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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1847

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1847

The anomaly in Ada went unnoticed by Shirley, whose thoughts were focused on developing the anti

-toxoid test reagent within the shortest amount of time possible. At this moment, Shirley was dedicated to her experiments, ensuring that the outcome was safe and effective.

Adam and Cathy had stayed at the Gray Villa for several days now. Their movements were restricted to the small house where they lived.

Despite having all of their daily needs provided appropriately, they did not feel comfortable.

Adam’s only thought was to get Shirley out of this place. He was worried about Shirley’s condition.

Furthermore, he also confirmed his discovery that Carter posed a certain degree of danger.

At this moment, a servant delivered their breakfast, and Adam learned from the servant that Carter was scheduled to go out later.

It seemed to be a good opportunity to Adam, but Cathy was somewhat hesitant.

“Actually, Adam, your sister had intended to stay back then to work on the anti-toxoid test reagent. Even if you decided to take her now, I’m not sure she’ll be willing to go.”

Adam’s expression was solemn. “If she stays here, something’s bound to happen sooner or later.”

“What do you mean by that?” Cathy did not quite understand. “It seems to me that Carter cares a lot about your sister. Are you worried about that woman named Ada instead?”

“Yes, her.”

Adam answered honestly, beset by worry.

“Shirley turned out like this now because of that woman, and Carter has done nothing about it.

Doesn’t that suggest his tacit approval for Ada harming Shirley? I don’t trust Carter, and I cannot allow Shirley to have a ticking time bomb by her side.”

As soon as Adam’s voice fell away, the transparent glass door in front of them swung open.

The person who walked in was none other than Ada. Adam clenched his fists at the sight of Ada.

Cathy, worried that Adam would act out of anger, tried to dismiss Ada quickly.

“What are you doing here? You’re not welcome here. We don’t want to see such a venomously evil woman like you either.”

Ada chuckled disapprovingly at Cathy’s words.

Prancing her way to the sofa, Ada sat down ostentatiously as the hostess. She then threw a glance at Cathy and spoke in a sarcastic tone.

“The things you’ve said are truly ridiculous. I’m married to Carter, which makes me the family’s official hostess. The entire villa is mine, and I can g o anywhere I like. Who are the two of you, as outsiders, to interfere?”

“Oh, I see.” Cathy went along with Ada’s words. ” Well, the noble Mrs. Gray, since you put it that way, please let us two outsiders out of your house immediately so as not to taint your lofty facade.”

.” Ada, momentarily stunned by those words, was about to speak again when Adam scoffed.

Ada’s face darkened as she glared at Adam with extreme displeasure. “What are you laughing at?”

“Hah.” Adam’s scornful gaze fell on Ada’s  face.  ” I’m laughing at Cathy’s innocence. She doesn’t realize that you’re nothing more than a title

without the actual authority attached to the position of Mrs. Gray.”

Ada’s expression fell. “Adam, you…”

“Could it be that I’m mistaken? You understand better than anyone else that Carter has never taken you seriously. Just like air, you are transparent in his eyes.”

“If Carter had even the slightest affection for you, my sister wouldn’t be here today.”

“Stop speaking nonsense!” Ada stood up furiously. “Carter doesn’t care about that shameless sister of yours. It was Shirley, that vile woman, who seduced Carter! “

“You’re the one spewing nonsense, you cruel, vile woman! Ask yourself, why you did those things to Shirley? It’s because you felt threatened by her, and the reason you feel that way lies in the depth of your heart!”

“You…” Ada’s face flushed with anger at Adam’s words.

Adam was right. What he said was all true!

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