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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1823

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1823

Carter narrowed his eyes and involuntarily loosened his grip on the back of Shirley’s neck.

He was stunned by her indifference. This was not right.

Shirley would never behave like this in the past.

Now, the way she looked at him, and the way she spoke, were that of enemies—cold and hostile.

“Hah.” Carter laughed softly and released Shirley’s neck.

“You want the anti-toxoid test reagent formula for AXT6g? I’ll never give it to you, ” Carter rejected with a cold laugh.

He had thought his answer could frighten and unsettle Shirley. He had not expected Shirley to be abnormally calm instead.

“Since you’re not interested in this deal, let’s pretend I didn’t come by today.” Shirley steered her wheelchair around the second she finished speaking.

When Carter saw this, he reached out and grabbed Shirley’s wrist.

Shirley, whose wheelchair had been moving forward when Carter yanked her back, instantly fell off her wheelchair.

Her legs, which could not support her at all, caused her to collapse helplessly onto the floor.

Carter froze at the unexpected turn of events.

He had not intended to yank her out of her wheelchair. He never imagined that she could not even stand up with her own legs.

Dumbfounded, he stared at Shirley, who was struggling to get up from the floor, and he felt needles prickling his heart.

Shirley, noticing the dazed Carter, quickly slipped her wrist free from his grip, held onto the edge of the table, and tried to stand up with all her strength.

Perhaps she was mentally distracted, she was unable to stand up despite all her efforts.

Of course, how could she stand up? Her legs were useless now.

Shirley gritted her teeth, refusing to give up. She tried endlessly but still failed.

Shirley was about  to run out of  strength when Carter suddenly lifted her and held her horizontally in his arms.

Shirley glanced sideways at Carter, who had a conflicted expression on his face, and pretended to be unbothered and shifted her gaze away.

Carter placed Shirley down on the sofa, then stood back up and stared at her legs.

Shirley was 1.7 meters tall and had a proportionate, slender figure. She had beautiful legs too, but now…

Shirley saw that Carter kept staring at her legs.

She felt an ache in her heart, but she could already see through him. It would be pointless to be sad now.

“Carter, my reason for being here today is clear. If you don’t give me the ingredients for the anti- toxoid test reagent formula, this baby will definitely die.”

Carter was truly shocked by Shirley’s cold and inhumane behavior at this moment.

“You’ve really opened up my eyes, Shirley,” Carter countered sarcastically. “Given that you’re really pregnant, don’t even think about handling the baby alone. I won’t give you the chance.”

Carter reached out and lifted Shirley’s chin, and his cold eyes narrowed.

“Now that you’re here, and you’ve shared such wonderful news with me, don’t even think about leaving.”

“Carter, I’m not sure you’ve completely grasped the situation.”

“Listen carefully. The poison in my body has reached the third stage. If the anti-toxoid test reagent is not developed soon, this little thing will be the first to be affected by the poison.”

This little thing.

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