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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2090

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2090

“Lily, your daddy is busy with work and can’t leave for the time being. Your mommy is helping your daddy too. When they are done, they will come together to take you home.“

Fabian explained patiently with a gentle smile on his handsome face.

Lillian blinked. She seemed to understand what Fabian was saying, and she did not call out for her mom and dad anymore.

However, Fabian’s heartbeat sank inexplicably. “ Lily, when your parents come back to pick you up, do you really want to go home with them?“

It was unknown if Lillian understood the expectation and dissatisfaction in Fabian’s eyes because she stretched out her small palm and gently held Fabian’s hand.

Upon feeling the warmth from the little cutie’s palm in his, a subtle sweetness seemed to instantly fill Fabian’s heart.

He rolled up Lillian’s sleeves and saw the unfading red spots on her skin, then he furrowed his brows tightly.

Shirley just came out at this moment, so Fabian took Lillian’s little hand and then slowly stood up.

“Miss Brown, how’s the progress? When will the red spots on Lily’s skin disappear?“

Shirley frowned and spoke guiltily.

“I want to develop an antidote as soon as possible too, but I still need more time.“

Fabian was naturally dissatisfied with this answer, but he had no choice. Thus, he just glanced at the cutie next to him distressingly.

“If these red dots don’t disappear, will there be anything more serious happening next?“

“I can only say that this possibility has not been ruled out. “ Shirley felt helpless. “It was just a whim when I developed this, so there weren’t any clinical trials for it. I can only call it a semi-completed product, and I can only tell you that it is possible that there will be pathological changes.“

“Pathological changes?“ Fabian’s eyes widened. “ You can’t let that happen! You have to develop an antidote as soon as possible. Lily is so young, and she has already suffered a lot. I don’t want her to suffer anymore.“

Upon hearing Fabian’s words, a smile appeared on Shirley’s solemn face.

“You’re so good to this child.“

Fabian was taken aback when he heard that, but he did not avoid it. “Lily is the only family I have in this world that allows me to see the light and feel warm.“


“Yes, to me, she’s family, “ Fabian explained, despite not having any blood relations with Lillian.

However, in his heart, Lillian was the most special and most important person to him in this world right now.

“Don’t worry, I will do my best to help Lily recover as soon as possible, “ Shirley promised. She then looked at her surroundings. “I haven’t seen Eveline for the entire day. Where is she?“

Fabian looked at Lillian with concern when Shirley asked him about Madeline. He then asked the maid to take Lillian upstairs.

Once Lilian had returned to her room, Fabian finally voiced the concerns in his heart.

“She might be in trouble too.“

“What? You mean Eveline’s in trouble too?“

Fabian nodded and told Shirley his conversation with Madeline not long ago.

“Miss Brown, I suspect Carter has abducted Eveline. Since you have a close relationship with Carter, I think you’re the only one who can save Eveline and Jeremy now.“

“Carter again? “ Shirley felt troubled too. She also could not explain why Carter was still so stubborn until now.

Perhaps it was useless no matter what she said to him. He was already obsessed with this.

“Miss Brown, would you be willing to help? If this continues, I’m worried that something bad will happen to Jeremy and Eveline. I don’t want anything to happen to them. I don’t want Lily to be an orphan.“

Shirley nodded understandingly. “I can try to contact Carter now.” As she spoke, she was about to grab the landline on the coffee table when the landline rang by itself.

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