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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2087

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2087

Madeline tightly grabbed onto Jeremy’s hand, feeling the unusually low temperature of his palm.

The thought of Jeremy might have been soaking in the water for two days instantly made Madeline feel as if a thousand knives slit her heart.

When Jeremy saw that Madeline’s eyes were reddening and bordering on tears, Jeremy quickly tried to comfort her. “Linnie, don’t be sad. I’m fine.“

“You’re fine? How can you be fine? You’ve been trapped in such a place for two days. How can you be fine?“ Madeline’s voice trembled. She tried to pull Jeremy up with her strength, but it was too difficult.

She looked around and found some stairs that could be lowered in the corner of the pool, so she hurriedly got up and ran over.

“Linnie.“ Jeremy saw Madeline’s intentions, but he did not think Carter would let him out so smoothly.

“Linnie, why did you come in here? You need to leave now. Carter will take action against you.“

Jeremy persuaded her despite knowing very well that Madeline would never listen to his persuasion.

“Jeremy, it’ll be over soon. I’ll lower the stairs so you can come up.“ Madeline ran to the corner of the pool. When she was about to lower the stairs, Carter came behind her.

“Eveline, do you think I asked you to come in to see Jeremy so you can take him away?“

Madeline felt a shadow towering over her as Carter’s voice came from behind her.

“Linnie, run! “ Jeremy reminded her nervously again and again. At the same time, he warned Carter, “ Carter, it’s me you want. Don’t touch my wife! “

Jeremy warned, moving quickly towards Madeline’s direction.

However, being trapped here for the past two days had sapped his strength, and soaking in the water for so long had also numbed his legs. Too eager to go to Madeline, he suddenly felt a cramp in his legs, the pain of which caused him to suddenly stop in his tracks.

Noticing Jeremy’s discomfort, Madeline’s heart trembled. “What’s wrong, Jeremy?“

Jeremy quickly calmed Madeline’s emotions. “I’m fine. I’ve been soaking in the water for too long, so my legs are a little numb.“

He endured the pain and gave Madeline a relaxed smile. However, his eyes changed.

“Linnie, listen to me. Leave now, I’ll be fine.“

“Jeremy, how are you so confident that you’ll be fine?“ Carter sneered. Suddenly, he stretched out his hand to pull Madeline up.

When Jeremy saw this, his gaze darkened. “Carter, let go of Linnie! “

Carter sneered. He ignored the pain in his shoulder and violently grabbed Madeline’s wrist. “She really is the person you care about the most.“

He said and looked at Madeline, who glared at him coolly and did not show any weakness at all.

“I know that when you came in with me, you prepared for the worst, Eveline. I really admire a woman like you, so I’ll grant you your wish and allow you to stay with your favorite man.“

After Carter finished speaking, his eyes suddenly turned dark and he turned his somber gaze to Jeremy, who was extremely worried.

“Jeremy, I’ll give you your favorite woman now. Catch.“

Jeremy’s heart trembled when he heard the words. For an instant, he was confused.

“Carter, what are you doing?“

“Hmph.“ Carter smirked evilly and suddenly shoved Madeline toward the pool.

“Linnie! “ Jeremy’s heart seemed to jump out of his throat in that instant. When he saw Madeline losing her balance from being pushed into the pool and he ignored all his discomfort and stretched out his arms to catch Madeline.

Madeline would never imagine that Carter would be so insane.

After losing her balance from the push, she thought she would plunge into the water, but Jeremy did not let this happen.

Although he was very tired, he still caught Madeline firmly.

When Carter saw this, a knowing smile appeared on his face.

”It seems that you should be quite satisfied now. At least, if you can’t be born on the same day, you can die on the same day, am I right? Hmph.”

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