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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2064

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2064

At the sight of the gradually approaching cute little figure, the corners of Fabian’s lips also slowly turned into an arc of joy.

When Lillian ran up to him, Fabian knelt down and gently took Lillian’s little hand.

“Lily, it’s great that you’re fine.“ He inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. The sight of that the little cutie being safe and sound finally eased the anxious feeling he had for the past few days.

However, when he remembered that Madeline and Jeremy would be taking Lillian home, his heart seemed to sink back into the bottom of the sea.

Lillian seemed to sense that Fabian’s worry for her the past few days, so she approached Fabian, raised her hands to hug Fabian gently, and then snuggled into Fabian’s arms very affectionately for a moment.

Fabian raised his hand and touched Lillian’s little head; his eyes filled with genuine concern.

Jeremy watched this scene and a feeling of jealousy inexplicably surged into his heart.

It seemed that he was jealous. Of course, as a father, when he thought that one day in the future, he would be handing his daughter to another man, he suddenly felt a bitter taste in his heart.

However, the little princess would grow up someday, and someday, she would have her own family, but this person should not be Fabian, should it?

At this inexplicable thought, Jeremy suddenly came back to his senses. He took a closer look at Fabian’s eyes as he looked at Lillian. His eyes were actually very pure, and there was nothing complicated in them. It was just a big brother’s love and care for his little sister.

Fabian hugged Lillian for a while before reluctantly releasing his hands.

“Lily, let’s go to your mommy and daddy, “ Fabian said softly. He then took Lillian’s hand and led her to where Madeline and Jeremy were sitting.

He naturally picked Lillian up to sit down beside him. Meanwhile, Lillian was also very comfortable sitting beside Fabian. She looked up at Fabian from time to time, smiling cutely.

Madeline and Jeremy saw everything.

“How did you rescue Lily from Carter?“ Fabian asked curiously.

Madeline elaborated on the earlier situation, and she felt quite emotional. “It’s all thanks to Shirley. She helped me in rescuing Lily smoothly. Even though Carter wouldn’t do anything to Shirley, I feel that Shirley seems very pessimistic.“

Having said that, Madeline could not help but worry about Shirley.

Jeremy could see through Madeline’s thoughts, so he held her hand. “Don’t worry, I don’t think Carter will let anything happen to Shirley no matter what.“

Madeline smiled knowingly, and when she was about to say something, she heard Fabian ask.

“Have you decided to take Lily back to Glendale?“

“Lily is Linnie and my daughter. Is there any problem with us taking her home with us?“ Jeremy asked in a cold tone. “When you took Lily away from the hospital, it was considered a violation of the law. Just because Linnie and I did not pursue it, it doesn’t mean that you weren’t in the wrong.“

Jeremy finished saying that with a cold expression. Suddenly, his eyes became warmer.

“But Fabian, I should thank you for taking Lily away and giving her such meticulous care.“

Fabian had not expected Jeremy to change from accusing him to thanking him quickly.

At that moment, Fabian did not know what to say to reply to Jeremy’s gratitude, so he said nothing, and instead, he lowered his eyes to look at Lillian who was smiling softly and cutely at him.

When he looked at that smile that was as warm as the sun, Fabian pondered for a while and conveyed his thoughts.

“I want to continue keeping Lily with me. My friend Evan is a professional pediatrician, and he specializes in leukemia. It’ll be beneficial to Lily’s recovery if she stays here.“

After Jeremy heard that, he nodded thoughtfully and then lifted his sharp deep eyes.

“Do you really feel that way? Is this the real reason why you want my daughter to stay here?“

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