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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 33 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 33 by desirenovel

The First Taste of Forbidden Fruit

Emmett took a deep breath to suppress his anger. There was a feeling welling up in his chest when he stared into Savannah’s bloodshot eyes. It was unlike any other feeling he had ever had before. Actually, it wasn’t hard for him to get a woman to vent his sexual desires, but he always lost control when it was with this woman. However, for some reason, he knew he didn’t hold a special place in this woman’s heart. His instincts told him that there was someone else.

Sydney must be using that person as the bargaining chip to threaten Savannah! When the thought crossed Emmett’s mind, he was vexed. He straightened up and sneered, “Who is the person that owns your heart?

Since you’re married to me, you shouldn’t think about anyone else! But… it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me because I will find it out sooner or later.” At that, Emmett left her and went to the bathroom. So… does that mean he won’t be touching me tonight? Laying on her side with her back hunched, Savannah clutched the bedsheet and broke down in tears.

Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably, but she tried hard not to make a sound. In the bathroom, Emmett finally kept his anger in check after he took a cold shower for half an hour. Savannah could’ve used the request earlier when I pursued the matter regarding her dress and accessories, but she didn’t. Instead, she asked me to keep a distance from her. Why does she hate me that much? Does she feel disgusted even when I touched her?Damn this woman!

Meanwhile, at the Avery residence. Deep into the night, Sydney put on the dress that she got from Savannah and checked herself in the mirror while twirling around, trying to find any imperfection.

She was of the same height as Savannah, but she was a bit plumper than the latter, so the dress was too tight for her. Sydney’s body was squeezed so tightly into the dress that the zipper was going to burst any moment. Knock, knock! Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

Before she could answer, the door was pushed open, and a person entered her bedroom. Sydney popped her head out from her wardrobe and saw Ford. Then, she asked, “Ford, what brings you here?” The latter looked at her dress and inquired curiously, “Why did you have to take Savannah’s dress and accessories? What for? You’ve got your own clothes and jewelry as well.” Upon hearing that, Sydney put on a scarf, stood in front of Ford, and smirked,

“She is just a country bumpkin. Would she be wearing in such expensive dresses and accessories if it wasn’t for moi?” Actually, Ford didn’t care about the conflict between Sydney and Savannah. He was just simply asking a question. After all, he would definitely take Sydney’s side. To him, Sydney was the prettiest woman no matter what she wore. Suddenly, silence ensued as Ford didn’t know what to say. But soon, he tried to create a conversation with her,

“Sydney, did you realize that the kid looks like Emmett? I mean, what are the odds, huh?” Hearing his words, Sydney was slightly stunned. She compared Frederick’s face with Emmett’s face in her mind and realized that they did look alike. In fact, too much alike. How could this be? It is impossible that Savannah had come into contact with Emmett before.

That night, three years ago, Sydney brought Savannah into the hotel and even guarded outside the room to prevent the latter from escaping. However, an unexpected situation happened all of a sudden, and Savannah managed to escape from the room. If Savannah didn’t wreck my plan, those horrific things wouldn’t happen!Did she meet Emmett or anyone from the Quaker family at the hotel after she escaped? Is Frederick related to the Quakers? Sydney stiffened when that thought crossed her mind. At that moment, Ford turned to lock the door and walked toward her. “I think the dress suits you better..

. Anyway, do you regret not marrying Emmett?” Sydney understood what the former meant. Then, she took a step backward and chuckled in ridicule, “Puh-lease! Who would want to marry that fool!” “To be honest, although Emmett is a fool, the family’s still rich, and he is quite a good-looking guy. I think Savannah has gotten more than she deserves in Emmett.” Upon hearing Ford’s words, Sydney’s grin grew wide, and she even burst out laughing

. Then she replied, “Yeah, a country bumpkin and an idiot. What a perfect match!” Suddenly, Ford grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms. “They are a perfect match, then what about us? Sydney, I want to tell dad and mom the truth and ask for their blessings.” “Ford, are you crazy? No! It definitely can’t happen!” Sydney panicked and tried to wriggle out of his grip. “Why not? We are not blood-related, and we love each other! Why can’t we make our relationship public?”

“No! We can’t let dad and mom know about this!” Sydney looked at Ford and replied in fear, “You are Ford Avery, and I’m Sydney Avery. All this while, everyone knew that we are siblings. Only we know that we’re not actually biological related, so we won’t be able to explain ourselves out of this mess! Ford, why don’t you get this?

It’s impossible between us! We can never be together!” “B-But… you told me that you like me. What’s the meaning of this life if you can’t be together with the person you love?” At that, Ford wrapped her waist tighter and started to kiss her passionately. Ford couldn’t suppress himself anymore. Although they were under the same roof, they couldn’t make their relationship public. Thus, he decided that he had had enough of this.

On the other hand, never had Sydney thought that Ford would be so stubborn. Since young, she had only been treating Ford as her brother. Even after knowing that they weren’t blood-related, she never actually fell in love with Ford. When she was eighteen, she received a piece of earth-shattering news.

She was dumbstruck when she knew that she wasn’t a biological kid of the Avery family. This meant that she would lose everything she’d acquired. At that time, she appeared calm on the surface, but secretly, she felt frightened and helpless. Soon after, the so-called biological daughter of the Avery family came home.

The hard truth was bared before Sydney’s eyes. Savannah’s facial features looked so much like Nina’s. Moreover, several DNA test results proved that Savannah really belonged to the Averys. At that moment, Sydney was afraid that she would no longer be the most treasured child in the family.

She was scared that her life would change drastically once Savannah came. Indeed, what she feared had come true. When Savannah first arrived at the Avery Residence, Sean and Nina welcomed and adored her. After all, she was their biological daughter. Thus, if the situation persisted,

Sydney would definitely lose her status in this family. When Sydney realized that she couldn’t let it carry on this way, she decided to figure out a way to let everyone in the Avery family hate Savannah. She had to try all she could to get rid of the Avery’s biological daughter. As such, she began to formulate a plan to set that sheltered bumpkin,

Savannah, up. She noticed that Ford didn’t ostracize her after the latter found out she schemed against Savannah. Instead, he treated her much better, and that was slightly beyond the need to care for a sister. Hence, a plan formed in Sydney’s mind. She wanted to take advantage of Ford’s feelings for her to get him on her side all the time.

One afternoon, she sneaked into Ford’s room while nobody was at home and lay beside him. He was taking a nap at that time, so she took the opportunity to hug him tightly. “I… like you, Ford.” Hearing that, Ford jolted awake. He felt that he was dreaming. Her eyelashes fluttered coyly as he gazed deeply into her eyes.

But before he could respond, Sydney had run her fingers across his lips gently, causing goosebumps to form on his skin. After that, she hooked her arms around his neck and took the lead to kiss him. Ford was thrilled by her actions, and finally, he lost all the self-control that he had. That was also the first time they gave themselves to each other.

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