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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 42 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 42 by desirenovel

What Is The Matter

Savannah didn’t know when Emmett left when she got up from the floor. Looking disheveled and shivering because of her torn clothes, she sat by the dining table and gulped down the remaining wine.

If Savannah had been drunk, she wouldn’t have felt so horrible. Wiping her tears away, she tried her best to refrain from thinking of her current state.

The only thing she remembered before tears pooled in her eyes and blurred her vision was Emmett’s merciless receding figure. Afterward, dead silence ensued.

Chugging down the bottle of wine, Savannah steadied her shuddering body with all her might and assured herself to stay strong so that she could overcome anything even if Emmett continued to humiliate her.

Then, came a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” Savannah almost choked on the wine.

A lady’s voice sounded from the door, “The waitress.”

Savannah’s head was still spinning when she stood up, and she was in so much pain that she could barely walk a few steps.

After opening a gap in the door, she asked, “What is it?”

The woman handed a paper bag to Savannah and said, “Mr. Bardsley asked me to give this to you before he left.”

“Thank you.” Savannah closed the door as soon as she took the paper bag.

Mr. Bardsley? Nolan gave me this? No. Savannah was sure that Nolan was acting on Emmett’s orders.

She hurriedly opened the paper bag and dumped everything out. There was a set of clean clothes and a piece of note saying, “You have half an hour to change and come back.” It was Emmett’s handwriting.

Savannah grabbed the clothes and went into the restroom. Ignoring the bruises on her body, she quickly combed her messy hair, changed into the clothes that Emmett sent, and threw her torn ones into the dustbin.

After giving the smashed laptop one last glance, Savannah grabbed her bag and left the private club. She watched people going in and out of the club and saw luxury cars parking at the entrance, but there wasn’t a cab to be seen.

Anxious, she tiptoed and looked around her surroundings at the corner of the entrance while glancing at the time on her phone now and then. She didn’t think that a cab would appear.

Emmett was evidently making fun of her by only giving her half an hour to reach home.

Savannah was about to leave the club and walk by the roadside in hopes of getting a cab when she saw Osborn and Sydney getting down from the same car.

Osborn, dressed in a casual white suit, holding Sydney by her waist, who was wearing a backless evening dress. He had a cynical smile on his face as he teased Sydney at the entrance.

Savannah squinted her eyes unbelievably. Osborn and Sydney are hooking up together?

Based on her understanding, Sydney must have her motives for approaching Osborn. Could it be that she wanted to become Mrs. Quaker?

Sydney wanted to marry into the Quaker family, but she didn’t want a fool for a husband, so her current goal was to marry Osborn, who had the highest status in the Quaker family.

As if sensing someone staring at them, Sydney turned around and looked in Savannah’s direction.

Savannah quickly hid behind a big pot of plants because she didn’t want to come face to face with Sydney and invite unwanted trouble.

Having noticed that Sydney wasn’t paying attention, Osborn turned her over to make her face him and asked, “What’s the matter, babe? Have you seen someone you know?”

Sydney only saw a pot of plants and nothing else. Thinking that she was just imagining things, she slapped Osborn’s hand away playfully and laughed, “Nothing, I think it’s just a stray cat at the corner.”

Osborn kissed Sydney on the cheek in front of a concierge. “It’s not unusual to see stray cats out here, but I don’t think it is as dangerous as you are,” Osborn said as he placed a hand around her waist.

Sydney got out of his grip but she didn’t appear to be angry. Laughing, she teased, “You’re so naughty,” and they walked into the club together.

Savannah heaved a sigh of relief after they walked out of sight. Osborn was treating Sydney frivolously as if she was a small-time model.

Thinking that it was better to leave immediately, Savannah had barely walked two steps when someone called out to her, “Miss, are you planning to go to the city?”

She stopped and turned around. It was a woman with heavy makeup on her face.

Savannah nodded in the woman’s direction and said, “But I don’t see any cab here.”

The woman lit a mentos cigarette and walked toward Savannah, saying, “Of course, you won’t find any cab near this place. You can’t even find an e-hailing cab because it’s not worth it for them to drive all the way here.”

“Okay. I may be able to get a cab if I walk along the road.”

With a cigarette dangling from her lips, the woman burst out laughing, “Stop dreaming. You have to walk at least a day to reach the city.”

“So what should I do?”

Savannah thought of the time limit that Emmett gave her. He must have known that she couldn’t manage to get back in time, but she didn’t want him to get at her.

“Let’s share a ride. E-hailing cabs may not be willing to come all the way here, but I’ve doubled the money and secured a cab successfully. Business isn’t really good for me today, so I’ll be able to save some money by sharing the ride with you.”

Savannah agreed, “Sure, but when will the car arrive?”

“Are you in a hurry? It should be here soon. Why don’t you add me on WhatsApp?”

Savannah hesitated for a moment because her instincts told her that the woman was working in a certain industry.

The woman laughed, “How are you going to pay me the cab fare if you don’t have my contact?”

In the end, Savannah added the woman on WhatsApp because she made sense. Her name was Linda Fahey.

Soon, the cab arrived and the two women got in. Savannah transferred half of the cab fare to Linda after she showed her the receipt for the booking of the cab.

When the cab arrived in front of Quaker residence, Linda exclaimed, “Oh gosh! I didn’t know you live in such a huge mansion! You must be very rich. But why didn’t you drive to the club?”

After Savannah got off the car and thanked the cab driver, she turned to Linda and sighed, “This isn’t my house.”

Savannah trotted into Quaker Residence until she reached the front door to Agatha’s quarters. After taking a while to steady her breathing, she pushed the door open gently.

Mary was tidying things on the ground floor. Savannah called out, “Mary, you haven’t gone to bed?”

“Where have you been, Mrs. Quaker? Mr. Quaker has already returned, and Old Mrs. Quaker is already sleeping.”

“Oh,” Savannah replied, “I was held up.”

“Have you eaten dinner?” Mary asked.

“Yes. I’ll go upstairs first, Mary. You should rest earlier too.” Savannah tiptoed upstairs after giving Mary a polite smile.

After Savannah reached their bedroom, she placed her hand on the handle and took a few deep breaths before opening the door.

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