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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 22 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 22 by desirenovel

Sleep Separately

Before he could react, Emmett toppled onto the ground. He watched in alarm as the knife in the assailant’s hand barely missed him and grazed Savannah’s arm instead. That man didn’t give up. He jumped over the desk and grabbed Emmett by the collar. “It’s all your fault! Brooklyn canceled her deal with us and now our stocks are all stuck in the warehouse! I’ll go bankrupt if I can’t resell them! You’re going down with me!” he screamed hysterically. As the man tried to stab him again, Emmett quickly flipped over and evaded the knife. Seizing the moment, he grabbed onto the man’s wrist and flung him over his shoulders in one swift motion. The man struggled and screamed as Emmett pinned him onto the floor and kicked the knife away.

At this time, some of the staff had returned to the building. They began rushing towards the office when they heard the commotion. Emmett glanced at Savannah’s bleeding arm. “Do you think you can hold him down for a while?” “Yes.” Ignoring her own pain, Savannah hurried over and sat atop the struggling assailant, pressing him down with all her might. A handful of staff and security guards soon arrived, gawking at the shocking scene in front of them. Emmett had retreated to a corner and pretended to tremble in fear.

“Call the police!” Savannah shouted as she felt her strength wear off by the minute. Everything else happened quickly. A few men held the frenzied assailant down while Javon and the others rushed in to tend to the situation. The police came shortly after and took the man away. Javon then drove Emmett and Savannah to the hospital. Savannah was rushed into the surgical ward. She winced in pain as the doctor treated her wound. Meanwhile, Emmett waited outside with Javon who was busy reporting to Agatha over the phone.

He repeatedly reassured the old lady that Emmett was unharmed. Emmett kept his head low as he reminisced on what happened earlier. Remembering how dangerous the incident was, he eventually lost patience and walked into the ward by himself, leaving an unaware Javon behind. The doctor’s voice could be heard just as he stepped into the room. “Your wound is cleaned now, but we’ll have to do three stitches. If you want to avoid visible scars after it heals, it’s best to not use anesthetic.

Can you bear with it just a little more?” “Alright, go ahead. I’m fine with the pain,” Savannah answered and looked away, not wanting to see her gory wound. The doctor was silently impressed by how strong the young woman seemed. He glanced at Emmett who had just entered. “You’re her boyfriend, aren’t you? Come here and hold her. She might jerk in pain when we do the stitching.” “I’m her husband,” Emmett corrected as he placed his hands on Savannah’s uninjured arm. She wasn’t used to such a tender and caring act from him.

“I’m fine, you don’t have to…” she resisted. Before she could finish, he extended a hand towards her mouth. “I’ll lend you this hand. Bite on it as hard as you want when it gets too painful.” The doctor smiled as he prepared the needle and thread. “Aren’t you both a sweet couple? I’m assuming you’re newlyweds.” While speaking, he inserted the needle through her skin in a swift and accurate motion.

Savannah had wanted to explain, but a sharp pain shot through her entire body. She subconsciously grabbed onto Emmett’s wrist with the other hand. Cold droplets of sweat began to form on her forehead as she clenched her teeth and fought against the pain in silence. Emmett nudged his hand against her tightly pursed lips. “Just bite it already! Don’t force yourself. We’ll have to make another round to the dental after this if you chip your teeth.” Savannah almost let out a laugh when the doctor proceeded to make another stitch. As the needle pierced through her flesh once more, she lost hold of herself and instinctively bit into Emmett’s hand in agony.

She had always been afraid of needles as a child back in the orphanage. Each time she had a fever, she would be extremely anxious about being sent to the clinic. There was never anyone who’d stay by her side and comfort her. She had to endure every painful ordeal on her own. It didn’t take long before the doctor was done with the final stitch and dressed the wound. He explained that the injury wasn’t too deep, so the stitches could be removed in half a month’s time. All she was required to do was to take some painkillers and visit again in a few days for a follow-up.

Emmett walked closely beside Savannah as they made their way out of the ward. Javon had gone to the dispensary to retrieve her medication in the meantime. She felt a pang of guilt as she stared at the bleeding bite marks on the back of his hand. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have bitten you no matter how painful it was.” “You saved me earlier. I don’t like owing anyone a favor,” Emmett responded with an indifferent tone. He held up his hand slightly and took a quick glance before continuing, “This is nothing, don’t worry about it. Let me return the favor. Tell me one thing you wish for, whether it’s a luxury item or cash, or anything else.

Whatever it is, I’ll give it to you as long as I can.” Savannah was taken aback slightly. She hadn’t thought of anything when she had pushed him away from the attacker. It was a purely spontaneous act. She found it ridiculous how he could think of settling everything with money and material goods. On the other hand, it wasn’t a bad deal. She smiled and shrugged. “Are you sure you’re fine with any request?” “Yes, as long as it’s something I can give,” he answered, expecting her to ask for a huge sum of money. “In that case…” Savannah lowered her voice. “My request is that you don’t touch me, and we’ll sleep separately every night.

You can take the bed; I’ll sleep on the couch.” Emmett’s gaze turned ice cold at her words. “Now that is something I can’t do,” he let out a somewhat bitter chuckle. “Didn’t you say I can ask for anything that’s within your ability? That is something you can do!” she retorted. “No, I can’t,” he defended. “Don’t tell me there’s still someone else in your heart?” Savannah froze slightly at his cold voice. “It’s not like that,” she said as she lowered her eyes. “Is there anything else you want? Jewelry, cash, anything.” “I’ll think about it and tell you later.” She wasn’t in the least bit interested in his suggestions.

Any form of material goods, no matter how luxurious it may be, was meaningless to her. She was indeed short of cash, but there was nobody to spend on without her child by her side and having married into the Quaker family. Even if there would come a time when she would need it, she’d rather use her own rightfully earned money.

There would be no peace in her heart if she were to ask somebody for cash just like that. She would never ask for more than what she needed either. Besides, the last thing she wanted was to appear even more lowly than she already was in front of Emmett. “

Up to you then.” Emmett couldn’t understand what she was thinking. Was this woman up to something even greedier than he imagined, or was she really that indifferent towards money? Whatever it could be, he really did owe her this time. He’d gladly repay her for it. Javon reappeared shortly and handed the medicine to Savannah. Since the police had requested for their testimony of that incident, he offered to drive them to the police station. “Umm… It’s okay, Mr. Watts,” Emmett said with a hesitant tone and held out a hand. “Give me the car key. I can drive.

You should head back to the company. You have work to do, right?” Javon was reluctant. “Are you sure you can drive? Will Old Mrs. Quaker allow this?” “Don’t worry, he can,” Savannah assured. “He has a driving license, it’s just that he hasn’t driven much. It’s good to let him practice occasionally. I’ll guide him with the directions.” Javon glanced back and forth in between them for a second before handing the key over to Emmett.

“Alright, then. Please be careful, Mr. Quaker. You’ll get better at this the more you practice driving.” “Mmhm.” Emmett nodded obediently. They watched as Javon’s back disappeared into the distance. Without anybody tagging along, Emmett could finally relax and show his normal self again. “Let’s go to the police station. I won’t let that crazy dude go!”

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