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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 28 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 28 by desirenovel

How Dare You

Emmett broke free from his grip and scratched his head. After thinking for a minute, he asked, “Mr. Sean, what does son-in-law mean? Grandma didn’t teach me about this, but Grandma asked me to bring you some gifts.” Then he turned to the others and said, “And you guys, too. Each of you has a gift.” Savannah quickly instructed the driver to hand everyone their gift.

After receiving their gifts, Sean, Nina and Ford thanked Emmett and commanded the helpers to put them aside, while Sydney was the only one holding on to her gift. Acting like an innocent girl, she asked in a gentle voice. “Emmett, what’s in this box? I’m so eager to know!” Blinking his eyes, Emmett replied, “I don’t know, because Grandma prepared them. Unbox it if you wish to know.”

Sydney felt delighted when she thought of Savannah’s misfortune in marrying a retard. No matter how dazzling Savannah looked in her luxury clothes, she’ll only suffer in the future with a husband this stupid.Just wait until Osborn becomes the new head of the Quaker family.

The difference in our status will be so vast that Savannah won’t even be qualified to become my dog. Her goal was to marry Osborn as he was normal and had the greatest hope of inheriting the Quaker family. Sydney gave Savannah a sweet smile and said, “Savannah, I’ll open it then.” “Go ahead.” Savannah replied swiftly, as she was so disgusted by Sydney acting cute and innocent that she actually wished there was a bomb in the gift box. After opening the box, Sydney hugged the box in delight as she saw a Hermès scarf with a classic design.

“It’s so pretty! I like it.” Emmett chuckled like a child. “Good.” Nina scolded, “That’s enough, Sydney. Don’t behave like a child in front of Savannah and Emmett. Keep the gift now and mind your manners.” Savannah wanted to laugh, as she had gotten used to how Nina sounded like she was reprimanding Sydney, but there was only adoration in her eyes. She could only sigh at how the pretentious b*tch could earn the love of her family.

Ford stayed silent the entire time, but his gaze was on Sydney. Whenever he heard Sydney talking to Emmett, he furrowed his brows slightly. Savannah couldn’t help but take notice of it. It’s still the same, isn’t it? To the Averys, Sydney is their treasure. “Honey, I’m hungry. When can we eat?” Emmett pulled the corner of Savannah’s clothes and swayed his body impatiently.

Sean confirmed Emmett was a retard, as he couldn’t hold a proper conversation with him. To him, Emmett was useless, except that he was doted on by Agatha. Nina grinned and turned to Sean. “Look at you. It’s already lunchtime, yet you have your tea set out. Lunch is more important.” “Alright. Let’s eat.” After replying to his wife, Sean said in a gentle tone as if he was cajoling a child. “Emmett, calm down.

The food is almost ready, and we can eat soon.” Soon, lunch was served as they chattered on. They sat at the same table. Savannah felt suffocated, seeing how fake Sean, Nina, and Sydney were being. Only Ford was as aloof as always, minding his own business and focusing on his food.

Meanwhile, Emmett ate happily, as if he couldn’t sense that the air reeked of fakeness. Savannah didn’t really eat anything. In the past, she wasn’t qualified to sit at the same table with the Averys. Back when she first came to live with the Avery family, she sat at the table with them, but they were disgusted by the way she ate, so they forbade her to eat with them. She had no choice but to eat with the helpers in the kitchen.

Anything was fine, as long as she didn’t go hungry. To show Emmett they were an “ordinary family”, Nina and Sydney kept on giving him food, while Sean smiled at Savannah and said, “Savannah, you’re so skinny. Here, eat more and come back more often.” Savannah hummed in reply indifferently. Sean used her child against her to force her into marrying Emmett, and he used her as a puppet for his motives. So, for her to stay calm and get along with Sean was impossible.

Savannah’s endurance was at its limit, so she couldn’t help but make an excuse to leave for the washroom. Leaving the dining table, she rushed to the helpers’ room she used to live in. Stuffing food into his mouth, Emmett was talking to Nina. However, from the corner of his eye, he noticed that Savannah didn’t go upstairs and exited through the door behind the living room.

He asked casually, “Is my Honey’s room not in this house?” Nina smiled hurriedly and said, “Of course her room is in the house. I bet she thinks it’s more convenient to use the washroom in the garden.” After saying her words, she signaled at Sydney. Sydney got up and followed Savannah after excusing herself from the others.

There was a small garden behind the Avery residence, and of course it was on a much smaller scale compared to the imperial garden in the Quaker residence. There were two figure stones and a few flower beds in the garden. Savannah felt much better outside the house.

The air felt fresher, and she felt like she could breathe again. She wanted to take a stroll in the garden to enjoy the emporary peace she had, but somebody had to come in and disrupt her peace. “Savannah, we’re having fun eating together as a family, so why are you here?” “I’m here for some fresh air.” Knowing that it was Sydney, Savannah was reluctant to turn around to face the woman.

Sydney paced to her front while folding her arms. Since there was no point in pretending, she finally showed her true colors as she stared at Savannah’s outfit. “Shouldn’t you be grateful to me, giving you a good opportunity to become Mrs. Quaker?” Savannah frowned at her shamelessness.

“Wonderful opportunity? If you think it’s great, why don’t you marry him instead? Emmett’s a little stupid, but isn’t that what you wanted? Since you like to manipulate people.” Sydney scoffed, “A little stupid? Are you joking? He’s a complete retard. He can’t even walk and eat properly.

You two suit each other well.” Savannah knew Sydney would definitely regret her decision, but she didn’t want to point it out.

Besides, the woman wouldn’t believe the truth, even if Savannah told her. Suddenly, Sydney reached out and touched the bracelet on Savannah’s wrist. “This bracelet is so pretty. Did Emmett give it to you? It seems you’re able to make him feel good in bed since you’re experienced…” Savannah was done enduring as she reached out and pushed the shameless woman away.

“Don’t touch this bracelet. You’re not worthy!” Sydney’s smile faded away slowly, as never did she think Savannah would insult her like that. She was always the superior one when they stood together. Just because of her identity as Mrs. Quaker, how dare she look down on me and say that I’m unworthy!

Sydney said expressionlessly, “It seems you don’t care about that child anymore now that you have a higher status. Well, you can just forget about him and live as Mrs.

Quaker for the rest of your life.” Savannah’s hands started trembling uncontrollably as her heart ached. “Where’s Freddie? Is he at the Avery residence?”

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