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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 20 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 20 by desirenovel

Why Are You Dressed Like THAT

Savannah pushed the door wide open and removed her shades. “Look out there yourself! There’s no one outside, so I came in just like that,” she grinned. At the familiar voice, Brooklyn finally recognized that the fabulous stranger turned out to be Savannah. “Why’re you here? Why are you dressed like THAT?”

Savannah walked towards her with a sly smile and threw a glance out the window. “Would I even be able to come inside if I didn’t dress like this?” she chuckled. “Somebody! Get the security and take her out of here!” Brooklyn shouted in a fluster. But instead of her staff or a security guard, the person who showed up at the door in the next moment was Javon Watts, the Deputy Managing Director. Emmett and a legal advisor followed closely behind as he entered the office.

Javon smiled politely at Savannah. “You’re Mrs. Quaker?” Savannah nodded. She almost returned a smile but held herself back in Emmett’s presence. Someone’s not gonna be happy if I act friendly with another man. Javon walked towards the desk and placed his files down. “Ms. Brooklyn, Mr. Quaker, since you both and our legal advisor are here today, shall we proceed with the handover now?” Emmett stared blankly at the documents that Javon had laid out.

“What’s this, Mr. Watts? There’s a tail behind these black dots. It looks like some kind of weird animal!” Javon didn’t answer but smiled politely at his confused expression. “This isn’t an animal, Emmett,” Savannah replied. “It’s a data analysis.” “Oh…” Emmett responded with an uninterested look. He grabbed an ornament on Brooklyn’s desk and walked off to a corner, toying with it in his hands like a fidgety child. Brooklyn wasn’t going to give in so easily.

All she could do in the meantime was to delay the handover as much as possible. “Mr. Watts, don’t you think this handover is a little rushed? Look at the staff protesting outside. Shouldn’t we do something to alleviate the situation first?” “Old Mrs. Quaker had insisted that we complete the handover today…” Javon glanced out the window with a slight hesitation but quickly proceeded to flip through his files. “It seems like someone within the company had deliberately caused a scene, but it’s alright! These people will eventually calm down when they realize that there’s no retrenchment whatsoever.”

Savannah had just understood what was going on. Why would a protest happen out of the blue if it weren’t for someone pulling the strings behind the scenes? “That’s right,” she agreed. “Old Mrs. Quaker was reminding us about this too when we left the house today.” “You and this Retard…” Brooklyn paused abruptly when she remembered that Javon and the advisor were there. She let out a cough before continuing, “You and Emmett, can you both really handle this company?” “Can’t help it, can we?” Savannah smiled. “This is Old Mrs. Quaker’s orders.

What does it have to do with you after this handover?” Brooklyn flushed red. She had set the whole scene up in hopes of trapping Emmett and Savannah at the main entrance when they arrived at this building. Who would’ve known that the tides would turn against herself so suddenly? “The company has been doing fine all this while! What if you both–” she started. Javon interrupted before she could finish her sentence. “You don’t have to worry about this, Ms. Brooklyn. The rest of us here can assist Mr. Quaker with the management. Old Mrs. Quaker is transferring you to our factory in Tayhaven as the Production Manager. With your capabilities, I’m sure you’ll have no problem supervising the quality control.”

What? Brooklyn widened her eyes in surprise. So that old lady isn’t just trying to remove me from the company… She’s sending me away! She put her cup down with a hard clank against the desk. At this point, she knew she’s utterly cornered. It was Emmett’s mother, Yona Bardsley, who had established Mashion in the beginning. After her death, Agatha took over on behalf of Emmett until when her health began to deteriorate in recent years.

She then asked Brooklyn to stand in as an acting Managing Director. They had agreed that her position in the company was only temporary. It was meant to be handed back to Emmett once he’s married. As for Brooklyn, the old lady had said that it would be good training for her in the meantime. She had just graduated from business school back then, and was happy enough to be given the opportunity to manage a leading fashion company.

However, humans had a natural tendency to be greedy. Before long, she was no longer satisfied with having a temporary stint. With her mother, Clara’s encouragement, she attempted to take over the company. Much to their dismay nonetheless, they were repeatedly hindered by a few of Agatha’s loyal watchdogs. Javon was one of them. The Deputy Managing Director gestured at the legal advisor who then placed the documents in front of Brooklyn. “Ms. Brooklyn, you may sign here,” the advisor said as he handed her a gold ribbed fountain pen.

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