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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1839

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1839

A surprised look flashed on Carter’s face when he heard Adam’s words, but it disappeared as quickly.

Carter smiled and, in a voice tinged with mockery, responded, “It appears that Dr. Brown doesn’t merely sit in the clinic and conduct experiments; he also studies other people’s private matters.”

“I’m completely uninterested in your private matters. I just happened to come across some unethical matters by chance and paid some attention to them.”

Carter smiled faintly, but this time, his smile did not reach his eyes.

Ten minutes later, the car pulled into the Gray Manor.

Adam got out of the car and rushed toward the hallway with Cathy following him closely.

While Adam felt anxious at that moment, Cathy was feeling uneasy and guilty as well.

Perhaps she should not have allowed Shirley to stay back the other day. If anything happened to Shirley,

she could hardly avoid the blame.

However, when Cathy and Adam hastily barged into the hallway, they were surprised to find Shirley leisurely seated on the sofa, enjoying desserts.

There were even two servants looking after her.

This scene was completely different from what they had imagined based on Carter’s words.

Shirley was equally surprised to see Cathy and Adam.

As Shirley opened her mouth to ask what was happening, she saw Carter casually strolling in behind Adam.

“Are you happy to see your brother?” Carter asked idly as he stepped further into the hallway. “You hardly see each other. Let’s sit down and talk.”

Adam calmly eyed Carter, whose expression was cold and proud, and walked up directly to Shirley.

“Come home with me.”

As he spoke, he reached out for the wheelchair beside him, intending to bring Shirley out of this place.

“Adam, I brought you here so the both of you can catch up, and yet, you think you can take her away?”

Carter spoke with implication, his eyebrows slightly raised.

Cathy looked at the bodyguards stationed at the entrance and immediately understood what Carter meant.

If Adam were to take Shirley away by force, these bodyguards would not hesitate to use violence against them.

Adam also knew what Carter was implying, but he did not care.

Adam pushed the wheelchair over, intending to carry Shirley from the sofa, but she pushed him away and deliberately spoke coldly.

“Adam, what are you doing here? I was very clear on the written note that I left you. I don’t want to see you again. I left to avoid you. Why have you come looking for me?”

Adam furrowed his eyebrows, looking impatient. ” Don’t waste everybody’s time. Just come home when I say so.”

“….” Shirley had not expected Adam to be so unyielding this time. While she was distracted, Adam carried her up and directly placed her into the wheelchair.

“Cathy, let’s go.”

Adam pushed the wheelchair decisively.

Shirley could sense Adam’s determination, but she knew that she could not leave now.

Carter, who was watching the scene unfold, appeared to be sitting calmly in the same spot. With a look of his eyes, though, he signaled for the bodyguards to take action.

Shirley saw Carter’s gaze and immediately pressed the button on her wheelchair, forcing it to a stop.

“Cathy, take him away right now!” Shirley could only ask Cathy for help.

Cathy was of the same thought, but before she could say anything, she heard Adam’s adamant words.

“No matter what, I’m bringing you home today. “

“There’s really no doubt that these two are siblings. They share the same stubborn personality,” Carter said jokingly. He stood up, then gave another signal to the bodyguards.

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