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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 14 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 14 by desirenovel

“Yes… that was what happened…” Osborn replied but thought that something was amiss. Madelyn, however, quickly stopped him, “Osborn! Didn’t you tell me that both of you were drinking together and had a misunderstanding afterward?” “Old Mrs. Quaker, I didn’t drink with him, neither were there any misunderstandings!” Savannah objected. At that time, Madelyn wanted to argue for her son again, but Agatha slammed furiously on the table beside her and pointed at Logan, “Are you daft? Isn’t it obvious enough that who’s the bully here? And yet, you’re still backing them up? You’re blind – blind, I’m telling you!” “Mom, it’s bad enough that you don’t give your own daughter-in-law and grandson the benefit of the doubt.

Instead, you’re trusting someone who just stepped into the Quaker family! Ever since of what happened to Yona, you became ridiculously unreasonable these few years!” Logan said as he held Madelyn’s hand, obviously trying to protect her. Agatha laughed out loud, “Am I the one at fault here? Just look at what you’ve done to your own son and Yona because of this woman!

” Agatha and Logan were about to start a fight when Madelyn kneeled suddenly in front of Agatha. She wept softly and apologized, “Mom, everything’s my fault. I knew Logan since young, and I never cared about a rightful status. If Yona hadn’t passed away unexpectedly, I would never have appeared with Osborn here. I only wanted to stay by Logan’s side and live a quiet life with him.” Logan and Osborn hurried to their feet and went to help Madelyn up.

At the same time, Osborn gave Savannah a death stare filled with hatred. He then raised his voice deliberately and said, “Mom, what are you doing? Please get up. Savannah should be the one on her knees to apologize, not you!” “Madelyn, he’s right. You’re a great person but just a bit of a softie,” Logan sighed and tried to help her up as well. Looking at the three of them, Savannah was lost for words.

Ah… Now I get why they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even a scheming woman like Madelyn can be considered a “softie.” Nonetheless, Agatha saw right through Madelyn and sneered, “Let her kneel. She should have kneeled a long time ago and think about what she has done wrong!” Right that instant,

Emmett had come all the way down the stairs. Because he was jumping, he almost tripped and fell over the last step. Luckily, Savannah was quick to her actions and supported him before he could faceplant the floor. He held her hands instead and laughed like a fool, “Honey, what are you doing here?

I’m so hungry. Why aren’t we eating yet?” Savannah didn’t know how to reply in this situation and could only say, “Just a while more, Hubby. We will start eating soon.” With a nod, Emmett shook her hands off. Then, he ran and kneeled beside Madelyn while smiling and clapping his hands, “Madelyn made a mistake, and she was punished! Hip, hip, hooray! Bring a keyboard over quickly! It will be more fun for Madelyn to kneel on the keyboard!” “Go away, you retard!” Osborn was protecting Madelyn and chased away Emmett curtly with a fierce expression on his face.

Instantly, Agatha stood up and slapped Logan on the back, “Just look at how you’ve been treating Emmett! Who made him kneel on the keyboard? And the way Osborn treats his younger brother! Calling him a retard – how outrageous! I swear, Logan, the Quaker family will soon fall in your hands!”

Logan only wanted to punish Savannah earlier, but he didn’t expect things to turn chaotic. His head thumped in pain as he looked at his currently fuming mother, “Mom, are you planning to hand over the Quaker Corporation to a retard like Emmett? Is this even fair to us – to me? I was the one who had been managing Quaker Corporation all this while, and did we ever suffer any losses? Am I that incomparable to him?” “He’s not a retard! Don’t you forget that Emmett is also your son, and he used to be smarter than everyone before that accident! That was why your father chose him as the inheritor when he was still alive!

” Agatha said. Logan retorted furiously, “Hah! Dad was so sick at the time he couldn’t think straight! He didn’t even consider me, Lincoln, and the rest! Choosing a kid as the inheritor of Quaker Corporation was what’s going to ruin the whole business!” “Your dad knew what he was doing…” “Mom, you haven’t been managing the company for years, so you shouldn’t be worried about it now. All you need to do is take care of your health and get some rest.” Clearly appalled at her eldest son’s behavior, Agatha took a few steps back and gazed at him. She took a deep breath, grabbed Emmett’s hand, and snorted, “

Fine. Since you think I’m old and getting in your way, I won’t bother with your business anymore. But Emmett and Savannah will stay with me from now on, so you three can enjoy your lives here by yourselves!” When Savannah heard that she no longer had to stay in the same mansion as Osborn and the rest, she breathed a sigh of relief. However, Madelyn stood up immediately, trying to stop Agatha from taking away Emmett. “Mom, you are right. After all, Emmett is Logan’s biological son, so he should stay in the main house. Moreover, there are more helpers to take care of him over here.” “

We don’t need that many helpers. I’m his wife, and I can take care of him.” Savannah quickly objected. Making up her mind, Agatha held Emmett’s hand without letting go and pushed Madelyn away, “Get out of the way . I’ll bring my grandson to stay with me.

And don’t you dare to stop me! Emmett, Savannah, let’s go!” Mary, who had witnessed everything, walked in front and even purposely bumped into Madelyn with her hips. Following her, Agatha held Emmett’s hand and left quickly, with Savannah close behind.

It was as if they were escaping from a lion’s den. Meanwhile, Emmett even remembered to wave goodbye foolishly at Logan and the others.

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