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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 13 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 13 by desirenovel

Hearing that, Madelyn quickly pretended to be the mediator in the room. “Now, now… Let’s calm down and talk. We’re a family, after all, so let’s not break the peace!” As soon as she finished talking, her gaze fell upon the emerald green bracelet on Savannah’s wrist. A flame of jealousy started burning insanely within her heart.

Agatha’s emerald jade bracelet was the Quaker family’s heirloom. It was known to be only passed down to the wife of the Quaker family’s head. Even though Logan was the current head of the family, Agatha’s bracelet was not passed down to Madelyn. But instead, it was given to the newly wedded granddaughter-in-law. Osborn was yet to be married, but Agatha had organized Emmett’s wedding and used the bracelet as a token of approval for Emmett’s newlywed wife. It clearly indicated that Agatha could care less about Madelyn and her son. “Pah! She’s no family!” Logan said sternly, “

What a shameless woman! Flirting with Emmett’s brother as soon as she was married into this family! You have to kneel even if you don’t want to. You must apologize!” Knowing that she was in the right, Savannah sneered, “I did nothing wrong. He was the brazen one who tried to take advantage of me. Besides, hitting him on the head with a wine bottle was me going easy on him. If there is a next time, I’ll be sure to make him disabled!” Savannah’s words seemed to startle Madelyn as she quickly stood in front of Osborn to protect him. “Don’t hurt Osborn. He is a good kid. Why would he take advantage of you?

I’m sure it was all a misunderstanding. I’m sorry…” However, Savannah knew it was all just an act. “Madelyn, you’re too kind. How could a youngster like her threaten an elder like you?” Logan looked at Madelyn with gentle eyes and comforted her.

Madelyn then exchanged a glance with Logan with her red-rimmed eyes. Her soft and well-behaved look would make anyone’s heart ache for her. This woman surely is something… She’s even worse than Aunt Clara and Brooklyn! Logan’s gaze became ice-cold when he turned towards Savannah.

Out of rage, he swung his arm across the table, smashing every teacup in sight. Everyone at the scene was in dead silence; Only Savannah’s expression was nonchalant . To her, an elder who could not differentiate between right and wrong was not worth respecting. “Kneel.

Apologize to Madelyn and Osborn now, and I will overlook this matter. Or else, you can pack your things and go back to the Avery family! We, Quakers, won’t allow an uncultured woman like you to be our daughter-in-law! It’s better to call off the marriage!” As soon as Logan finished, Savannah’s expression changed slightly.

She couldn’t have the marriage be called off. Besides, the Avery family should definitely not know about what happened to her at the Quaker family right now. Without a choice, she clenched her teeth and slowly bent her knees. Seeing how Savannah was going to give up, a light smirk flashed upon Madelyn’s face. That’s more like it, you lil’ brat. I hope you know your place in the Quaker family.

You should know that nobody likes hand-me-downs, so you’d better do as you’re told if you want to stay here. “Who was going to call off the marriage without this old lady’s permission?

” When Savannah was about to kneel and apologize, Agatha walked in. “Mom.” “Mom.” “Grandma.” Nobody would have thought that Agatha would appear suddenly. Right then, Logan quickly stood up and gave up the redwood chair to Agatha. Agatha’s helper, Mary, followed behind her. With a grim expression, she sat down and saw the shattered teacups all over the floor.

Then, she spoke coldly, “It’s bad enough that you’re not present at your own son’s wedding. Now that you are back, your daughter-in-law has so respectfully served you tea but accidentally broken a few cups. And you were planning to break off the marriage at your own will?” “Mom, this has nothing to do with the broken cups. Just look at Osborn – she injured him as soon as he came back.

” Logan pointed at Osborn and complained to Agatha. Agatha glanced at Osborn coldly. She couldn’t care less about his injury and looked towards Savannah while asking, “Why did you hit him? It’s never right to use violence.” At the same time, Madelyn was weeping bitterly. “Mom, Osborn’s injury is nothing. This is just a misunderstanding. Logan got angry only because he was worried about Osborn…

” “Shut up.” Agatha did not buy her words and cut her off instantly, “I was asking Savannah, not you, so let her speak.” Previously, Savannah knew that Agatha was the only one who could help her in this matter. However, she couldn’t leave the main house and notify Agatha at her place. But never would she thought that Agatha would come here coincidentally, and now, she didn’t have to throw her dignity out the window to apologize. “Old Mrs. Quaker, it was Osborn who wanted to take advantage of me.

I hurt him by accident as I was trying to protect myself…” “Grandma, she tried to flirt with me first, seeing that Emmett was not at home.” Osborn covered the injury on his forehead and pretended that it was hurting while arguing in front of Agatha. Agatha glanced at both of them and then turned to ask Osborn. “Are you saying that she was the one who initiated everything but hit you on the head to create an even bigger mess out of this? All to wreck her own reputation?”

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