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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1858

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1858

Elsewhere, Carter was driving speedily back to his villa.

In hurried steps, Carter, drenched in the rain, rushed into the living room with the unconscious Shirley in his arms.

Camille and Ada, who were in the living room, were shocked when they saw Carter returned while carrying an unconscious and soaking wet Shirley.

“How did she turn out like this?” Camille, whose eyes were filled with concern, immediately instructed the maid, “Get Dr. Lane here immediately!”

The maid then carried out the order hurriedly.

While Ada stood at one side, watching the worried- looking Carter as he carried Shirley upstairs,

Camille followed Carter.

When Ada saw how worried they were for Shirley, anger rose in Ada’s chest, yet a smile appeared on her face.

She could see with her eyes, of course, so she knew that Shirley had gone out in the rain.

Judging from how wet Shirley was, she must have been in the rain for a very long time. Additionally, with Adam and Cathy’s deaths, Ada was certain that Shirley would not be able to keep the child in her stomach.

After Carter had carried Shirley back to the room, he swiftly found some clean clothes for Shirley and personally changed her clothes.

Camille was sick with worry at the side. “ She ran into the rain? How long was she in the rain? Did she forget that she’s a pregnant woman now?”

Pregnant woman.

For some reason, these two words sounded abnormally ear-piercing to Carter because he remembered what Shirley had said not long ago.

“Carter, the child in my womb never had a chance to come into this world.”

As her words repeated in Carter’s ears, he felt a chill down his spine.

Before long, Dr. Lane arrived.

He gave Shirley a basic checkup, and he immediately checked the baby in Shirley’s womb.

However, Carter’s expression was dark. “I want to know what’s wrong with her.”

Dr. Lane understood what Carter meant, so he gave Shirley another examination, but he did not find anything abnormal.

In truth, Carter knew Dr. Lane would not find out what was wrong with Shirley.

No one would know that Shirley had a poison called AXP6g inside of her. It was a poison she had developed, and this poison had now reached its final stage, bringing her an endless torment.

Carter, unable to continue to think any further, suddenly turned around and walked out of the room.

“Carter, where are you going?” Camille wanted to stop Carter, but he seemed to have made up his mind.

Ada was about to come over to check up on Shirley when she happened to see Carter walking out of Shirley’s room.

“Carty, Shir…” Ada’s lips parted to greet Carter, but Carter walked directly past her, seemingly not to have even noticed her presence.

Carter’s treatment made Ada feel as if she was air, and that infuriated her. However, she did not know toward whom she could displace her frustration, so she could only head in to see Shirley as Ada was still fuming.

Carter dashed into the underground laboratory.

He examined some of the data on the desk Shirley had been working on before, then walked to the refrigerator.

After entering the passcode of the refrigerator, he looked all over and did not find what he was looking for.

In truth, he knew very well that it was not here.

That particular ingredient inside the anti- toxoid test reagent for AXP6G was exclusive to St. Piaf and extremely rare.

Carter could not understand why Shirley wanted to hand the anti-toxoid test reagent she developed to Jeremy.

‘She must have gone insane. She’s insane!’

Carter’s rage was beginning to erupt when a maid ran hurriedly to the laboratory entrance.

“Mr. Carter, Miss Shirley Brown is awake.”

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