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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 31 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 31 by desirenovel

Who Are You
Savannah was stunned. Needless to say about the Quaker family, even Emmett himself alone would not spare her if he knew. Moreover, how far could she escape with a child? Even if she was willing to hide in a dark place for the rest of her life, her child was still too young. He deserved a normal life with proper education and a proper living environment. After a while, Savannah calmed herself down and let go of Freddie.

“Please have faith in Mommy. Mommy would never abandon you. I’ll visit you often and take you with me when the time is right.” Freddie dared not cause a nuisance as he was afraid of Sydney and Lily. When he saw Sydney hitting his Mommy, fear and hatred filled his heart. However, he understood that his Mommy was in a difficult situation and assured, “Okay. Mommy, I’ll be waiting for you.” After giving Freddie a tight hug,

Savannah left the room with Sydney reluctantly. The moment they returned to Sydney’s room, Sydney demanded, “Go and freshen yourself up. I don’t want Emmett and their chauffeur to notice anything.” The pain of being separated from her child was suffocating. She glared at Sydney as if she wanted to eat the latter up alive. Sydney was shocked as she had never seen Savannah behaving that way before. Hence, she became anxious and moved further away from Savannah while asking, “What are you trying to do? Nothing will change even if you kill me.”

“Freddie’s hair needs to be trimmed, and he needs a change of clothes. When I’m not around, is he properly taken care of? Do you make sure that he’s well-fed with all the nutrition which a growing child requires?” Savannah questioned. In a state of fear, Sydney stammered, “Lily w-was usually the one who t-took care of all these matters. As for his h-haircut and clothes, I’ll g-get someone to do it.” “If I ever find out that any one of you dares to neglect my child, I’ll be sure to take both your lives with me.

Trust me – I will do it!” “Alright, alright. I remember everything that you said, and I’ll inform Lily as well.” To vent her frustration, Savannah shoved a décor off the table onto the floor, smashing it into pieces. That scared Sydney even more. “H-hey… I’ve made my promise to inform Lily to take good care of that kid. What else do you want?” Nonetheless, Savannah ignored her and headed to the toilet to splash her face with some cold water.

After calming down, she headed downstairs. Sean and Nina were silently sipping tea in the living room while Emmett was soundly asleep on the sofa. “What took you so long upstairs?” Nina looked at Savannah as if she was her savior. She pointed her lips towards Emmett, hinting for Savannah to wake him up.

At the same time, Sydney had returned to the living room as well. She sat down beside Nina with her head on her mother’s shoulder and explained, “Mom, I was having a casual chat with Savannah. I wanted to know how it feels like to be married.” “Silly child, you’ll know once you get married.” Nina smiled and patted her hand. She then realized that Savannah had changed her clothes and took off her accessories. Surprised, she asked Savannah, “

Your dress and accessories…” Even before Savannah had a chance to speak, Sydney interrupted, “Savannah knew I liked them, so she gifted them to me.” “Oh, you’re so generous now that you’ve become part of the Quaker family.” Nina did not doubt a single word that Sydney had said and was seemingly trying to insult Savannah. Savannah did not wish to explain herself and smiled bitterly in response. As it was getting late, she proceeded to wake Emmett up.

At that moment, the chauffeur of the Quaker family entered and saw Emmett, who was soundly asleep. Hence, he cleared his throat and reminded, “Mrs. Quaker, Old Mrs. Quaker had just called to inform that they’ve prepared some food. They’re waiting for both of you.” “Alright, I’ll wake him up now,” Savannah replied.

“Mom, Dad, Sydney, we’re leaving,” Savannah told the Averys. “Alright, then. It’s about time anyway. Don’t keep Agatha waiting.” Sean replied. Just as Savannah was about to place her hands on Emmett’s shoulder, he opened his eyes and said, “Honey, you’re done talking with Sydney? I fell asleep while waiting.” “Yup, I’m done. Let’s head back.

Grandma’s waiting for us at home.” Emmett stood up and held Savannah’s hand naturally. “Ah… Finally!” He said and waved goodbye to the Avery family. Sean, Nina, and Sydney all stood up and sent them to the door. When Savannah and Emmett got into the car, all of them retracted their smiles and turned back into the villa. From the rearview mirror, Emmett could clearly see the true faces of the Avery family. He smirked, and his face turned pale with rage.

Meanwhile, Savannah was still feeling angry and hurt from seeing Freddie earlier. Back at the Quaker residence, they were greeted by the sight of Agatha and Mary, who were preparing dinner. Emmett, who was tired, explained, “Grandma, I’m still bloated from the dinner at the Averys’, and I just want to head back to my room to rest.” “

Alright, go and get some rest then. Let me know when you’re hungry later.” It was already out of Agatha’s expectation for Emmett to accompany Savannah back without causing any trouble. Hence, she made up her mind to let him have his way for the time being. Seeing that Emmett had rejected dinner,

Savannah followed suit and headed to the room as well. Savannah only realized that Emmett was in a bad mood when they were in the room as she was too occupied with her troubles to notice earlier. She was pretty certain of the cause for Emmett’s sudden mood change and explained, “Sydney really liked my dress and accessories, so I gave them to her. I’m fine with it since she’s my only sister. I’ll pay you back in the future…”

“And how are you going to do that?” Emmett pinched her chin, raised it, and stared at her face. “I don’t expect you to feed me. I’ll get a job for myself and return the money to you,” Savannah explained. “Your face looks swollen. Did Sydney hit you?” Emmett ignored her words and asked. Savannah tried to cover her face frantically.

“N-No. It’s probably because I put too much blush. I’ll remove my makeup now.” However, Emmett did not let go. “Stop this pretense! I know that you and Sydney are not blood-related sisters. Who exactly are you? Were you actually a helper that they sent to replace Sydney since she did not want to marry me?”

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