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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 23 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 23 by desirenovel

Despicable Beasts

Savannah, who was sitting next to the driver’s seat, looked at him and said, “You seem like a steady driver. And you’ve learned Taekwondo too, right? Why did you act stupid? Are you not tired of living behind a mask?” “I don’t mind,” Emmett said, “Are you tired of playing along with me?” “Nope.” To Savannah, putting up an act in front of everyone was still much more bearable as compared to her three-year jail experience.

Still, she was confused. “Had you lived your life as who you are, I’m sure no one would dare to bully you.” “You’re right. No one would dare to bully me open, but it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t play dirty tricks behind my back. I would have been dead had I not acted dumb.” Savannah did not know how to respond to that. So, the reason he behaved like a fool is to protect himself.

Poor thing. Emmett had lost his mother at a very young age. His father then married a hypocritical woman, who then became his stepmother, not forgetting his evil brother. Savannah could relate to the environment he grew up in, as their fate was somewhat similar. Her father only cared about Madelyn and her daughter, and her own brother did not even treat her as his own sister.

They arrived at the police station and saw the man who tried to attack Emmett. The police had taken his statement, and now he was sitting on the bench and handcuffed, looking despondent. The moment he saw Savannah and Emmett, a fierce glint flashed through his eyes. He stood up and yelled at Emmett, “You people from the Quaker Corporation think I’m a clown? Brooklyn signed a contract with me, and when I gave her all the stocks, she refused to clear the payment.

And now? She decided to terminate the contract and looked for another business partner. What the f*ck is this? You all are wolves in sheep’s clothing! Despicable beasts!” “Sit down! You’re in the police department, so watch your mouth!” A cop slammed the table and warned. Emmett knitted his brows. He took a sidelong glance at the person and ignored him. Savannah finally understood what happened now.

This man once had a business partnership with Mashion when Brooklyn was in power. When Emmett took over the company, Brooklyn and her mother washed their hands off this matter, forcing Emmett to deal with the mess they left behind. No one knew if the mother-daughter duo did this on purpose. The man in glasses was so agitated that the cops had no choice but to pull him out of the office and locked him up.

A middle-aged cop then looked at Savannah and asked, “How’s your injury, Miss?” Savannah did not think much of it and answered directly, “It’s just a minor…” “The cut was deep, and the doctor had to give her quite a few stitches,” Emmett interrupted and said to the cop, “This mad man had assaulted us. My attorney will be here to find out more about this case.” “Yes, I’m sure hedid.” The middle-aged cop nodded in agreement. “You can file a lawsuit against him, but before that, let’s take your statements.” Emmett let out a cold snort and sat down.

Savannah took a glance at Emmett. She actually did not want to sue the man. All she wanted was to clarify the misunderstanding and see if they could solve the problem. It was clear that the bespectacled man only attacked them out of desperation, and he did not seem evil. If they could find out the problem, then perhaps they could lend him a helping hand.

She understood how miserable a person could become when he or she was tipped over the edge. By the time they stepped out of the police department, it was already 7 p.m. Emmett was still discussing with the attorney that Nolan introduced. He wanted to know how to press charges against the assailant and put him behind bars for as many years as possible. The attorney said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Quaker. We have all the witnesses and evidence, and it’s not a complicated case. You don’t even need to attend the hearings.

I’m sure the court will put this man in jail.” “How?” Emmett asked icily. The attorney explained, “He’ll be charged with assault. If convicted, he’ll be sentenced to between three and ten years in prison.” Emmett was not pleased. “Three years? That’s too short.” “That’s the mandatory minimum sentence.” Emmett smirked and said, “It wasn’t just an assault. He even threatened to kill me.” The attorney immediately changed his stance. “That’s attempted murder then. The sentences would then be very different from that of an assault.” “Great. I don’t want to see his again.” “All right. Leave it to me,” the attorney said.

“Hope to hear good news from you soon,” Emmett then held Savannah’s hand and left. Upon hearing their conversation, Savannah’s face turned pallid. She recalled how she was arrested, charged in court, sentenced to prison some three years ago. She subconsciously swung her hand to break free from his grip and almost tripped. “What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?” Emmett was surprised to see how pale her face had become. Savannah shook her head and tried to stay calm.

“I’m fine.” Emmett knew something was amiss. He stepped closer and grabbed her hand. “You were so calm when the mad man assaulted you, and now you panicked?” Savannah did not answer him. She still needed some time to process her thoughts. Emmett pulled her hand walked to the car. “Get in. Let’s talk about this when we get home.” After regaining her composure, she sat on the passenger’s seat and said, “I’m hungry.” “Let’s go home now then. I’m sure Grandma will get Mary to cook for us.” The thought of returning to the dungeon-like Quaker residence gave her anxiety.

“Can we not go back so early?” Emmett, who was about the startthe engine, tilted his head aside and looked at Savannah. She was all curled up as if she was terrified of something. Not only was she disturbed by Osborn, but she was also assaulted.

I guess the last two days had been too much for her. Savannah might be strong and reliable, but she was just a woman, after all. Emmett softened his tone,“Let’s have some dessert first then. I know a shop that sells great frozen yogurt.” Savannah heaved a sigh of relief and did not say anything after that. She looked out of the window and stared at the sharp orange rays that pierced through the gloomy evening sky.

She soon found out that the shop he brought her to was actually tucked away in a hidden corner. After Emmett had parked his car by the street, they walked into a narrow alley. The dessert shop operated its business in an old but newly renovated lot. There were not many customers when they arrived.

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