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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1837

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1837

At the sight of Carter, Ada’s face paled, and she closed her mouth in panic.

Carter’s deep, cold eyes swept over Ada’s face before settling on Shirley’s.

“You’re awake.”

Indifferent, Shirley chuckled. “Mr. Gray, you have a good sight. You’re right. I’m awake.”

“….” Carter, aware that Shirley was deliberately mocking him, was not interested in arguing  with her.

“Since you’re awake, get out of bed. We’ll be going to the hospital for a full examination shortly.”

After speaking, Carter threw a glance at Ada and left.

Ada knew that Carter was reminding her to attend to Shirley’s needs as Shirley got out of bed.

Shirley had not noticed Carter’s look at Ada, but she did feel that Ada’s attitude had improved after Carter left.

Ada had even assigned a servant to bathe Shirley and change her clothes. In the end, Ada even smiled when asking Shirley for her breakfast preference.

While she found all this rather odd, Shirley accepted it nonchalantly.

After breakfast, Shirley sat in Carter’s seven-seater car.

The chauffeur sat behind the wheel while Shirley sat in the compartment behind, and Carter beside her.

Shirley had initially expected to feel nervous and uneasy. After going through all the confrontations in the past two days, however, she felt unexpectedly calm.

While Shirley was at peace, Carter could not feel the same way.

He stared at Shirley’s side profile, looking at the flawless, perfect side of her face.

Carter felt a sudden sense of unfamiliarity. In the past, Shirley had always worn makeup. Although the makeup had been light, every time they met, her face had been charmingly beautiful and captivating.

Now, however, she appeared to have reverted to simplicity; there was no trace of makeup on her face.

The warm spring sun poured in from the car window, showering the side of Shirley’s face in a light layer of gold-colored mesh.

She looked like a quiet and peaceful girl, pure and untainted.

At that moment, Carter suddenly saw a version of Shirley that he had never seen before.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Shirley maintained a calm demeanor. She was also very docile, following Carter around for a complete physical examination.

Shirley had initially thought that Carter mainly wanted to conduct a checkup on the baby in her womb, but that was not the case.

He had scheduled appointments with either dermatologists or orthopedics; they were evidently here for her face and legs.

However, after visiting several hospitals, none of the doctors were able to help.

The knife wound on Shirley’s face was too deep, and her legs were even more difficult to treat.

Basically, she had no chance of standing up again.

As they emerged from the final specialist hospital, Carter’s face appeared immensely depressed.

He looked at Shirley who seemed unconcerned, as if nothing bothered her.

Carter, unable to resist, finally decided to ask, ” Shirley, aren’t you worried at all? Are you planning to live this way forever?”

Shirley, who had been maneuvering herself forward in her wheelchair, gradually stopped.

Turning around, she deliberately showed Carter the scarred side of her face.

“All along, you were always confident and smart, but why are you being foolish this time?”

Carter frowned in confusion, “Shirley, what are you trying to say?”

She smiled lightly, “The best doctor in Glendale is my brother Adam. If he couldn’t help me, do you think the other doctors could?”

When she had spoken, she chuckled and continued forward.

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