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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2077

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2077

Heartbroken, Shirley called out to Carter, and then with some force, she overturned the wheelchair and fell on Carter’s body.

Upon seeing this, Madeline ran to Shirley’s side immediately, trying to help her up.

“Shirley, you should get up first.“

“No, I won’t get up! “ Shirley stubbornly hugged Carter’s arm tightly.

“His life won’t be in danger, Shirley. You have to take care of your body, “ Madeline comforted.

However, Shirley still did not let go. She cried and shook her head. The unconscious Carter was the only person she could see right now.

“Eveline, we don’t feel about this in the same way. You won’t care even if he dies, but I do.“

“I care about it too! “ Madeline emphasized.

Shirley was stunned when she heard this. She looked at Madeline with suspicion and saw the solemn expression on Madeline’s face.

“Carter hid Jeremy somewhere and I want to know where Jeremy is. So, just like you, I hope Carter won’t be in danger.“

After hearing this, Shirley seemed to be much calmer.

The men armed with guns from one side came over at this moment. Expression absent from the faces, they carried Carter and  then placed him into a car.

After that, Madeline and Fabian helped Shirley back into the wheelchair.

Shirley wanted to go into the same car as Carter, but those people did not let Shirley get in the car.

She suddenly wondered if she had been in the wrong for calling those people from St. Piaf’s to arrest Carter.

No, she had not been wrong.

If she had not done this, Carter would only keep on making mistakes again, and he would never be able to restart his life again then.

At least, now he still had a chance to change.

Madeline could not find Jeremy, so she and Fabian could only take Shirley back to the villa.

Shirley told Madeline that she had used the phone Madeline gave her to notify the authorities in St. Piaf while Carter was not paying attention.

The authorities there had been worried that they could not catch Carter. As such, when they received Shirley’s report, they sent people to catch Carter overnight.

Carter had been oblivious of everything.

“I really don’t want to see him continue to be so obsessed with this.“ In the end, Shirley sighed, tears glistening in her eyes.

Madeline could fully understand Shirley’s feelings, but she was also anxious to know where Jeremy was.

“Shirley, do you know where Carter might be hiding Jeremy?“

Shirley shook her head slightly. “I only know he’d go out today, but I don’t know who he had an appointment with.“

When she saw that Shirley had no idea as well, Madeline had no other ideas, but she quickly passed the paper Carter had given her to Shirley and explained the situation. At the same time, she called out to Lillian, who was sitting and playing next to Fabian.

After hearing what Madeline said and seeing the small red rashes on Lillian’s arm, a look of loneliness and regret surged in Shirley’s eyes.

“I shou1d’ve asked the people from St. Piaf to send someone to arrest Carter sooner so that he wouldn’t have had a chance to move against your daughter.“

Shirley said helplessly, her eyes full of guilt.

“I can’t blame Carter fully for this since I was the one who developed this test reagent.“

“Why did you develop such a harmful thing?“ Fabian asked in dissatisfaction.

“What’s your relationship with Carter? Why was this thing you developed in Carter’s hands? You were actually colluding with him, weren’t you?“

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