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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2081

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2081

The man looked at the empty hospital bed in astonishment. He could not believe what he was seeing.

He immediately ran to the windowsill with a panic expression and saw that the window was open.

Moreover, there were a few obvious footprints on the windowsill outside.

This was the fifth floor. Carter had actually jumped down from such a height!

Panicking, the man immediately called his superiors.

Madeline and Shirley shared a look and walked out of the room together.

Not long after, Madeline pushed Shirley directly toward below the room from just now.

There were indeed traces of someone stepping on the flowerbed. As such, they were basically certain that Carter had climbed down from the fifth floor and escaped.

He had been shot twice, and the wounds on his arm and leg were pretty severe, but he was still able to escape like this while under surveillance. Madeline could not help but sigh.

“His stamina has always been good, but I didn’t expect him to be able to do what he wants under such circumstances.“

Shirley sighed and the smile on her lips became more sarcastic.

“Why can’t he just turn back?“

By now, Madeline had no hope for Carter.

She frowned and slowly opened her lips. “Everyone will go on different paths, but I guess Carter wants to go this way. He doesn’t want to look back because he just wants to achieve his own goals.“

After listening to Madeline’s words, Shirley’s eyes were filled with despair.

She closed her eyes and lost all hope.

In fact, her heart was already dead, but she had not reconciled, so she still struggled on the brink of death. However, she had finally given up now.

Madeline immediately called Fabian, hoping that he could help find Carter’s whereabouts.

She would only know where Jeremy was after she found Carter.

However, the whole day passed without any news.

Carter seemed to have evaporated from the hospital because he was not seen in any of the footage of the surveillance cameras.

Madeline could not wrap her head around this. Could Carter do magic?

However, this was of course impossible. He must have avoided surveillance by some other means.

It was very likely that he was on his way to Jeremy now.

If nothing bad had happened to Jeremy, then Carter would definitely get rid of Jeremy before something happened to him.

When she thought about this, Madeline felt as if her heart had been set on fire. Her heart felt so anxious and painful.

“Jeremy, where on earth are you?”

Distressed, Madeline fidgeted with Jeremy’s phone and ring restlessly.

At this moment, Lillian walked to her side. The little cutie called out to her, but Madeline, too focused on missing Jeremy, did not hear her.

When the little cutie tugged on her skirt, Madeline finally came back to her senses.

“Lily.” She squatted apologetically and held the little cutie’s hand. “Lily, what’s wrong? Do you feel unwell? Where does it hurt? Tell me.”

Lillian shook her little head and said one word to Madeline. “Daddy.”


She missed her daddy.

Her daddy had held her two days ago and played with her so lovingly and warmly, but suddenly, her daddy was gone.

When Madeline heard Lily say that, she felt even more uneasy. At the same time, she was also feeling distressed.

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