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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 41 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 41 by desirenovel

No Other Men

Apart from fear, she couldn’t help but feel a bit desolated. “Back then, Old Mrs. Quaker wanted a daughter from the Avery family to marry you. I’m Sean’s biological daughter, and I’ve married you. Since I’m all yours now, what more do you want from me? Can’t you just let this go? I won’t ask you to stay with me, nor do I wish to get a portion of the Quaker family’s wealth or power. If you’re not satisfied with me, just get as many mistresses as you want… I won’t mind. When the time comes, we could even file for divorce…”

“That’s enough!” Emmett couldn’t stand the thought of her not caring about him. A moment later, he suddenly looked up at her with a ferocious gaze. “If you don’t want to anything from the Quakers, why did you marry me?”

She looked at him and explained pitifully, “To… to help my dad and the Avery family get through a crisis.”

Suddenly, Emmett put down his cutlery and grabbed his phone. After standing up, he came up to her and showed her some photos on the phone. “Even if you lied about being abroad, I know that this must be the real reason that you asked me to get other women!”

Her mind suddenly went blank once she looked at the photos. She didn’t expect that someone would take the pictures when Cole forcefully pulled her into his arms. Since they looked rather intimate in the photos, she found it difficult to explain what really happened.

Wait, this doesn’t seem right. How did Emmett get the photos?

She shifted her gaze from the phone toward him. “Did you get someone to stalk me?”

“Since you were injured a few days ago, I was worried that someone would want to harm me again and hurt you by accident. So, I sent my men to protect you. However, I didn’t think that I’d find out about your lover so soon,” Emmett seized her neck and continued, “Are you afraid because I discovered your secret lover?”

“I don’t have a lover. He’s only one of my friends. It’s not what you think…”

Before she could finish, Emmett’s hand closed in on her neck. “Just keep lying! I hate those who lie to me the most. But perhaps you haven’t known one of my habits.”

“And what is that?” Savannah was in pain and began to feel out of breath because he was still tightly gripping her neck.

“I will torment everyone who lies to me.”

Savannah was horrified at that moment. This man is a monster.

She could admit that she had to hide something from him, yet she never lied to him. Despite that, he wouldn’t believe her words because their marriage wasn’t founded on mutual trust in the first place.

Initially, she thought that she would have an unfortunate marriage by marrying a fool. But instead, she married a monster.

“I… I met him coincidentally and chatted with him for a while.” The words barely left her mouth as she found it hard even to croak, and her lips were trembling.

After a while, he finally let go of her and asked, “Why did you visit an old house? Did you live there? Or did you two stayed in that filthy place before?”

As she gasped for air, she instinctively grabbed her backpack on the chair with both of her hands. The houses in the neighborhood might be a bit old, but why did he say that it’s a filthy place?

At this time, she felt that Emmett, who had always thought of himself as a noble and graceful man, was ridiculous.

However, she wasn’t in the mood to argue with him about this matter. Instead, she tried to explain again, “There’s nothing between us. We are just friends.”

At that moment, Emmett noticed that she was a bit too protective of her backpack. All of a sudden, he grabbed the backpack behind her. Then, he unzipped the backpack forcefully and emptied everything in it.

Savannah wanted to take her backpack and laptop back, but she was not quick enough. In just a split second, her laptop fell to the ground, and she yelled, “Look what you’ve done! Why did you touch my bag without my permission?”

As soon as she finished, she crouched down to pick up her laptop, checking if it was damaged.

Emmett stole a glance at her laptop and thought that it was a second-hand item, which probably wasn’t worth much. However, a thought suddenly flashed through his mind – that this laptop might be something memorable between her and the man. That thought alone raged up a fire within him, so he kicked the laptop furiously and sent it across the room. With a loud crash, the laptop landed on the floor, cracked, and its screen shattered into pieces.

Aghast at his unreasonable behavior, Savannah lifted her head and stared daggers at him. She then slowly picked up the broken laptop and flung it at him. “Emmett! You’re an a**hole!”

He dodged it and gripped both of her hands firmly instead. Then, he stepped on the laptop one last time, ultimately ending its life.

At this moment, she felt that her heart was shattered into pieces. After all, she used to make a living using this laptop. Also, it was the most expensive thing she ever bought after she was released from prison.

Unfortunately, he destroyed her favorite item due to his uncontrollable jealousy.

She didn’t want to explain anything to him and only stared at him ferociously. “If there was an option, who would be willing to marry both a psychopath and a fool like you? You’re a real retard because anyone with a sound mind won’t be as difficult as you!”

Despite that, Emmett laughed darkly. The next moment, he grabbed her chin and kissed her, but Savannah bit his lips ferociously.

However, he quickly turned around his palms to pin her down, rendering her immobile.

“Emmett, don’t…” She was fearful but understood what would happen next. “Not here!”

He patted her face and sneered, “Why not? This club prioritizes customers’ privacy over anything.”

When she nervously tried to wriggle free, Emmett looked at her in disdain and said, “Why are you disgusted with this place? I mean, at least it’s a lot cleaner than the place where you dated the man.”

Shaking her head, she regretted being rash because she didn’t stand a chance in resisting him. “It’s not what you think. I’ve given up a long time ago and never had any other men…”

“Enough of your lies! Stop pretending to be pitiful before me. You are certainly aware that Grandma bought you as a toy for me,” At this moment, he was apparently lustful and continued coldly, “Don’t pretend to be pure and innocent. You’ve lost your first night long ago, and so I can do whatever I want to you.”

Although she didn’t want to cry, tears couldn’t help but stream down her face. From the moment she married him, she knew that she was nothing more than a bargaining chip that Sean used to deal with the Quaker family.

Nevertheless, she still tried her best to resist, for she didn’t want him to trample on her last shred of dignity.

He put his face on hers and whispered, “Be a good girl if you don’t want him to live in living hell.”

Once he finished, she gazed at him in despair. She was upset because Emmett wanted to drag the innocent man into the mess due to some misunderstanding.

However, she wouldn’t want Cole to be affected and lost the chance to gain a foothold in this city merely because of the trivial matter.

On the other hand, Emmett was even more infuriated when he sensed that she became weak and submissive. “Well, you seem to be willing to do anything for that man.”

Once he finished, he began to force himself upon her mercilessly.

During the entire time, he had to keep reminding himself that he didn’t love her but was only obsessed with her body. As such, he didn’t have to care if she secretly loved someone else.

He could continue to forcefully have sex with her until he eventually grew tired of her. By then, he could mercilessly get rid of her like a piece of rag.

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