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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 12 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 12 by desirenovel

In the meantime, Savannah was changing her clothes in the spacious dressing room and touching up her makeup. She knew that the matter of injuring Osborn was not done yet. People like Osborn would not let her off the hook that easily. And since Emmett had to act like a fool in front of them, he wouldn’t be of help. Nevertheless, there was no escaping the inevitable – whatever would be, would be. Not long after she got changed, the voice of the helper came from the door,

“Mr. and Mrs. Quaker, Mr. Logan is back. He is asking for you two.” Savannah replied, “Emmett is taking a shower since he just returned from the hospital. He needs to rest. Does Mr. Logan needs us for anything?” “Mr. Quaker doesn’t have to come down. But Mr. Logan had ordered that Mrs. Quaker must meet him.” The helper said curtly across the door. “Alright, I’ll go see him now.” The helper spoke again from the door, “I’ll wait at the door and escort Mrs.

Quaker down.” Savannah was about to refute that she could walk by herself, but she held back. The helper was obviously afraid that she would escape and wouldn’t be able to explain to Logan later. After all, he probably wanted to teach her a lesson. She took a deep breath before opening the door. Then, Savannah followed the forty-year-old helper down the stairs. Just then, Emmett was finished with his shower and had walked out of the bathroom. It just so happened that he heard the conversation between Savannah and the helper, Sally. This woman is really planning to face my father alone.

Well… that was expected from Madelyn and that good-for-nothing Osborn… It doesn’t matter who from the Averys marry into the Quakers. Since Savannah is now my wife, I wouldn’t sit back and do nothing. Emmett took out his phone with a light smile played on his lips and dialled a number. At that moment, Savannah had already reached the lobby. Logan was wearing a dark grey suit, with his hair combed back neatly. He was sitting on a redwood chair like an elegant gentleman.

On the other hand, Madelyn was standing beside Logan. She was wearing a classic violet sheath dress with a fishnet pearl-embedded cardigan. Her appearance and demeanor were matching his, and she appeared gentle and caring. At least, that was what she appeared to be… The wound on Osborn’s head had since been treated and wrapped in gauze. However, he was still glaring at Savannah as if he was about to skin her alive.

Nevertheless, Savannah didn’t care about Osborn and walked in front of Logan graciously. She saw the teapot and cups on the round table beside the chair and poured a cup of tea before passing to Logan respectfully, “Father, please have some tea.”

With a solemn expression, Logan glowered at his daughter-in-law. He then pointed at Osborn and spoke coldly, “Look at what you have done! Do you think you can behave all you want once you are Mrs. Quaker? You uncivilized, vulgar, and uneducated woman!”

“Now, now… Don’t be angry, Logan,” Madelyn smiled gently, “The youngsters had a drink, so it’s inevitable to lose control. I see that the daughter of the Avery family is beautiful. Besides, Osborn is young and spirited, so he might have been a bit too frivolous. I heard that the daughter of the Avery family was raised abroad, so she must be an open-minded person. I’m sure that’s why they had a misunderstanding.”

Savannah was holding the teacup all the while. After hearing Madelyn’s words, she could only feel that Madelyn was indeed not as simple as she portrayed herself to be. It was no wonder that she could be Logan’s legal wife from a mere mistress. Meanwhile, Emmett was forced to pretend dumb. Just like that, Madelyn cleared off Osborn’s guilt with a few words. She had put it in such a way as if Savannah and Osborn were drinking on their own will and did something foolish afterward, but Savannah was the one who regretted and then injured Osborn. The way Madelyn twisted the facts was impressive.

At that, Savannah hurriedly explained, “Father, that was not what happened…” Yet, Logan jumped in before she had the chance to do so. He flung his arms and knocked over the teacup in her hands and bellowed, “Cut this crap! How dare you hurt Osborn as soon as you stepped into this house! How audacious! Now kneel and apologize to Osborn!”

Savannah stood straight and looked at Logan right in the eyes. As expected, he was indeed someone with poor judgment. Is the Quaker family an ancient royal palace? It’s only been, what, two days here, and I’ve been asked to kneel every now and then? Do they think I’m a freakin’ slave? “I did nothing wrong. He is the one at fault, so I will not apologize.”

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