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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 25 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 25 by desirenovel

Are You Scared

Agatha thanked Savannah with a nod and gave Emmett a big hug. She patted his back and said, “It’s okay now. Grandma’s here.” Emmett nodded. Like a little boy, he leaned against Agatha’s shoulder.

Savannah looked at them and wished she had this kind of relationship with her family members. Though he had never gotten to experience love from his parents, he at least still had a grandma who loved him just as much. Savannah, on the other hand, could only depend on herself. She even had to take care of Freddie. Mary brought in the dishes and grinned. “Come and have your dinner. It’ll make you feel better.”

Agatha wrapped her hand around Emmett’s arm. “Oh, Javon told me you went straight to the police department after leaving the hospital. You two must be famished.” Savannah nodded. She did not tell Agatha about the desserts they had earlier. The couple sat by the table and savored all the dishes. Savannah felt bloated.

She returned to her room, looked out of the window, and admired the garden. How she wished she could go for a stroll, but she did not want to disturb Agatha and Mary at this hour. Besides, it would also be scary for her to walk around the pitch-black garden. Aren’t the Quakers rich? Why don’t they install some lamps in the garden? “What are you looking at?” Emmett approached her and asked.

Savannah said in a soft voice, “I think the garden would look great if some lamps are installed along the sidewalk.” “You’re injured, and you should rest early. We can go for a walk when you get better.” Emmett could read her mind. Savannah closed the window, turned around, and looked at him. Not only is he smart, but he’s also observant. What a scary man. “Grandma treats you very well, but why do you still have to put up an act before her? She’ll be happy to know the truth.” Emmett answered icily, “It’s not easy to act dumb.

I have no choice but to win Grandma’s trust first. This is the only way for me to convince the other family members.” That explanation had helped Savannah understand how dangerous it was to live among the Quakers. What happened at Mashion today was just the tip of the iceberg. “Are you afraid of being around me since I’ll put your life at risk?” Emmett asked with a knitted brow. Just before Savannah could answer him, her phone rang. She immediately looked for her phone from her bag. She took out the phone and realized the caller was Sean.

She anxiously took a glance at Emmett and said, “It’s my Dad. I need to take this call in the bathroom.” She then walked away as she was afraid Emmett would overhear her conversation with Sean. Emmett took a few steps forward and stopped her. “It’s your Dad? Why can’t you take the call in front of me?” “Pretty sure my Dad is just going to nag about a lot of things. I don’t want to disturb you.” “It’s fine.

You can talk to him in front of me.” Emmett lowered his head and peeped at her phone. He did not understand why she looked so troubled after receiving Sean’s call. Savannah knew she could not hide away from Emmett, and at the same time, she had to answer the call because she was worried about Freddie. Left with no choice, she answered the call in front of him. Instead of waiting for Sean to initiate the conversation, she quickly said, “Yes, Dad? Emmett and I are going to go to bed soon.

He’s with me now.” Sean immediately understood her hint and started speaking like aloving father, “Hey, how have you been? Is everything okay?” “Everything’s fine, Dad,” Savannah took a glance at Emmett, who was changing at another corner. She knew for sure he was paying attention to their conversation. Sean continued, “That’s great. You and Emmett will come and visit us tomorrow, right? Your Mom has been looking forward to seeing you, and she has started preparing for tomorrow’s meal.

What does Emmett like to eat? We’ll cook for him.” “Emmett is not a picky eater. I have to ask Old Mrs. Quaker if she would allow Emmett to leave the house, though. I think you should wait for my call tomorrow.” Savannah did not want to return to the Avery residence as she believed he had an ulterior motive. She needed an excuse to stay away from them. Sean knew it was inconvenient for her to talk more. “All right then. Your Mom and I will wait for your call then. Sleep early, okay?” “Thanks, Dad. Goodnight.” Savannah heaved a sigh of relief. Emmett looked at her reaction and wondered if she really did talk to her father.

Why does she talk so awkwardly as if she was talking to a stranger? “Your parents want you to go home tomorrow?” Emmett asked. Savannah put down her phone and said, “Yeah. He said I should bring you along, but to save you from the hassle…” “Since they insist, we’ll go,” Emmett said, “Dress nicely tomorrow.” “But…” Savannah was taken aback. “You really don’t have to come with me.”

“It’s fine. I mustn’t be disrespectful. I believe Grandma will agree to this too.” No matter how hard Savannah tried to stop him from going, Emmett was determined to visit her family. As compared to all the rich socialites, Savannah was considerably low profile and always under dressed. Emmett noticed all her clothes were either too plain or looked cheap. Even her accessories were all unflattering.

The Avery family was still considerably wealthy in Lightspring. Even though she might not be the favorite daughter of the family, her parents should by right treat her decently. There were even times when Emmett wondered if Savannah was just a maid of the Avery family. Feeling despondent, she just kept quiet and helped him change. With Emmett around, Savannah would not be able to see Freddie.

If she missed this opportunity, she had no clue when she would get to see him again. When she was about to sleep on the couch, Emmett, who just got out of the shower, went straight to the couch and said, “You take the bed since you’re injured. I won’t touch you, at least for now, so don’t worry.” He then turned to the other side and covered his head with a blanket.

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