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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2085

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2085

“A basement?“ After a moment of confusion, Fabian gradually understood what Madeline meant. “ Eveline, do you suspect that Jeremy is still in the old house belonging to the Stygian Johnson Gang?“

“Yes, “ Madeline replied without hesitation. “Carter asked Jeremy to meet him here and Carter was also here at that time, so I have reason to believe that Jeremy must be there too.“

Upon hearing what Madeline said, Fabian suddenly felt that it was reasonable, but he could not think of any hiding place in the Stygian Johnson Gang house.

Maybe there was, but he did not know it.

After thinking about it carefully, Yorick’s transactions back then had been very risky. Therefore, he might have had set up a few hiding places in the Stygian Johnson Gang house to facilitate absconding or hiding.“

“Eveline, so are you at the house now?“ Fabian asked worriedly. “I heard Carter ran away from the hospital. So, if you are there, you have to be careful.“

After hearing what Fabian said, Madeline’s heart suddenly became more vigilant.

Fabian was right. Carter had escaped from the hospital. It was very likely that he would go to Jeremy as soon as possible in his condition.

If Jeremy was here as she had guessed, then Carter might be around here too.

Just when Madeline thought so, she heard familiar footsteps approaching her from behind.

Of course, she knew very well that those footsteps were not Jeremy, but…

Madeline turned around suddenly, and Carter’s somber and cold face suddenly appeared in the line of sight of her clear pupils.

The sight of Carter at this moment seemed to relax Madeline’s heart; she was convinced that she was right about this.

“It seems that Jeremy is really here.“

Carter’s approaching footsteps slowly stopped. He stood less than a meter away from Madeline, a cold and arrogant smile on his slightly pale face.

“How did you guess that Jeremy must be here?“ Carter asked, seemingly interested in knowing Madeline’s thoughts.

“Do you know what telepathy is?“ Madeline said speciously, her eyes were full of contempt and indifference as she looked at Carter.

“Carter, someone like you will never know that feeling.“

Madeline was deliberately irritating Carter. When Carter furrowed his eyebrows, it was clear that he was really dissatisfied by what Madeline had said.

He thought of Shirley and her current attitude. He could not accept Shirley’s current disregard for him, let alone this so-called telepathy.

When she saw that Carter’s expression was gradually turning unpleasant, Madeline felt a bit joyful in her heart.

“Carter, now that we’ve reached this point, are you still insisting that you are not wrong?“

“I don’t need you to judge whether I’m right or wrong, and I don’t care what anyone thinks of me.“ Carter remained proudly insistent on his opinions.

“So, it doesn’t matter how Shirley sees you?“ Madeline asked in turn.

Carter frowned and his gaze darkened. “Eveline, don’t try to distract me with Shirley. Let’s get back on topic. Do you want to know where Jeremy is?“

“Isn’t that nonsense? Of course, I want to know where my husband is, but will you tell me?“ Madeline was anxious and worried about Jeremy, but on the surface, she appeared to be calm and composed.

Carter looked at Madeline with admiration. Suddenly, he displayed a sly smile.

“Of course, I will tell you.“

Carter’s words surprised Madeline quite a bit.

However, from Carter’s ill-intentioned smile, Madeline knew that Carter must have his purpose in saying so.

“Will you really tell me where Jeremy is?“ “I will take you to see him now.“

After Carter finished speaking coldly, he turned around.

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