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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1845

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1845

When Shirley heard Carter asking reprovingly, a tinge of temper in his tone, she slowly laid down the anti-toxoid test reagent and steered her wheelchair toward the washbasin.

Minding her own business, she washed her hands, then donned a mask and a pair of gloves, and finally returned to the laboratory table before responding to Carter nonchalantly.

“Mr. Gray, I’d like to start working now. Please leave.”

Shirley’s indifference upset Carter greatly. However, at the thought of the development of the anti-toxoid test reagent could not be delayed, he complied with Shirley’s request.

Naturally, he would not leave Shirley completely unattended in the laboratory.

The moment he stepped outside, he activated the monitoring software on his phone so that he could monitor every movement in the laboratory.

Shirley, however, did not do anything suspicious.

She carried out the tasks she had in mind seriously.

Carter frowned unwittingly. His gaze lingered on his phone screen for a while before he finally looked away.

Looking up, he saw Camille walking toward him.

“Carter, there’s something I’d like to discuss with you,” Camille said with a stern expression.

Carter could roughly guess what Camille wanted to discuss with him. He portrayed an indifferent mannerism as he followed Camille into the living room and sat on the sofa.

“Do you wish to discuss Shirley?” Carter asked directly.

As for Ada, who had been following Carter’s every move, her ears perked up when she heard this. She was carefully crouching behind the wall and listening intently when Camille spoke.

“Carter, what do you have in mind? What are your plans for Shirley? I know it’s still quite a while before she gives birth, but it’s really not that far off. The child should not be labeled illegitimate at birth.

“My child will certainly not be illegitimate. I’ll find a suitable opportunity to give him legal status.”


Ada’s nails crunched into the diatom mud wall upon hearing this.

‘Does he really intend to give Shirley a legal status?’

‘There can only be one person who could hold the position of Mrs. Gray and Viscountess.’

‘If Carter offers Shirley the official title, my would be in jeopardy! ‘

At the thought of this, Ada was not only unsettled but also enraged.

“How will you deal with Ada then? The Logan family may not be quite as influential as the Gray family in St. Piaf, but if they were to blow this issue out of proportion, it could affect your reputation to some extent, ” Camille considered this point.

Carter pondered for a moment, then replied, “I never took that woman seriously. If it wasn’t to ensure that the matter proceeded smoothly, I wouldn’t have agreed to marry a woman like her.”

He spoke indifferently, contempt and arrogance permeating from his dark eyes.

“If the Logan family believes they can affect me by stirring trouble with us, let them. I never do anything I’m uncertain of.”

“That’s great, ” Camille breathed a sigh of relief but frowned once again. “Shirley’s face is disfigured now, and I worry she might feel depressed about it. I t won’t be good for a pregnant woman.

“Further, she’s only a few weeks into her pregnancy. In the coming months, her physical state will worsen.

“A pregnant woman being confined to a permanent sedentary lifestyle might experience adverse effects on both her well-being and the health of the baby in her womb.”

Camille shared her thoughts worriedly.

Ada felt a little more at ease after hearing this. She would be glad if Shirley could not keep well.

In the next second, however, she heard Carter’s unhurried response. “Don’t worry, her legs and face will heal soon.”

Camille’s face lit up with joy. “Is that true? Can her face and legs really recover?”

Carter confirmed with a nod. “It may not be possible if it was anyone else, but it can be done if it’s Shirley’s brother.”

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