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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1849

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1849

Ada was merely looking for an excuse to bring Shirley over to Adam and Cathy’s place.

Unexpectedly, Shirley had initiated the visit instead.

Ada was secretly delighted but pretended to be in a tough spot.

Shirley, you saw how it went last time. I brought you to look for your brother, and Carter found out about it. I don’t intend to break Carter’s order again.

“But Carter had also asked you to respect all of my needs while taking care of me. I’d like to see my brother right now. Are you able to refuse me?”

In response to those words, Ada feigned a look of dissatisfaction, pretending to compromise with a conflicted expression.

“Then you better have a conscience, Shirley. If Carter comes home and discovers that I brought you to see your brother, you must explain to him that you compelled me to take you.”

Shirley, unaware that this was part of Ada’s strategy to avoid being implicated, simply replied, ” Sure. I’ll accept full responsibility.”

“Remember your words,” Ada reminded. She snickered to herself as she pushed Shirley’s wheelchair.

Although the small house and the garden were not far apart, it would take a minute or two to walk there.

On the way, Shirley noticed a pungent burning odor that seemed to be getting nearer.

Just as she was wondering what was burning, Ada let out a startled cry behind her.

“Why are there flames ahead?”

Shirley followed Ada’s gaze when she heard her.

Under the illumination of the street lights, they could see that it was no mere fire—thick billows of smoke drifted up into the sky.

A sudden realization struck Shirley. “That’s where Adam and Cathy are staying now!”

She moved her wheelchair along quickly as she spoke. When she arrived, however, the modern- looking  structure  was  already  engulfed  in flames.

Shirley widened her eyes in disbelief. “Adam! Cathy!

She yelled out in the direction of the house but there was no response.

Shirley, unbothered by the danger, sped forward, wanting to go inside when her wheelchair hit something hard, and she suddenly lost her balance.

Shirley fell heavily onto the ground with a loud thud.

She struggled to stand up, but there was no strength or sensation in her legs.

Shirley watched the flames continue to burn and grow, her eyes turning red as if they were on fire themselves.

“Addy! Addy!”

Clutching her trembling hands, she shouted for Adam repeatedly.


Shirley was at a loss as to what to do. She could only watch as the fire slowly burned the house, disintegrating all the hopes she had in her eyes.

“Someone! Put out the fire! Quickly” Ada pretended to shout for the servants’ help.

When the servants heard her, they rushed over in

shock, then immediately retrieved fire extinguishers and called the fire department.

Carter and Camille had been returning home together. Their car had barely approached the villa’s gate when they saw a fire truck parked at the main entrance.

Carter told his chauffeur to speed up. As soon as he stepped out of the car, he ran toward the commotion.

From a distance, he saw a dispirited Shirley seated in her wheelchair as if her soul had been drained.

When Carter intended to head over to understand the situation, he saw the medical staff passing by, carrying two stretchers.

The two stretchers clearly had two people lying on them, but they were both covered with a white cloth.

In the crowd, Ada, noticing Carter’s return, immediately put on a frightened expression and ran over to him with tears in her eyes.

“Carter, it was terrifying just now. I have no idea what started this fire to start all of the sudden. I called for help as soon as I discovered it, but it was already too late…”

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