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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 40 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 40 by desirenovel

A Date

Savannah knew that Maisie wouldn’t believe her now, no matter how hard she tried to explain.

Under such circumstances, she decided to get into the car and persuade Emmett against suing Glenn. She also hoped that he would accept Glenn’s products so that his family could survive the crisis.

Furthermore, since Maisie mentioned that they had children, she hoped he could give them a chance.

After making up her mind, she quickly walked past Nolan and opened the door herself to hop in.

Nonetheless, she felt that the air was threateningly cold once she sat on the back seat. Is the aircon set too low?

“Mr. Quaker, where should we be headed now?” Nolan asked after starting the engine.

Meanwhile, Emmett opened his laptop as though he had to deal with his work and said, “Head to the restaurant in the private club, and use your VIP card to go in.”

Nolan murmured a response and began to drive the car to the private club.

On their way to the restaurant, Savannah touched her laptop unconsciously. She wanted to check if there were any customers.

However, she couldn’t use her laptop when Emmett was here. Hence, she had no choice and could only check on her online shop secretly when she was alone.

When she wanted to discuss the matter about Glenn with him, she noticed that he looked cold and wasn’t in a good mood. Besides, he didn’t even glance at her throughout the journey. As such, she felt that she had to look for another opportunity to raise the issue.

However, she was rather worried about Glenn’s wife, Maisie. Would something bad happen to her if the police really take her away? What will happen to their children if both Glenn and Maisie are arrested?

The night had fallen when the car arrived at the private club. Savannah hopped out after Nolan opened the door for them. The building that stood before her looked like a pyramid with shining sphinxes on both sides. Apart from that, some ancient Egyptian words were used as decorations around the building.

Before today, she wasn’t aware that a mysterious and high-end private club existed in Lightspring. Apart from the main road for vehicles to go in and out of the city, she didn’t see any other buildings around the area.

“Mr. Quaker, dinner has been reserved. Please enjoy your meal in the private room, and I’ll wait in another room,” Nolan said.

Emmett took the lead and strode toward the club. Meanwhile, Savannah deliberately slowed down to walk alongside Nolan and whispered, “Can you help contact Javon and get him to explain to the police that there was some misunderstanding? Ask them to release Maisie as soon as possible because she has to take care of her children.”

“Who’s Maisie?” Nolan enquired.

“The woman who spoke to me outside Mashion earlier on…”

“Can you hurry up? Besides, what are you guys whispering about?” Suddenly, Emmett stopped walking and turned around to stared at them coldly.

Nolan reacted quickly and answered smilingly, “Mrs. Quaker was asking me about this place because she has never been here before.”

Emmett dragged her over to his side and reminded her, “Ask me directly if you have any doubts.”

After she mumbled a response, he brought her to a private room in the restaurant.

Nolan couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief once the couple stepped out of the elevator. He never thought that Emmett cared about his wife that much, to the extent that he couldn’t even chat with her.

He shook his head and heaved a sigh yet again. Everyone has their own Achilles heel – and for most men, it would be the charm of a woman.

After entering a smaller private room, Nolan started a tug-of-war with himself.

Who should I listen to? But because Savannah mentioned that the woman had kids at home, he finally decided to dial Javon’s number.

Whatever. Since a couple should have the same opinion, Savannah’s words also represent Emmett’s. I’ll make sure that the woman goes home tonight, and I’ll worry about the consequences afterward.

Besides, if Emmett really wanted to settle a score with him, he would have no choice but to confess that Savannah gave him the instruction.

Meanwhile, Savannah was surprised to see candles, wine glasses, and food neatly placed on the dining table in the private room. She found it difficult to believe that Emmett was that romantic to want to have a candlelit dinner with her.

Unbeknownst to her, Emmett was also surprised. At that moment, he knew that it was Nolan who did everything. Thus, he blew out the candles, turned on the lights, and said, “Nolan went behind my back again. Who permitted him to do this?”

She had guessed it – it wasn’t Emmett’s plan. Since he kept wearing a cold expression, she felt that he brought her here for a reason.

Thus, she remained standing still until he instructed coldly, “Sit down. We’ll have dinner first.”

“Alright.” She sat down as instructed. Even though the delicacies were served before her, it felt like she was having her last supper as a prisoner on death row.

Emmett sat in front of her and began to swirl the wine in his glass. After taking a sip, he said, “The wine tastes best now. Try it.”

“Okay.” Savannah imitated him and took a sip of the wine.

Judging from the way she swirled the wine, Emmett could tell that she rarely drank. As such, he chuckled and said, “You don’t drink wine?”

“I don’t like drinking and rarely try it.”

Emmett didn’t dwell on it. Instead, he took the fork and knife and began cutting his steak.

Meanwhile, Savannah took a few bites of the bread with his fork. Deep in her heart, she didn’t really like fine dining because the portion was not enough to fill her belly. Instead, she would be more delighted if she could have a simple meal.

Emmett, on the other hand, had gracefully put a small piece of steak into his mouth, chewing it slowly. He also took a sip of his wine from time to time.

Looking at how he dined across the table, she recalled that the Avery family members looked the same when they had their meal as well. At that time, she was ridiculed for not holding the knife in a proper way.

As soon as she thought about that, she lost her appetite instantly and began to slice up her steak carelessly. Also, she felt that she and Emmett weren’t meant to be together.

Those are the tiny details that reflected an individual’s social status. Apparently, Emmett received education from one of the best schools and was edified by a noble family’s culture since he was young.

On the other hand, she developed her habits when she was young. Given that she couldn’t be as graceful no matter how hard she pretended, she decided to be herself.

“Well, didn’t you eat at a proper restaurant when you were overseas? Why do you seem to be having difficulties in using your cutlery?” Emmett gazed at her with his piercingly sharp eyes and asked.

As she was disgruntled with his remark, she wished to throw her cutlery away and questioned him. Aren’t we here to have dinner? Why are you so mindful about the particulars? Food is meant to fill our bellies, regardless of how I eat it!

Nevertheless, she only thought about it but dared not speak her mind. She held in her anger and replied vaguely, “Yes, I usually just cook for myself.”

Surprisingly, Emmett stared at her squarely and said, “Your certificate is fake, and you never stayed overseas. You firmly claimed that you’re Sean’s biological daughter, but the Avery family has never sent you abroad. Why did you, Sean, and the rest fabricate the story? Who did Sean get to hoodwink me, thinking that I’m a retard?”

Savannah was stunned as she looked at him. She wasn’t sure how much he knew thus far and why he was so certain that she didn’t stay abroad.

However, it proved that he actually had been keeping her background in check. As such, she began to worry that she couldn’t hide her secrets from him for long, for he would dig out all the details about her sooner or later.

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