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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 11 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 11 by desirenovel

Savannah stared at the alluring face in front of her with her beautiful wide eyes. Her heartbeat accelerated anxiously. Emmett’s lips curled into a smile. At that moment, his eyes reflected an undetectable trace of danger. “What happened when I was not around?” “Nothing…” “Liar! Am I not enough to satisfy you that you went to flirt with my brother?” Emmett confronted with a deep voice. But for some reason, his imagination ran wild the moment he got close to her.

Savannah hurriedly explained, “I didn’t! This wasn’t what it looked like. It was him… he wanted to… he wanted to molest me!” However, Emmett was still holding on tightly to Savannah, who was slightly struggling. He narrowed his eyes, “Nobody here is going to believe you. Everyone will trust my brother’s words. You flirted with him and injured his head.” “Why would I injure his head when I took the initiative to be ‘flirt’ to him? Is the Quaker family brainless?

They are contradicting themselves.” Savannah stared at him fearlessly, finding this situation funny. Emmett lowered his head and was about to press his lips against her when he suddenly brushed past her lips. He then whispered coldly into her ears, “Everyone here is brainless. The mother and son would twist every truth. Including my father, who would only believe their words.” Savannah gasped as she knew Emmett was right. Looking at Osborn’s arrogant attitude, one could know the status of the mother and son in the Quaker family. Moreover, Logan, the head of the family, would only believe them.

In that case, she would be more than irrefutable. “Now, are you scared?” Emmett raised her chin and spoke ruthlessly, “I can’t help you. You have to take care of your own trouble.” Savannah shoved him away, with her eyes determined, “I know that well. I won’t drag you down.” Ever since she was a child, she thought of relying on her relatives. However, the harsh reality had shown her that people whom one hoped on would be those bringing the most harm instead. She had long believed that she should rely on herself for everything and not count on anyone else.

“That’s great.” Emmett let go of her, and his gaze fell upon the jade bracelet on her left wrist. This was something Grandma had been wearing ever since she married into the Quaker family, something she treasured the most. He loosened his collar and averted his gaze. After a while, he suddenly asked, “I’m curious, what did you use to hit his head?” Savannah had long stopped feeling sorry for herself. She was no longer a weak girl and had experienced more unbearable and desperate situations like this. Thus, even if the sky fell, she would, without a second thought, depend on herself.

“A wine bottle.” “Great, that means you are ruthless.” Emmett could feel her immense strength hiding underneath her slender body. He couldn’t help but showed his face of admiration. Even so, Savannah didn’t notice his expression. With a frown on her face, she was busy thinking of how to face the upcoming storm alone. Emmett, on the other hand, had taken off his top and stopped bothering her. He then entered the bathroom and rinsed himself with some cold water. Wiping off the water droplets on his face, he seemed to have cooled down a little after freshening up.

He stood in front of the mirror and stared at himself. Those well-defined muscles were toned without a hint of fat, and his face… Well, his features were exquisite and charming but remained cold nonetheless, especially in front of a woman. Nolan had brought him to those shady places before and introduced him to different women. However, Emmett wasn’t interested in any of them, except that one time a few years ago. He couldn’t remember how the girl looked like when he woke up.

During the midst of a daze that night, he vaguely had the impression of her fair skin and the delicate scent of that lady. In the morning, the girl beside him was already gone. It was as if everything was just a dream. When the drunk Savannah clung onto his neck last night, that familiar scent wafted into his nose, awakening his senses.

That was why he was not able to control himself. Emmett shook his head unwittingly to think straight. He told himself that everything was a mere hallucination, and everything was to blame by pretending to be dumb all these years. Get a grip on yourself, Emmett. It was purely because you have a wife now, and you can do with her whatever you please. Not because of what happened before… Soon after that, he turned around and walked towards the shower. Turning on the water tap, he let the cold water run over his well-built body continuously.

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