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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1832

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1832

Dr. Lane was a family doctor of the Gray family who specialized in all fields.

Following Camille’s instruction, he gave Shirley a thorough body checkup.

At first, Shirley had assumed Camille requested an examination because Camille did not believe Shirley to be pregnant. However, Shirley had not expected Camille to request the doctor to inspect her legs and her facial wound.

Dr. Lane was an excellent general practitioner, but after studying Shirley’s leg injury and facial wound, hesitation showed on his face.

Despite this, Shirley did not feel unsettled; she was well aware of the circumstances.

Furthermore, even though she could not be certain of the condition of her legs, she was confident that Adam could handle the wound on her face.

Camille noticed Dr. Lane’s reluctance. Keeping Shirley’s emotions in mind, Camille deliberately requested to speak with the doctor at the entrance of the room instead.

At this moment, Carter came over and saw Camille and Dr. Lane in a discussion. He quickened his pace and hurried toward them.

With Carter present, Dr. Lane provided an honest explanation of Shirley’s condition.

“The wound on Ms. Brown’s face is extremely deep. She has a low chance of healing the scar. As for the leg injury, the chances of recovery are also slim. Ms. Brown might have a better chance if she sought out and consulted a specialized doctor.”

In response to Dr. Lane’s words, Carter furrowed his eyebrows.

“What about the baby in her womb?” Camille asked.

When Carter heard that question, he awoke from his daze to hear the answer.

“Based on the preliminary examination, the baby’s condition in Ms. Brown’s womb is normal, but we’ll have to wait until a detailed pregnancy examination is performed for the specifics.”

Carter’s eyebrows unconsciously furrowed further after hearing the doctor’s explanation.

Shirley’s words from earlier still echoed in his ears.

She had claimed that the child in her womb would be the first to be harmed by the poison if the poison was not removed from her body as soon as possible.

Carter could not help but feel upset when he thought about this.

After greeting Camille, he walked into Shirley’s room on his own, closing the door behind him.

Shirley was sitting on the balcony, seemingly leisurely gazing at the scenery outside of the window. When she heard the familiar footsteps behind her, she began speaking without even turning her head.

“The development of the anti-toxoid test reagent cannot be postponed. You could afford the delay, but this little thing in my womb could not.”

Shirley’s tone was light. She still referred to the child as a “little thing” even though she cared for him deeply right now.

Carter, already frustrated, was further triggered by Shirley’s unchanged attitude, but he managed to suppress it.

“What did you say to Cathy?”

“That’s a personal matter, Mr. Gray. You have no right to ask me about it. I no longer wish to report my every move to you like the way I did before.”

Hearing this, Carter suddenly could not resist laughing.

“Shirley, you can keep on pretending.”

He walked toward her gradually, his tone mocking, as his tall figure drew closer to her side.

“Do you think I can’t tell that you’re trying to play it cool?”

As Carter’s breath drifted next to her ears, Shirley took a moment to calm her heartbeat, and she clenched her fists under her sleeves.

Indifferent, Shirley turned her head to face the handsome Carter, looking at him coldly. “Carter, the only connection we have is this unexpected little thing in my womb. If you think I’m lying, you can hypnotize me now and ask me everything. ” His mouth curled up as he heard her words. “You certainly understand me very well. That’s exactly what I intend to do.”

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