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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2084

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2084

Jeremy noticed this, and from Carter’s haggard and pale face, Jeremy also figured that Carter was probably injured.

However, Jeremy did not know how he got injured.

Regardless, when Carter had spoken, Jeremy started to think something was amiss.

Somehow, Jeremy suddenly remembered the words he and Madeline had discussed.

He still remembered what Madeline had said at the time. “Jeremy, I think Carter might’ve had something to do with Ryan’s death.“

Jeremy thought silently, but he did not show the suspicion and confusion in his heart on his face.

When Carter saw that Jeremy was silent, the smug smile on his face grew bigger.

“Are you confused? Do you think it’s strange?“ Carter asked with a smile. He then continued, “ Jeremy, I can also tell you that I provoked your relationship with Fabian and made him mistakenly think that you guys caused the death of his brother and sister. So, that’s why he suddenly hated you and Eveline.

“I thought Fabian could vent my anger for me, but I didn’t expect that the kid would actually spoil your daughter like a little princess even though he said he resented you two. How interesting.“

Carter said this meaningfully. He then glanced at Jeremy’s legs again.

“How is it? It’s winter, so your legs must be freezing and numb in the pool, aren’t they? Soon, you might lose all feeling in them. Then, the lights in your world will go off. Uh-huh. If that’s the case, then I ‘ll tell you one more thing you have not expected…“

“Jeremy! “

Suddenly, Madeline’s voice came from outside the prison.

Originally, Jeremy and Carter could not hear Madeline because the door of the underground prison was very soundproof, but at this moment, the iron door was open, so they could hear Madeline

very clearly as she called out from the above ground.

Jeremy’s heart was beating faster, and a word escaped naturally from his thin lips. “Linnie.“

Carter frowned slightly, seemingly dissatisfied. He did not understand how Madeline could come here at this time.

To prevent Jeremy from calling out to her, Carter hurriedly turned around.

This huge movement affected the wound on his leg and shoulder. The tearing pain made him inhale sharply.

Jeremy noticed the change in Carter’s expression

and guessed that Carter’s injury might not be minor. “Jeremy, are you here? Can you hear me? Jeremy! “

Madeline called out again. Carter could not care about his injury at this time. He endured the pain and walked to the door to pull the iron door shut.

As the door closed, Carter heard Jeremy yell out, “


He was fortunate because if he was a second later, Madeline might not hear him.

Madeline felt restless when she read Jeremy’s memo.

As she recalled how Carter had appeared that time, she still felt that Jeremy should be around here somewhere.

Since Jeremy had come to see Carter and since Carter had been here at that time, then Jeremy should not be far from here.

As Madeline searched, she called out to Jeremy. Although she had searched this place before, this time, she was even more careful in her search.

After looking around, she suddenly stopped and called Fabian hurriedly.

Fabian was very worried after Madeline ran out. When he received a call from Madeline, he heard Madeline ask him hurriedly before he could say anything, “Fabian, do you know if there’s any secret hiding place or a basement in the Stygian Johnson Gang’s place?“

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