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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 30 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 30 by desirenovel

What Is The Matter With You Again

“Oh, no problem.” After keeping the dress and accessories away, she turned to Savannah and said, “I’ll call Lily out from the room when we get to the third floor while you sneak in to look for the child. Don’t stay there too long and come out quickly. Dad and mom will be mad at me if they found out.”

Savannah hummed in reply while her eyes were icy. How I wish to take Freddie away from this evil family. However, I must not be rash. To break free from the Averys’ control, I’ll have to endure this. One day, I’ll make them pay! Once she set foot on the third floor, the nightmarish memories flooded her mind.

The Avery residence was built in European style with a spire, while the third floor was an attic used as a utility room before she lived there. She was deemed as an eyesore by the Averys within the first month she stayed with them, so Sean ordered some helpers to clear out the utility room and made it her room.

The room was six to seven square meters, and it was only wide enough for a desk, a small bed and a narrow wardrobe. There weren’t any windows, so it was dark even in the mornings. She might as well stay in the orphanage since it was at least more spacious and bright there. Back then, she felt she was some kind of disease or bug, as they isolated her from the sunlight, and she couldn’t figure out why her family members treated her this way.

Then she started self-loathing, blaming herself for not being capable or likable enough and eventually developing an inferiority complex. It was until she was in jail that realization dawned upon her. She did nothing wrong, while Sydney was the one destroying her relationship with the Averys. Besides, her parents’ vanity kept them from accepting a daughter who lived like a peasant and had nothing that resembled a socialite in the upper society.

So what if I’m their biological daughter?When it comes to fame and putting on airs, blood relations are useless. After figuring it out, she stopped agonizing over her misfortune, as the only thing she had in mind was to live a new life with her child and cut ties with the Avery family when she was released from prison. However, they didn’t let her go and exploited her. It seemed they wanted to squeeze her dry before stopping. I won’t just let it be.

This time, I’ll fight to my death. Sydney went into the room and called out softly to Lily. After whispering in the helper’s ear, she gestured for Savannah to enter. Walking into the small room she used to stay, Savannah looked around the room. It hadn’t changed one bit. Just that the desk and the wardrobe were filled with random stuff. Shutting his eyes, Freddie was sound asleep on the bed. Savannah sat beside the bed, reaching out to caress his face while tears streamed down her cheeks. The child she had been thinking of all these days was now in front of her.

Driven by her longing for the child, she planted a kiss on his face. Caressing Freddie’s hair, she sized up her child. No one combed his hair or give him some new clothes to change into. Plus, he looked skinny. Perhaps they didn’t give him enough food for every meal. Her heart ached at the sight of this while she made up her mind to bring Freddie back to her side as soon as possible and take care of him herself. In the midst of his dreams,

Freddie felt something warm and opened his eyes. Noticing that his Mommy was sitting in front of him, he thought he was still dreaming as he reached out to hug Savannah’s waist tightly. “Mommy, I dreamt of you again…” Only those who have children could understand her feelings and her longing for her child. Staring blankly at Freddie while feeling his embrace, she wiped off her tears silently. Savannah stroke his back gently and said, “Good boy. Mommy will bring you back with me soon.” Freddie was about to fall asleep once again, feeling the warmth of his Mommy and listening to her voice. Releasing his grip on Savannah, he rubbed his eyes and opened them wide, while fighting against the urge to sleep.

He lifted his head before looking at Savannah, and his eyes lit up completely when he jumped from the bed, hugging Savannah’s neck. “I’m not dreaming! Mommy, it’s you. You’re here for me!” Savannah was happy to see her child’s smiles, but her heart ached at his words as she was powerless in protecting her child from the Averys.

She couldn’t take him with her, as she could only look at him, hug him, kiss him… Hugging her child, she kissed his cheeks lovingly. “Yeah. You’re not dreaming, sweetie. Mommy misses you much, so I’m here to see you.” Freddie broke free from her embrace while his eyes flickered with tears. “Mommy’s only here to see me? Are you leaving me here alone again?” Savannah explained, while her heart ached.

“I want to bring you with me, but I have to earn money first. I’ll take you away when I can afford a house.” Freddie shook his head fervently as he sobbed, “No. Please, bring me away with you, Mommy. I don’t want houses and money… I only want to be with Mommy.” Furrowing her brows, Savannah caressed her son’s head. “Sweetie, listen to me. I swear I’ll come for you soon.” However, Freddie wailed, “No… Mommy, please don’t leave me here…

I want to live with you…” Suddenly, the door was opened from outside of the room while Lily dashed into the room and covered Freddie’s mouth with a worried expression. “You mustn’t cry. You mustn’t cry! We’ll be dead if Mr. Avery and Mrs. Avery heard.” Savannah wanted to snatch Freddie from Lily’s arms as she was worried Lily would hurt her son, using so much force in covering Freddie’s mouth. Sydney walked into the room and scolded, “What are you doing? Why did you wake him up and make him cry? You’ll land Lily in deep trouble!” Looking at how her son was suffering,

Savannah couldn’t stand to see him like that and all she wanted was to take him away with her, even if it meant to go to war with the Averys. “He can’t leave my side and wants to stay with me. I don’t care about the Quaker family and I don’t want to be threatened by you guys ever again! I can’t be separated from Freddie…”

Before Savannah could finish her sentence, Sydney slapped her before glaring at her in anger. “You are already married into the Quaker family so what’s the matter with you now? Do you really think you can escape unscathed if you just ditch the Avery family like this?” Freddie struggled to break free from Lily’s grip when he saw Sydney hitting his Mommy. Flailing his hands at Sydney, he yelled, “Don’t you dare bully my Mommy!

” Driven by fury, Sydney raised her hand at Freddie, while Savannah quickly pulled her son into her arms and evaded Sydney’s slaps. Glaring at the wicked woman, Savannah announced, “You and Sean promised me before. If I stay in the Quaker residence and follow your orders, you guys will treat Freddie well.

But I don’t see you guys treating him nicely and you even tried to hit him. I won’t continue to be your puppet since you guys aren’t fulfilling your end of the deal.” Sydney said, “It’s not up to you! The Quaker family will not let you and your child go easily after knowing this is a sham marriage. The Quaker family reigns above all in Lightspring. Do you really think you can run away from them?”

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