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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 21 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 21 by desirenovel

How Is He So Charming

Brooklyn shot a bitter glare at Savannah, assuming that she was the mastermind hiding behind her husband’s shadow. Mashion would surely fall into her hands once she and Emmett took over. What could Emmett do anyway as an intellectually disabled person? It’s only logical that Savannah would be the one to have real power over the company.

Isn’t she just as ravenous as I am? Why else would she marry that Retard if not for his family’s wealth? She reluctantly took the pen from the advisor’s hand and stared at the documents for a few seconds. When she finally signed, she looked up at Javon with a heavy sigh. “There you go. Aren’t you such a loyal watchdog of Old Mrs. Quaker?” Javon ignored her remark and turned towards the advisor instead. “Is everything okay?” The advisor nodded. Javon then looked over at Emmett who was seemingly absorbed in his new toy. “Mr. Quaker, have a look at this. If there’s no issue, you’ll have to sign as well.”

“Oh, okay,” Emmett answered nonchalantly and walked back towards the desk. Just as he proceeded to sign on the papers without even taking a look, Savannah quickly grabbed his wrist. “Wait, Emmett! Let me take a look first. We should check if the accounts are correct before signing.” She then turned to Javon. “Is it really necessary for Emmett to sign right now?” “No, he doesn’t have to. Mr.

Quaker can take his time to check through the figures before signing,” he answered. “Good.” She dragged Emmett over to the desk and sat him down on the chair which Brooklyn used to sit on. “Let’s go through these figures together.” Brooklyn was agitated. “What are you trying to do? Are you suspecting me of tweaking the accounts on purpose?” she snapped. Savannah glanced at her with a smile.

“Why do you say that? I haven’t even accused you of anything. There’s nothing wrong with us going through the documents in detail, right?” “You…” Brooklyn clenched her fists. “Since you’re done signing, there shouldn’t be anything else that needs your attention.” Savannah shifted her eyes back onto the papers. “We’re trying to focus on these right now. You may take your leave.

“Are you kidding me? This is my office!” Brooklyn raised her voice as her frown deepened. “It’s not anymore from now on,” Savannah dismissed plainly. “You may go. We’ll contact you if there’s a need.” Unwilling to admit defeat, Brooklyn folded her arms and looked at Javon, who only smiled apologetically. “Don’t worry, Ms. Brooklyn. I’ve already assigned someone to send you back. You’ll be starting your new position at the factory tomorrow.” Brooklyn glanced around the office. Everyone soon got busy and resumed what they had to do. Not a single person paid her anymore attention.

Though resentful, she had no choice but to leave. Once Brooklyn had disappeared out of the door, Savannah spoke again, “We should reorganize this office according to Emmett’s preferences. Mr. Watts, can you get someone to handle it as soon as possible?” “Of course, Mrs. Quaker,” Javon answered respectfully. She looked out the window again.

The staff they had seen protesting at the entrance earlier were still there, holding their ground persistently albeit under the blazing afternoon sun. “What should we do with these people out there?” “Let me settle that,” Javon replied. “I’ll convince them that the transfer will not affect them in any way. They should calm down and return to their posts after that.” Savannah nodded. “Alright then, I’ll leave that to you.

I’ll stay here and continue studying the accounts with Emmett. He will sign once we confirm that the figures are correct.” “You’re certainly a cautious person, Mrs. Quaker!” Javon commented with a smile and left the office with the advisor.

There was no need for Emmett to keep up his act since they were now alone. He reverted back to his usual sharp and collected expression. From the moment he sat down, he had been quietly studying the documents the whole time despite appearing clueless in front of everyone. He was especially focused on the financial report. In fact, Savannah was the clueless one. All the confidence she had put on earlier in front of Brooklyn was just to piss her off. She never liked how Brooklyn was always so arrogant. She walked over to the couch and sank into it with a sigh of relief, leaving Emmett

to his business while she turned her attention onto her mobile games. Once every few minutes, she would throw him a sidelong glance. For some reason, the way he concentrated on the documents looked so mesmerizing. How is he so charming? I’ve never noticed… As a teenager back then, she had dreamed of one day meeting her fated Prince Charming and living happily ever after, just like any other girl would. Reality was cruel, however. Her naïve desires were long crushed.

She knew clearly that despite being married to the man in front of her, he was never hers to begin with. Their relationship was purely business. Nevertheless, she had always been curious about why Emmett had decided to put up a handicapped facade in front of others. With his charisma and wisdom, he could have easily quelled those in the Quaker family who were against him. Wouldn’t it be better

to just subdue them directly instead of putting up an act? Emmett flipped a pen in between his fingers for a moment as he scanned the figures. All of a sudden, he paused and looked up at her. “You’re actually right. This report does have some problems.” “Oh?” Savannah raised a brow in surprise. She was merely making a wild guess earlier! “I’ll make a note at every flawed section.

Go get the Treasury Department to verify this report later,” he instructed as he made a few quick scribbles. “But there’s no one in the company right now. Everyone’s protesting out there,” she replied. “And do you think the Treasury Department will comply with my requests?” “Mashion now belongs to me. Whoever doesn’t comply shall be fired,” Emmett said coldly.

Savannah felt uncomfortable at his ruthless stance. Just as she was about to reason with him, the door flung open in a sudden. A spectacled man who seemed to be in his thirties came running in and dashed towards Emmett. Savannah felt a sudden shiver when she noticed a faint glimmer from something in his hands. That man had a knife! “Be careful!” Her mind went blank as she sprinted towards Emmett and shoved him aside.

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