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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2067

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2067

The person walked over purposefully, and it seemed that he knew them.

Madeline then quickly realized that this man knew Evan.

He respectfully gave Evan a polite smile before facing Madeline and Jeremy.

“Are you Mr. and Mrs. Whitman?“ the man asked politely.

Madeline and Jeremy nodded. “And you are?“

“He is Fab’s assistant, “ Evan said, answering for the man.

“Fabian’s assistant?“ Madeline wondered, then it was as if she gradually understood something. “Is Fabian not coming?“

The man smiled and nodded. “Mr. Johnson suddenly has something important to deal with, so he can’t leave for the time being. He asked me to bring Miss Lily’s things over, and they’re all in the car. Could I trouble Mr. and Mrs. Whitman to follow me and take them?“

After listening to the man’s explanation, Madeline and Jeremy also understood. They then led Lillian out of the coffee shop together.

As they moved the things, Evan stood by and called out to the assistant Fabian had sent.

“Fab doesn’t have something important to deal with, he just doesn’t want to come, isn’t that right?“ Evan asked directly.

This assistant also knew that Fabian and Evan had a very close relationship, so he nodded and confessed without concealing anything. The man also changed his tone and stopped addressing Fabian as Mr.

Johnson in disaffection. “Young Master Johnson is reluctant to leave Miss Lily. He didn’t have the courage to say goodbye, so that’s why he asked me to come.“

“I can’t believe this. “ Evan sighed with a smile. “I didn’t expect Fabian to fall for this little girl.“

When the assistant heard this, he hurriedly explained, “Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Evan, Young Master Johnson doesn’t have any strange feelings for Miss Lily. Miss Lily is really likable, and I’m also fond of her. I’m reluctant for her to leave too.“

Upon hearing the assistant’s nervous explanation, Evan just smiled without arguing.

Madeline and Jeremy quickly moved Lillian’s things into suitcases next to them, filling up a total of three twenty-four-inch suitcases.

“It’s all the clothes Miss Lily usually wears and her toys, “ the assistant explained the situation as he stepped forward. He then brought a black box with very high-quality packaging from the passenger seat.

“This is something Mr. Johnson asked me to give Miss Lily.“

As he said that, he handed the box to Madeline. Madeline took it and found the box a little heavy. She did not know what was inside, and instead of

opening it, she just smiled and thanked him.

“Well, I wish you three a safe flight. I ‘ll go back and report to Mr. Johnson first.“

“Thank you,“ Jeremy also thanked him. The man smiled and left soon after.

Evan also walked up to Lillian at this time before squatting slowly.

“Lily.“ There was a serious smile on his unruly face. “ I’ll see you next time, then. You must listen to your mommy and daddy. Fab and I will wait for you to come to play in F Country again.“

Evan smiled and raised his hand to gently tap Lillian’s little nose. He then stood up and spoke to Madeline and Jeremy.

“I’ll be leaving too, then. I ‘ll see you next time if I have the chance.“

Madeline thought about stopping Evan to say something, but when she moved her pink lips, she did not know what to say.

She spaced out for a few seconds, and when she lowered her eyes, she saw that her baby princess was also standing in a daze.

Lily looked in the direction where Evan was driving away and blinked. It seemed as if she was thinking about something.

“Linnie, let’s go back to the hotel first.“ Jeremy walked to her side. “You should take Lily up first. I’ll carry these suitcases.“

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