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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 44 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 44 by desirenovel

I Want A Child With My Wife

Savannah didn’t think Emmett would bathe her because he was the almighty piece of shit.

However, Savannah didn’t have any memory of Mary bathing her at all. “Mary? Did you ask her to come to our room last night? So she knows that I was drunk? The bruises on my body…”

“You’re not assuming that I’ll help you bathe, are you? If not for Mary, who else would help you?” Emmett huffed as he tossed away the blanket on the couch and stood up. “You should accompany Grandma first. I’ll join you in a moment.”

Savannah would have blurted that she hadn’t washed her face if not for her fear of him launching himself onto her because of a disagreement. “Alright,” she hurriedly agreed.

She was about to open the door when a thought crossed Emmett’s mind. “Did you ask Nolan to let that woman off?”

“Yes,” Savannah admitted with her head hung low. “She has a child. What if the kid starves to death if she and her husband are both sent to jail?”

Emmett scoffed, “How much do you know about their family? Has it occurred to you that they may have a relative to take care of the kid?”

Stumped, Savannah muttered under her breath, “I don’t know anything about them because unlike you, I’m not someone who will pry into someone else’s background in detail.”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing.” Jumping on the chance, she continued, “There’s something fishy going on with Glenn’s case. Instead of wasting your time on irrelevant people, why don’t you investigate this matter thoroughly and get to the bottom of what happened with the batch of goods for Mashion?

“Go down to Grandma,” Ignoring Savannah’s words, Emmett ordered her with a menacing tone.

Savannah opened the door and rushed out of the room immediately. It was only when she arrived downstairs and saw Agatha listening to opera songs on vinyl.

After taking a glance at Savannah, Agatha went back to concentrate on her opera songs.

Savannah was worried that Mary had found out that her relationship with Emmett wasn’t as chummy as they seemed on the outside after seeing the bruises on her body while bathing her last night.

She entered the kitchen knowingly and offered to help upon seeing Mary and two other maids who were busy with their chores.

“Why are you here in the kitchen, Mrs. Quaker? Please leave now!” Mary exclaimed as she tried to stop Savannah, who was chopping the vegetables skillfully.

Savannah shifted her body and blocked Mary. “It’s alright, let me do it. Thank you for last night, Mary.”

“Huh? What are you thanking me for, Mrs. Quaker?” Mary asked with a confused expression.

Savannah merely smiled in response because she didn’t want to talk about what happened last night in front of the other maids. “It’s nothing, Mary. What are you brewing on the stove? Is it boiling already?”

Mary threw the pot of herbal tea a glance and turned down the flame. “Old Mrs. Quaker specifically ordered me to prepare this herbal tea for you.”

“For me?” Savannah sniffed at the air, which was full of the pungent smell of various herbs. “What is this smell? What kind of herbal tea is it?”

Mary replied smilingly, “This tea mainly comprises of herbs that nourish the body and enhance blood circulation.”

However, the thought of drinking a concoction full of bitter herbs made her nauseous.

Noticing something wrong in Savannah’s expression, Mary glanced at her abdomen and asked, “Are you feeling unwell, Mrs. Quaker? Are you…” Mr. and Mrs. Quaker are only married for a few days, she thought. It’s unlikely to happen so quickly. ”No, no. It won’t happen that fast,” she muttered.

It took Savannah a while to realize what Mary was talking about. Blushing, she laughed, “What are you thinking of, Mary? My stomach’s feeling unwell because of the wine yesterday.”

“Oh! No wonder Mr. Quaker went to my room at such a late hour to ask me where I store the ginger tea.” Then, Mary advised, “Try not to drink wine in the future, it’s not good for your stomach. You should take care of your health because Old Mrs. Quaker wants to have a great-grandchild as soon as possible.”

“Emmett came to you for ginger tea?” Savannah asked.

“Yes, I saw Mr. Quaker preparing the ginger tea and taking it into the bedroom,” Mary replied with a beam on her face. “Mr. Quaker is so caring towards you.”

Savannah didn’t know what to do except to smile. “Did he ask you to come to our room…”

“Honey, didn’t I tell you to accompany Grandma? Why are you in the kitchen?” Dressed in a casual outfit with cartoon prints, Emmett suddenly appeared at the kitchen door. The way he leaned against the door gave off a cheerful vibe, which was very unlike his usual cold and arrogant self.

Savannah stared at Emmett with her jaw wide open as she hadn’t got used to his sudden transformation from a scary man to an innocent boy. Apparently, she also forgot what to ask Mary.

Mary hurriedly took the knife from Savannah and said smilingly, “I don’t allow Mrs. Quaker in the kitchen, but she insists on taking a look in here. You’re just curious, aren’t you, Mrs. Quaker?”

“Yes.” Savannah decided to play along because she didn’t want to land Mary in trouble and even pretended to ask curiously, “What herbal tea are you brewing, Mary?”

Mary smiled again and looked back and forth at Savannah and Emmett. “Old Mrs. Quaker asked me to prepare this in hopes of the both of you getting a child soon, so you must finish the herbal tea later, Mrs. Quaker.”

Savannah felt like a failure for blundering and asking about the herbal tea which concerned her.

Hearing that, Emmett entered the kitchen and embraced her happily. “That’s great! I want to have a child with my dear wife.”

As the other helpers in the kitchen covered their mouths and snickered, Savannah had an urge to bury her head in a hole because it was too embarrassing.

Emmett always made her feel embarrassed regardless of whether he was being himself or feigning innocence.

Agatha had already finished listening to the whole album by the time Savannah and Emmett exited the kitchen. After turning off the vinyl player, she waved at the lovebirds and said, “Come and join me. Next time, don’t wake up so late and skip breakfast.”

“It won’t happen again, Grandma.” Savannah straightened her back to get Emmett’s hand off her waist.

Agatha asked, “Javon has already told you everything about Mashion yesterday, hasn’t he? Feel free to ask him anything that you don’t understand.”

“Mr. Watts has told me everything clearly,” Savannah explained, “I also understand that Mashion’s current priority is to prepare for Ferropene Fashion Week, which happens after the new year. It is crucial to the company’s future development.”

Agatha nodded and continued, “Yes, this fashion week is a good opportunity for us, but it’s also going to be tricky at the same time. So you must organize the fashion week well and promote our brand to the whole world after taking over the company for Mashion to thrive and grow.”

“We won’t let you down.” After taking a deep breath, Savannah asked, “Grandma, can Emmett and I make the decisions for the fashion week?”

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