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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 39 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 39 by desirenovel

You Lied

Furthermore, as soon as she left the office, Maisie showed up and kneeled before her. She felt terrified because it was a sign that the person had exposed her whereabouts in the company.

Maisie seemed evasive and shifty-eyed. “Well… I can’t tell you that because I promise I won’t risk that person’s job.”

Savannah heaved a sigh and asked, “What would you do if I don’t agree to it even after you kneel? I believe that person taught you about it, right?”

Maisie was surprised upon hearing it. At the same time, Savannah believed that she guessed it right. Given that she wasn’t interested in suing Glenn, she nodded as a gesture to agree to Maisie’s request. Nonetheless, she also knew that Maisie would definitely put on a good show if she refused.

“Mrs. Quaker, please be rest assured that we will be indebted to you as long as you don’t sue my husband. We’ll definitely not harass you anymore.” Maisie grabbed her hand, and tears began to stream down her face.

Meanwhile, Emmett witnessed everything from the car not far from them. He then instructed Nolan, “Call Javon from Mashion, and tell him that Mrs. Quaker is being harassed by someone at the entrance of the office. Also, ask him to call the cops and instruct the security guards to restrain that woman.”

“Do we really have to ask Javon to call the cops?” Since Savannah had probably comforted the woman, he felt that it was unnecessary. Moreover, the disheveled woman looked rather pitiful.

“Do you not understand what I just said? It seems to me like you should retire, and I should replace you with someone else,” Emmett said coldly.

Immediately, Nolan took out his phone and said, “I’m still young and will never retire at this age. Mr. Quaker, I’ll make the phone call right away!”

“Cut the crap,” Emmett growled as he watched Nolan made that phone call. After a while, the security guards came out and took the woman away.

However, Savannah wasn’t aware that Emmett called the security guards and even the cops. She grabbed Maisie’s arm and said, “Since your husband’s company didn’t violate the contract, it means that Brooklyn violated it instead by refusing to accept the clothes. In that case, he could actually take legal actions against Mashion for a breach of contract. Why did he resort to another extreme method instead?”

“Mrs. Quaker, there is something that you don’t know. The partnership between my husband’s factory and Mashion isn’t something new. So… so, his factory would start producing the clothes as soon as he received orders from Mashion. They usually wouldn’t wait until a formal contract was signed. In other words, his factory would directly manufacture the clothes based on the design and quantity given by Ms. Brooklyn every time.”

Savannah finally figured it out. It all happened because Glenn produced the items without signing a formal contract with Brooklyn or Mashion in advance. Thus, after that, Brooklyn could easily deny that she had ever made the order.

She continued to ask, “In that case, do you know where the products are located? Can you show me some samples?”

Maisie gave it some thought and replied, “Since Mashion didn’t accept the products, Glenn probably hasn’t found another buyer, so I think they’re still in our warehouse. I could go and take a look right away. But why do you need samples?”

“If what you said was the truth – where the quality of the products is acceptable, perhaps Mashion can still accept them. With that, your husband’s factory won’t be facing any losses.”

“Really? Will you really accept the order, Mrs. Quaker? If it’s true, Glenn and I will be immensely grateful…”

“That’s her. Take her to the security control room now.” Suddenly, several security guards rushed toward them. One of them stood before Savannah to protect her, while the other two restrained Maisie and yelled, “So, was it you who harass Mrs. Quaker? We’re informed to call the cops!”

Feeling that her hope was shattered, Maisie glared at Savannah and yelled, “You liar! All you did was just to buy time so that you could call the cops. What you said earlier – they were nothing but lies! You vile woman! It’s all because of you! You replaced Ms. Brooklyn, and that’s why Mashion didn’t accept our products!”

“It’s not what you think. Please calm down. I didn’t call the cops.” Savannah was rather confused as well. She pushed the security guard who protected her and explained, “Since we were talking the whole time, you surely know that I didn’t call the police.”

After recalling her memory for a second, Maisie replied, “You took out your phone just now. I’m sure you texted someone at that time.”

“I didn’t even swipe the screen when I took out my phone.” Since Savannah felt that it was difficult to vindicate herself, she questioned the security guards, “Who instructed you to restrain her? Let go of her. I know her…”

“Mrs. Quaker,” Nolan hopped out from the car that moment and came up to Savannah. “Mr. Quaker is waiting for you in the car. Please get in.”

“Nolan?” Savannah was surprised to see Nolan at the entrance of the building. “Is Emmett here too? Is he in the car?”

Nolan flashed a smile at her and replied, “Yes, you forgot that you have dinner with Mr. Quaker tonight.”

Savannah stared at him bewilderedly. On the other hand, he turned around and instructed the security guards, who were restraining Maisie, “Take this woman to the security control room while waiting for the police’s arrival.”

Although the security guards didn’t know Nolan, they guessed that he was a prominent figure as he spoke and behaved imposingly. As such, they immediately bowed before bringing her into the security control room.

Maisie, on the other hand, struggled grumpily and turned around to glare at Savannah before they took her away.

Savannah knew that she couldn’t vindicate herself even though she had figured out what actually happened. Hence, she asked, “How long have you and Emmett been here? Did you guys see everything in the car? Did Emmett ask someone in Mashion to call the security guards and the cops?”

“Mr. Quaker is worried about you because the woman might become aggressive,” Nolan spoke up for Emmett.

However, Savannah was infuriated by what they did. Since they witnessed everything, they were supposed to know Maisie wasn’t “aggressive,” as they claimed. Besides, she had even made a deal with Maisie, so she was upset when Emmett called the police.

Maisie is just a housewife who’s desperate for someone to help her husband! How aggressive can she be? Who can she threaten?

“Since Emmett is here, why doesn’t he enter the building? Why is he guarding the entrance?” Savannah questioned Nolan angrily.

Nolan wasn’t sure what he had to say. After a while, he blinked at her and said softly, “Well… I’m not sure about it. I might be older than him and am his relative, but he thinks a lot more than I do. So, I can hardly understand him sometimes. Besides, this fella has always been more mature than he should be. He only looks cute when he plays the fool. Other than that, you should be careful because he can be terrifying.”

When she heard what he had said about Emmett, she wasn’t as furious as she initially thought she would be. To her own surprise, she even managed a smile.

Nolan could get along with anyone as soon as they met. Moreover, he had always followed Emmett everywhere he went. Apart from the employer-employee relationship, they actually treated each other as friends. Therefore, he dared to comment about Emmett secretly.

“Nolan! What are you doing? Why didn’t you invite my wife to get into the car?” At this time, Emmett rolled down the window and yelled at them.

Nolan threw his hands up and said, “Mrs. Quaker, please get into the car.”

She covered her mouth and stopped smiling. Deep in her heart, she knew that Emmett would be a little jealous because Nolan chatted with her.

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