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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1852

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1852

Shirley’s heartbeat trembled as she grasped the anti-toxoid test reagent in her hand.

She was not aware that Madeline and Jeremy were not in Glendale. All she wanted to do now was deliver the anti-toxoid test reagent that could clear the poison in Madeline’s body.

She knew, however, that Madeline and Jeremy would have difficulty trusting her.

They trusted Adam and Cathy, but now… ‘Addy, I was wrong.

‘I already knew earlier that I was wrong.

‘But I lacked the courage to admit my mistake.

‘And you did not even give me a chance to apologize. ‘Addy.


‘I know that your greatest hope was for me to hand over the anti-toxoid test reagent to Eveline.

‘Don’t worry. I won’t let you down again.’

Shirley held the anti-toxoid test reagent tightly and hid it in her sleeve. The rain continued to pour as she remained motionless.

Jeremy had just gotten off the plane with Madeline. They were getting into the car, ready to head home, when Jeremy pulled out his mobile phone to find several missed calls, all from Karen.

Karen would rarely make that many calls to him on a normal day. The number of missed calls now made Jeremy feel that something was wrong.

He immediately called Karen back, who picked up the phone quickly.

Knowing that Jeremy had just gotten off the plane, Karen immediately asked, “Have you found Lily? Have you brought her back with you?”

Recalling what Fabian had said, Jeremy pondered for a while before he replied, “Lily didn’t return with us. But don’t worry, her physical condition is stable. I’ve temporarily entrusted Lily to a friend because there are better doctors over there with better medical facilities.”

When Karen heard his reply, she was relieved.

Jeremy glanced over at Madeline, who was leaning against him, still unconscious all this time, and his heart clenched tightly.

He did not know how to explain Madeline’s situation to his family, so they could only  go back to their new house for the time being.

He did not want the family’s elderly to see Madeline in her current state since it would only worry them further.

As he considered this, he received a photo from Karen, who then explained, “Jeremy, this woman— she claims to be Shirley—has been at our door for over an hour. Take a look at the photo. Is she really that nasty woman Shirley?”

Jeremy enlarged the photo for a closer look. It was a rainy night, but there were street lights by the gate.

Although Shirley was soaking wet under the rain, looking extremely flustered, her facial features were clearly distinct.

Furthermore, the scar on her face, as well as the fact that she was in a wheelchair, proved that it was indeed Shirley.

Jeremy was guessing the reason for Shirley’s appearance at the gate of Whitman Manor when he heard Karen providing more information.

“I don’t know if this woman is telling the truth, but she said she wants to give you a vial of anti-toxoid test reagent.”

“Anti-toxoid test reagent?”

“Yes, that’s what she said. An anti-toxoid test reagent for something about AXP6g.”


“Yes, it’s AXP6g. That’s what she said,” Karen confirmed.

“I understand. I’ll be there right away.”

Jeremy disconnected the call as soon as he had finished speaking. At the same time, he ordered his chauffeur to turn around and head toward the Whitman Manor.

The rain was still pouring when his car arrived at the manor. Jeremy glanced through his car window and spotted Shirley, who was waiting at the gate.

He told his chauffeur to drive the car into the garage while he made his way to Shirley with an umbrella.

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