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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1848

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1848

She had done all that because she felt that Carter cared for Shirley. She realized that Shirley was a threat to her, so she paid someone to kidnap Shirley, who was locked up at Jeremy’s old villa at the time.

Using Madeline’s name, Ada had ruined Shirley’s face and injured her leg. Consequently, Shirley had been hit by a car in her attempt to escape, which led to her disabled legs.

The whole thing began because of her jealousy!

“Just you wait, Adam. You’re as annoying as your sister Shirley! ” Ada warned furiously, the humiliation she felt fuelling her rage.

“Soon, I’ll also have you know the price you’d paid in defying me!”

“Don’t try to validate your presence here. We have no time to defy you. You’re the one who keeps

finding fault with us,” Adam retorted coldly, leaving Ada no room to argue.

Ada had originally come by to vent her anger at Shirley’s brother Adam since Ada could not blatantly direct it at Shirley. However, she had not expected to be angered further.

At the sight of Adam and Cathy ignoring her, Ada gritted her teeth and glared at them irately.

“Just you wait!”

Ada uttered, then turned around and stomped out irritably.

Feeling worried, Cathy glanced outside. “Adam, something feels off. Is that woman planning to do something to us?”

Adam looked coldly in the direction where Ada had gone before turning sideways to face Cathy.

“You’re right, she gave me an odd feeling as well. But don’t worry. Whatever happens, I’ll protect you.

Adam smiled slightly as he made her a sincere promise.

Cathy smiled knowingly. She knew that Adam would certainly protect her even without a promise.

Nevertheless, her mind was awhirl with thoughts. The fact that Carter truly cared for Shirley certainly meant he would not harm them; he certainly would not condone any outrageous behavior from Ada in his villa either.

However, although Cathy and Adam were accurate in their speculations, they had underestimated how vicious Ada and her mother could be.

After her confrontation with Cathy and Adam, the enraged Ada returned to her room.

She had been keeping a close eye on the clock all this time. Finally, it was time for Carter and Camille to leave the house.

She knew that the villa was equipped with plenty of surveillance cameras. Over the past two days, she had paid close attention to them so that she could essentially avoid them, allowing her to commit her perfect crime.

The ideal time, however, was after dark. It would be the most appropriate time to begin her plan. Ada had also decided to make Shirley her best time witness.

Shirley had stayed in the laboratory for the entire day. As night fell, she finally obtained a satisfactory result.

As she eyed the icy blue liquid  in the  transparent vial, a smile of relief gradually appeared on her face.

She sealed the anti-toxoid test reagent properly,

placed it into her pocket, and left the laboratory.

As soon as she exited the laboratory entrance, Shirley saw Ada waiting by the door.

Ada seemed impatient. Evidently, she had given in to Shirley only because of Carter.                  

Shirley, not giving it much thought now, allowed Ada to push her into the living room.

“Where’s Carter now?” Shirley did not want to delay a single second. She was eager to get the anti- toxoid test reagent out.

Indifferent, Ada rolled her eyes. “Carter went out.” ‘Carter had gone out?’

Shirley thought that this could be her chance.

“Then hurry up and take me to my brother’s place.”

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