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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1822

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1822

She was clearly the hostess of this family, but she seemed to be nothing more than just that title.

The second floor.

Shirley entered Carter’s study room with a sense of familiarity.

Although it was daytime, Carter had drawn the curtains. He also closed the door behind Shirley after she entered.

He turned around and looked at Shirley who was seated in a wheelchair. He closed his eyes, hoping this was merely a figment of his imagination.

Unfortunately, when he reopened them, Shirley remained in the wheelchair.

Suddenly, it occurred to him that Shirley had always been seated when they met the last few times.

Evidently, it was due to the loss of ability in her legs.

Unable to comprehend the situation, Carter was upset,  and  the rage within  him continued  to grow.

“What exactly is going on? Your legs… how did it happen?”

Carter spoke from behind Shirley; the anger in his voice was suppressed.

“You seem concerned about my legs, Mr. Gray. There’s nothing much to say, except that I may have committed too many bad deeds. This is retribution.”

“….” Carter refused to accept such a reply. He strode up to her and grasped the back of her neck just like before, then placed his face directly in front of her sight.

“Tell me the truth, Shirley. What exactly happened to your legs?”

Carter repeated his question. He appeared to be in a foul mood.

Shirley restrained her trembling heart, and in her usual tone, she responded, “As I’ve said, I was hit by a car, and that’s the truth. Don’t you think that’s retribution?”

“Don’t lie to me! Did Jeremy do this to you?” Carter questioned her angrily. “When you left without returning that time, it was Jeremy who took you! ”

“You’re right. He was the one who took me that day, but he didn’t hit me with a car,” Shirley answered honestly, “he only injected me with the

anti-toxoid test reagent. It was the same type as  the one you’d placed in Madeline’s wine.”

After hearing what Shirley said, Carter’s expression became even more solemn; his eyebrows looked like they were tied together.

Shirley continued in her calm tone, “That’s why I’m here today. To make a deal.”

Carter resentfully glared at Shirley. “What deal?” “Do you want the baby?”

“What do you mean?”

“If you want the baby, I’ll let the baby remain, but you have to provide me with the anti -toxoid test reagent formula for AXT6g. I’d like to develop the anti-toxoid test reagent myself. Should you not want this baby, I’ll have an abortion immediately, and our deal will end here.”

Carter’s grasp tightened on the back of Shirley’s neck. “What did you just say, Shirley?! Are you aware of what you’re saying?! You’re using our child to bargain! ”

Looking at Carter’s angry expression, Shirley could not decide if she should feel happy.

Did he care?

Was he just upset by her attitude?

Shirley had no way of knowing what Carter was thinking, but she was certain he would want to keep the child.

Even if Carter was truly ruthless and did not want the baby, Camille would never agree to it.

Shirley quietly weighed all her options in her heart before responding indifferently to Carter.

“You’re wrong, Carter. This is your baby. Do you think I’ll care about such an insignificant little thing? To me, he’s just a bargaining chip to acquire the anti-toxoid test reagent.”

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