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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1820

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1820

Shirley, not intending to say more, leaned over to pick up the tea and desserts from the side table and handed them to Cathy.

“Try the desserts. They’re made by the chef here. I’ve eaten them for more than ten years. They taste quite good.”

“… I’m not hungry. ” Cathy was not in the mood to eat. Shirley was acting so gentle that it made Cathy uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, this change in Shirley could be a good thing.

After waiting for approximately twenty minutes, Carter returned as expected.

The moment he entered, his eyes were drawn to Shirley.

During his wedding at the hotel, Shirley had covered her face with a mask, so he was not surprised to see her with a mask again. However, it had been a few days already. He wondered why she had not recovered from her flu yet.

As Carter went closer, he noticed that Shirley was not sitting on the sofa, but in a wheelchair instead.

Carter wished that he was mistaken, but his eyes seemed to be telling him the truth.

Shirley met his gaze with coldness. He felt lost when he looked into her full and clear eyes.

The thing that made him the most uncomfortable, though, was Shirley sitting in a wheelchair.

‘Why is she in a wheelchair?

‘Is she unable to walk?’

Carter’s heart started beating irregularly, but his expression remained composed.

Ada, afraid of what Shirley might say to Carter, decided to take preventive measures. With a radiant smile on her face, Ada walked up to Carter and

stood directly in front of Shirley, blocking his view o f her.

“It really wasn’t necessary for you to come home, Carter. Miss Brown is probably having a rough time lately and had dropped by to have a chat with Mom. You can go ahead with whatever you’re busy with. Mom and I can handle it here.”

Carter had never noticed Ada’s presence. Even when she was standing and talking in front of him, his eyes were fixed on Shirley.

“What’re you doing here?” Carter asked coldly, pretending not to care.

Shirley threw a disdainful look at Ada, who looked very unsettled at the moment, and casually replied, “Your wife is right. I haven’t been in the best of moods lately, so I deliberately came by to vent on somebody. The person I’m looking for isn’t your mom, and certainly not your wife, though. It’s you.”

“    ” Ada’s concern grew when she heard Shirley’s words.

Carter held a cold expression and laughed lightly. “ You’re here to vent your frustrations on me? Hah. Shirley, you sure know how to choose. There’s nothing left between the both of us. If you’re unhappy, look for your family instead. Why do you want to see me? Who am I to you?”

“That’s a really good question, Mr. Gray. Who am I to you?” Shirley paused as she allowed her eyes to meet Carter’s cold gaze. “You’re the father of the child in my womb. Why don’t you tell me who you are to me?”

Shirley’s words triggered waves of emotion in Carter.

He felt conflicted as he stared at the calm-looking Shirley before him. After a while, he finally said, “ Are you really pregnant?”

Ada had initially hoped Shirley was lying, but Carter’s question proved that they indeed had a special relationship.

Ada could not accept this. She was boiling with rage, yet she could not express it.

“Do you think I’d lie about such a matter? Have you forgotten what we had done together that night a month ago, Mr. Gray?” Shirley bluntly questioned Carter in response.

“    ” Carter was caught off guard. He remembered everything that had happened between them, including that night a month ago.

“Carter, the baby in her womb is one month old, ” Camille prompted Carter.

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