with a series of designs that would take the upcoming Phillere Fashion Week by storm.

It was just as well for Savannah. Getting on with their own business by day, and putting on a masquerade for Agatha by night. And staying out of each other’s way in-between.

She was quite content to crash on the couch, with Emmett taking no interest whatsoever in her. That was precisely the sort of life she envisioned for her marital life with the Quaker family.

On this particular day when they arrived at work though, Emmett left with Nolan shortly after. It seemed like they had a matter of urgency that needed to be attended to.

Savannah was still dissatisfied with her own efforts despite having spent the entire day at the drawing board. That was when the extension in the office came through.

It was from the front desk. “There’s a unscheduled visit from a woman, Mrs. Quaker. Would you like to see her?”

“What’s her name?”

The voice from the front desk checked back in shortly. “Maisie Graeme. She said you’ve met.”

Savannah was astounded to hear that Glenn Zimmermann’s wife had come around.

She initially considered turning her away but thought the better of it. “Send her in, but ask her to leave her stuff at the front desk before she comes up to the office.”

“Understood, Ma’am.”

After the receiver was placed back down, Savannah recalled the lessons she learned from the previous two occasions. She just wanted to hear the woman out and without incident.

It did not take long before she heard knocks upon the door.

“Please come in.” Maisie entered with the secretary at the lead.

Savannah sent the secretary away to prepare some tea. “Were you aware that someone was by the side filming the last time?”

Maisie responded quickly. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Quaker. I had no idea who were the ones observing us. Thank you for letting me off, and not pursuing murder charges against my husband.”

Savannah was surprised that Emmett did not press more serious charges against Glenn, as she thought they were beyond her ability to help.

“In that case, you’ve already gotten what you wanted. What else can I do for you?”

“Please rest assured that I’m not here for trouble, nor at anyone’s behest.” Maisie’s reply sounded sincere.

Savannah acknowledged that under her breath and waited to hear what else the woman had to say.

The other woman then cut to the chase. “Previously, you mentioned that you could have a look at the backlog at my husband’s factory to see if its quality meets your expectations. Would Mashion honor our agreement and accept them if they do?”

Savannah nodded as that was what she had in mind. Even though she had not run this by Emmett yet, she felt that it was feasible.

It occurred to her that both Glenn and Maisie were merely pawns to Clara and her daughter. She supposed that the latter’s reasons for rejecting the stock must have more to do with thwarting Emmett than over actual concerns about the quality of the merchandise itself.

If Emmett and herself were to follow through on the agreement, it would not only resolve Zimmermann’s woes, and may also alleviate their anger. That made perfect sense to her.

Maisie broke out a smile upon seeing her response. “That’s great news. Thank you, Mrs. Quaker. I could take you over to the warehouse to inspect the goods right now if you like.”

Savannah closed up the sketchbook in her hands. Since she had not much else to do for the day, she thought she might as well head over with Maisie. It may be a good idea to have a few samples on hand to show Emmett at night so that he might be able to come to a decision on this issue.

“Alright, I’m available.”

The other woman was all smiles when she got up on her feet. “Then, shall we?”

After she picked up her bag, Savannah informed Emmett’s secretary and left the office ten minutes earlier than usual.


Nolan was positively jubilant when Emmett and himself stepped out of the meeting with an important client.

He was buzzing about finally being able to bag this major deal for AX Group with the partner which had been holding out on them on the pricing.

Not only had their counterpart not haggled when Emmett’s rewritten proposal was tabled, they had also yielded two conditions before they committed pen to paper. That was an unexpected and welcome outcome as far as he was concerned.

“That was absolutely brilliant, Mr. Quaker. How did you even come up with something like that?”

Emmett was conversely philosophical about the whole affair. “They were not fretting before because they could look to foreign companies should the deal with us were to fall through. When I took that option away, not only must they back down, they have to yield some margins to keep us in the fold. It is as obvious to them as it is to me that their sunken cost would prove far more costly should they fail to secure this project, which is what will definitely happen without us.”

“That’s very well-considered.” Nolan was a simple man, so much so that he was a little lost just sitting through this lengthy explanation. “Nonetheless, I’ve done as you suggested and held them with my presence. Haha. I did well back there, didn’t I?”

Emmett rolled his eyes. “You’re a natural performer. Better quit squandering your talent around me and get yourself an agent.”

“You’re just teasing me. I’d probably only get to play some random old timer at my age. Would you spare me if I stop praising myself from now on?” Nolan shrunk as he pretended to grovel for clemency.

“Enough of that!” Emmett said as they walked back to the car. “Have you got what I’ve asked for?”

Nolan nodded as he unlocked the car remotely. “The newly released limited edition is hard as hell to get a hold of. It’s worse when you are picky about the color. I’ve finally managed to acquire one through a few close contacts, and with the inscription that you’ve asked for. It’s inside. Check it out for yourself.”

The other man eagerly opened the door and entered. Right next to him on the backseat was that brand new pink-colored laptop.

He opened up the packaging for a closer look. At the back of the chassis was the inscription “Two Become One” and the date beneath it. His uplifted spirit showed on his face.

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