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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2065

Fabian’s expression seemed momentarily dazed when Jeremy asked him that question.

Was this really the real reason? No. Perhaps not.

He was still a little selfish.

However, this selfishness could not be described with words accurately.

What could be summed up was that he was reluctant for Lillian to leave him.

Regardless, what qualifications did he have to say that he was unwilling?

This little cutie was originally the gem of Jeremy and Madeline, and she had her own home.

When Madeline saw that Fabian was absentminded and silent, she broke the silence.

“Fabian, Jeremy and I both know that you love and care for Lily sincerely. But our family members are very worried, and they’ve also missed her since she’s been taken away by you for so long. I can understand how you feel, and I hope you can understand how we feel as parents too.“

Madeline persuaded. At this moment, she was still siding with Jeremy.

He wanted to take his daughter home, and it was only normal for him to want that.

Although she felt that she might not be able to take care of Lillian wholeheartedly and meticulously, after thinking about it, as a mother, why should she not take care of the little princess herself?

Fabian spoke lightly after listening to Madeline’s words.

“I’ll head back to pack Lily’s things now. By the way, I’ve asked Evan to come out. He knows Lily’s physical condition best. So, you can find out more about it from him.“

After he finished speaking, he glanced at Lillian who was grinning ignorantly. He then felt as if some treasure in his heart had been dug away.

“Lily, you should be a good girl and stay with your mommy and daddy. I ‘ll come to play with you in a while.“ After Fabian said that, he got up to leave.

He neither tried to detain Lilian nor force Lillian to stay; instead, he was unexpectedly calm and compromising.

Madeline and Jeremy looked at each other and saw Fabian had turned around.

However, as soon as Fabian turned around, Lillian also jumped off the sofa.

She then followed behind Fabian and took his hand.

Fabian paused, feeling the warm and familiar touch o n the palm of his hand. He felt his heart warming up and then he squatted.

“Lily, be a good girl. I’ll be back soon.“

Fabian raised his hand to touch Lillian’s head, but upon seeing the short hair that had just grown under her white hat, his hand stopped in the air and then quietly retracted.

Lillian saw Fabian’s gesture and blinked as if she did not understand what was going on.

“Okay, go back to Mommy and Daddy. Be good.” Fabian smiled warmly.

Lillian initially wanted to follow Fabian, but when she heard Fabian asking her to return to her parents, the twinkle in Lillian’s eyes gradually dimmed.

Fabian got up and left while Lillian stood there, blinking her clear eyes until Fabian’s figure was out of sight.


Madeline walked to Lillian’s side and asked with a loving smile.

“Lily, do you want to go back with Fab?”

Lillian looked in the direction Fabian was leaving and lightly nodded her little head.

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