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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 29 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 29 by desirenovel

A Soul That Is Hollow

“He’s here. In the room you used to live.” Sydney smirked at the sight of Savannah getting emotional. Savannah turned around immediately, as she wanted to run into the attic on the third floor to see her child. Sydney gripped her arm to stop her from dashing into the house. “You’re thinking of running all the way to the third floor in this state? What if Emmett tells Old Mrs. Quaker about your weird behavior?”

Savannah struggled to break free from her grip. “I don’t care! I want to meet Freddie! What did you guys do to him? Why can’t I hear his voice on the first floor?” “He’s asleep, while Lily’s looking after him. If you want to meet him, I can help you, and Emmett won’t suspect anything.” Sydney tightened her grip on her arm. “You’ll help me?”

The woman didn’t trust her, as she was insincere and cruel. Sydney scanned her outfit and accessories and said, “Yes, but under one condition.” Looking at her in wariness, Savannah ashed, “What is it?” Sydney smirked and demanded, “Give me your dress…” “No way. This outfit belongs to the Quaker family.” Savannah knew Sydney was consumed by greed, and she struggled to escape from the latter’s grasp. Furrowing her brows, Sydney pulled her back.

“Don’t forget that I gave you a dress before. Now take off your dress and give it to me. Just think of it as a return gift and the accessories as interest.” Savannah scoffed, “The dress you gave me?” It was that time when Savannah went to Sydney’s room to try on her dress.After the day she was humiliated by Nina and Sydney, Sydney gave her a chiffon dress, pretending to be kind-hearted and tricked her into forgiving her. Back then, she didn’t expect Sydney to be behind all of this and thought that it was just a coincidence. The most important thing was her mom and Ford didn’t believe her.

I was so naïve to think Sydney was the only one who actually cared for me. Their parents were switched on the day they were born, but this wasn’t Sydney’s fault, as they were both innocent babies. Knowing the history of that chiffon dress, Savannah refused to accept the dress from Sydney, but the latter even faked tears and begged for forgiveness. Savannah had no choice but to accept the dress, but she only kept it at the bottom of the drawer, as she didn’t intend to wear it.

However, this dress set off a conflict between her and Ford. Now that I think about it, Sydney was the one pulling the strings from behind and sowing discord between me and the Averys. I’m the biological daughter, but I’m less than someone with no biological relation to them. How naïve was I to believe such an evil woman as Sydney? Recalling everything in her mind, Savannah wound up asking her directly. “That day, you told me to pick out a dress in your room, and when I called you on my phone, no one answered. Soon, Mom and Ford barged into the room, calling me a thief. Later on, you gave me the chiffon dress, but you told Ford your dress disappeared, guiding him to search my room. In the end, Ford misunderstood me and I tore the dress apart in front of him, so he hates me to death.

These are all parts of your schemes.” Sydney smirked at her. “Wow. You’ve become smart, but there’s no point in guessing everything right, as no one will believe a single thing you say in this house.” Savannah tried to talk some reason into her. “Sydney, you’re so terrible! You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Taking my place and living your life in luxury, you were given a fine education. So why did you become someone so evil? You look glamorous, but your heart is rotten…” Sydney interrupted the woman as she was impatient to listen to her blabbering about the insights. “Give me what I want, and I’ll let you meet the child. Do you want it or not?” Gritting her teeth, Savannah gripped the bracelet on her wrist. “

You can take the dress and the accessories, but not this bracelet. Old Mrs. Quaker asked me to keep it safe for her. If I lose it and get kicked out of the house, Dad won’t be able to get what he wants from her while the entire Avery family may be destroyed. You’ll lose your status and your qualifications to marry into a prominent family.” Sydney’s heart sunk. Savannah knows everything. Does she know about me and Osborn? After hesitating for a few seconds, Sydney said, “Alright. I won’t take the bracelet.” Glaring at the woman who left her on bad terms with the Averys, Savannah asked coldly, .“How do you plan to help me?” “Follow me and think on your feet…” Before Sydney could finish her sentence, a voice came from behind. “You guys are here, too? Are you two quarreling?” Turned out, Ford was leading Emmett to the washroom in the garden when the latter said he wanted to go to the washroom. When they reached the garden, they saw Sydney pulling Savannah’s arm while the latter struggled to break free. It was too far to hear what the women were saying, so Emmett dragged Ford toward them and only heard Sydney say the words “think on your feet.”

He was completely puzzled. They’re at home, so what is there to think on their feet for? Noticing Emmett and Ford appear out of nowhere, Savannah and Sydney were shocked. Sydney reacted fast enough and held Savannah’s arm while smiling at Emmett. “Emmett, we get along well, so there’s no way we’ll quarrel. Savannah said she wanted to go to her room with me to talk about some private matters.” Emmett laughed and said, “You sisters are so close. Alright then. Go ahead with your conversation.” Sydney turned to Ford and smiled. “Ford, are you accompanying Emmett for a stroll in the garden?”

Ford said indifferently, “He wants to go to the washroom. I’m here as a guide.” “Ford, where’s the washroom? Hurry, take me there.” Emmett urged, as if he couldn’t sense anything. Listening to his words, Ford led Emmett away. Savannah knew Emmett was smarter than anyone else, so maybe he found out about something. Sydney looked at Savannah with a smug look and said, “Let’s go. Change your clothes in my room before meeting that child on the third floor.”

To get just one look at Freddie, Savannah lowered her pride and followed Sydney to the second floor. Seeing Sydney was by Savannah’s side, Sean and Nina were relaxed as they deemed Sydney as someone reliable and could prevent any trouble from arising. When they reached Sydney’s room on the second floor,

Savannah took off her dress while the former gave her some basic clothing. Taking the accessories and the dress into her hands, Sydney looked at them over and over again, totally mesmerized by the high purity diamonds on the dress. She caressed the embellishments gently and exclaimed, “

These diamonds are so shiny! Using some of them to make a pair of earrings doesn’t seem to be a bad idea.” Indulging in her greed, the woman looked like she was possessed when she stared at the jewelry. Savannah saw her eyes flickering, but they were void of anything except her greed for luxury goods. As glamorous and pretty as she looked, her soul was hollow. She urged, “I’ve given you what you want, so bring me to Freddie now.”

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