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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1830

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1830

At first, Cathy had assumed that Shirley decided to stay because Shirley still had feelings for Carter.

She had not expected Shirley’s decision to be predicated on such considerations.

Nevertheless, Cathy remained concerned.

“But if you don’t go home, Adam will not see you and be worried.”

Hearing Cathy’s words, Shirley raised her head and looked ahead. There was a gust of fresh spring breeze, and the corner of Shirley’s lips seemed to quirk up.

An unusually gentle smile adorned her face.

“I know he’s actually very worried about me. He always had a soft heart and had looked after me without letting me know. But I must pay the  price for my  sins. It’s time  to stop  troubling  my brother.”

When Shirley spoke, her tone was peaceful, as opposed  to the hostility she had when facing Adam.

At this point, Cathy began to feel that Shirley was not a cold-hearted person.

In fact, Shirley cared.

“You don’t have to tell Adam anything. Just let him assume I sneaked out by myself.”

“Why won’t you let me tell him the truth?” Cathy was baffled.

Shirley smiled brightly. Despite the visible scar on the right side of her face, her smile was exceptionally pure at that moment.

“It’s not necessary. Just let him think I’m that kind of person. It’d make more sense then. I’ve said everything I needed to say. Be careful on your way back.”

“Since you have everything thought out, I’ll just follow your instructions. I won’t say anything, ” Cathy agreed. Cathy then looked at Shirley, “Take care of yourself.”

Cathy turned around after she had finished speaking.

However, before she could even take a single step, Shirley’s voice came from behind.


Shirley called out to her.

Cathy stopped and turned to look at Shirley again,

who smiled at her.

“Thank you,” Shirley said sincerely.

Cathy was caught off guard by her unexpected gratitude.

When she regained her composure, Shirley had already turned away.

As Cathy looked at Shirley’s figure as Shirley steered her wheelchair by herself, Cathy could not help but feel that Shirley was lonely.

In contrast, Shirley felt deeply content when she thanked Cathy earlier.

Shirley only now realized that she had never been alone.

There were still people in this world who truly cared for her.

Despite their scolding, they sincerely cared about her.

She smiled as she touched her abdomen with her hand.

It was a pity that the child had to pay for her sins.

Shirley finally experienced what anguish is when she realized that the child would soon disappear forever from her womb.

Soon after, Shirley returned to the house alone. Carter had left, leaving Camille seated alone on the sofa in the living room.

Camille’s attitude had changed after seeing Shirley again. Her hatred and disdain were less evident, especially after seeing Shirley’s crippled legs and disfigured face. Camille also felt regret and sadness.

Nevertheless, her words were still dripping with blame and dissatisfaction.

” If you hadn’t left without a word back then, you would already be the Gray family’s official daughter-in-law. Are you aware that, by returning here pregnant with Carter’s child, the child might not be legitimately recognized when born?”

In response to Camille’s sharp words, Shirley smiled confidently. “I don’t believe Mr. Gray would let that happen to his child.”

As soon as Shirley’s voice fell, a woman’s unspeakably mean voice rang from the stairs.

“You’re wrong! The child in your womb can only be regarded as a vile spawn! ”

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