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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2076

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2076

“Am I right? You want to die with me.“

Shirley looked forward indifferently. The cold wind blew over, and she suddenly smiled.

“Yeah, I’m tired of living for a while now. If you want to die, take me with you. I really miss my mom and dad, and Addy…“

Carter’s eyes sank when he heard Shirley’s words. His Adam’s apple moved slightly; it seemed that it was a sob. “Okay.“

He opened his lips and uttered a single word.

“Then, let’s go to hell together.“

He said those words of despair and tightened his hand on Shirley’s neck.

Indifferent, Shirley allowed Carter’s palm to tighten more and more, then she slowly closed her eyes.

“Carter, let Shirley go!“ Madeline tried to stop Carter, but Fabian held her back.

“It’s dangerous! Don’t go there! He’s a lunatic.“ “But I can’t just stand by and watch…“


Before Madeline could finish speaking, she suddenly heard the loud sound of a gunshot.

Her eyes were met with a glaring sight of red blood.

Carter had been shot.

His arm that held Shirley’s throat had been shot, and blood was seeping through his coat.

Shirley had not expected those people to shoot.

Although Carter had committed crimes, he was still a royalty of St. Piaf. Even if they carne to arrest him, they still had to ensure Carter’s safety, yet they had fired.

Carter quickly released his palm that held Shirley. In reality, he had never really thought about strangling Shirley like this. Never.

Shirley was stunned for several seconds before she could react, then, at this moment, another bullet hit Carter in the leg.

Shirley’s eyes turned red instantly. “Carter! “

She involuntarily called out Carter’s name and stopped those people.

“Stop shooting! Don’t shoot anymore! “ Her eyes were red as she commanded.

“Have you forgotten who Carter is? He must return to St. Piaf unharmed! That’s your mission! “

Shirley roared out, tears escaping her eyes like pearls on a broken string.

Her legs were weak, and she could not move, but she still relied on the strength of her body to quickly help Carter.

“Carter, you must hold on. Your life won’t be in danger. I’ll ask them to take you to the hospital immediately!”

Shirley wanted to help Carter leave as she spoke, but Carter seemed to have some difficulties in walking.

When he saw the messy tears on Shirley’s face,

Carter suddenly felt that the two shots were worth it. “It’s been a while.”

Carter smiled and sighed self-deprecatingly.

He raised his slightly trembling palms and touched Shirley’s face.

However, when his fingers were about to touch Shirley’s cheeks, his palms suddenly stiffened in the air.

“Carter?” Shirley looked at Carter, who was increasingly pale, in shock.

Suddenly, Carter, seemingly drained of all strength, fell to the ground. “Carter? Carter! “

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