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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1850

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1850

Ada let out a sigh of resignation.

“Carter, I know I tend to be willful and wayward, but I’m not that heartless and cold-blooded. You should go and comfort Ms. Brown. She must be feeling especially…”

Without waiting for Ada to finish her sentence, Carter left her and walked straight to Shirley.

Carter glanced sideways at the charred house which had been burnt down to its frame. His eyebrows drew tight as the burning smell hit his nostrils.

He walked up to Shirley, lowered his body slightly, and was about to speak when Shirley raised a hand unexpectedly and slapped him.

Carter was dumbfounded. His face remained sideways, seemingly did not react, and he stood motionless.

Ada and the servants nearby had witnessed the entire scene, and all of them were shocked.

Carter held the position as the honorable Viscount of St. Piaf; he carried with him the blood of royalty.

Ever since he was a child, who would have dared to move a single strand of his hair?

Presently, this woman who was seated in a wheelchair had actually dared to hit Carter, and she had hit Carter’s face.

Carter’s face was so delicate that even touching it was considered blasphemy, let alone hitting it.

However, these were no longer within Shirley’s consideration. Ever since she got over him, she had no intention of becoming his pawn ever again, always cautious around him—an obedient pawn who carried out his every order without dignity or self-esteem.

Shirley’s eyes were red as she glared at Carter, who wore a dark expression on his face.

“You killed my brother and Cathy. I’ll make certain that you’ll pay for this, Carter Gray!”

Shirley bitterly spat out every word through gritted teeth, expressing her determination.

Carter turned his face over, frowning as he met Shirley’s gaze which burned with hostility and rage.

“What do their deaths have anything to do with me? Shirley, has the excessive sadness affected your brain?”

“Do you really have nothing to do with it? Carter, how can you act like it’s none of your business?

Would this have happened if you hadn’t brought Adam and Cathy here? Would they have died in the fire if you hadn’t confined them to this house?! “

Shirley’s questioning and reproach left Carter momentarily speechless, unable to refute.

Everyone thought Carter would fly into a terrible rage. Ada was also looking forward to it. However, they only witnessed Carter’s kind tone as he explained.

“There’s something very wrong about this fire. It’s definitely arson. I’ll investigate it thoroughly.”

“It was certainly the result of a human act, and you are the murderer,” Shirley said furiously, glaring at him. She turned her wheelchair around suddenly and headed for the main door.

Carter was left in a daze after being scolded and accused by Shirley.

When he noticed that the servants were looking at him, his gaze darkened, and before he spoke, the servants avoided his gaze in a hurry.

Ada took this opportunity to leave with everyone else in case Carter noticed anything was amiss.

Carter walked over to the burnt ruins after everyone had left. He could not believe this was an accident.

A thought also came to his mind at that moment. Now that Adam was dead, there would be no one who could heal Shirley’s face and legs.

With a grave expression and a foul mood, he went back into the house.

He immediately went to look for Shirley but discovered that she was not in her room.

He asked all the servants, but they neither saw nor knew where she had gone after she left the scene earlier.

Carter had been suppressing his anger all this while, but he was unable to hold it in for much longer.

As he was about to go out in search of Shirley, Ada ran over frantically.

“Carter, this is bad.”

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